Crazy About One Direction: Just What Is All The Fuss About?

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A documentary that we thought would be quite good was shown on tv last night.

In fact it made directioners look like crazed lunatics who should be locked up.

We know that not all of you are like that, in fact the majority of you aren’t so we thought we’d look back at what’s upset so many fans.

For starters one girl said: “The whole reason I got braces was because Niall has braces. I didn’t really need braces.”

That’s taking it a bit too far, and if you didn’t need braces in the first place you teeth will just be ruined. If you need them then fair enough but now Niall has had his taken off, what is that girl going to do now?

This is also the same girl that went to see the waxworks of the boys and acted as if they were real people, kissing them, crying over them and getting very over emotional.

Now we can understand getting like that when meeting the real boys, but for waxworks? It seems a bit over the top to us, but we know some fans will have cried over them so we won’t just her too much over that one.

During another part: “What will happen if you meet Harry?” “I will have a heart attack and die. I will jump off that cliff over there.”

Well if you have a heart attack then your efforts to meet Harry will have been pointless, also the same applies if you jumped off a cliff, you wouldn’t get to see him. There’s being excited and there’s being too excited and if you made all the effort to meet them at least get a hug and a picture or something?

Another girl booked to stay in the same hotel as the boys for her 18th birthday, which is fair enough, but then she also said: “I was outside your room while you were asleep, Zayn”.

Now this is ridiculous. There is a line between seeing the boys and being a creepy stalker, and this girl just passed it by a mile. The boys are people too, they need their space. I wonder how she would feel if someone was outside her room while she was asleep, don’t think she’d like it!

It didn’t just focus on the boys, but their relationships too. We know lots of directioners don’t like Taylor Swift but this girl took it too far, she said: “She blocked me on Twitter. If I saw her now, I’d rugby tackle her. I’d rip out all her hair, stamp on her eyeballs.”

We’re sure you’d really get the chance to do that. After you’ve got past all her huge security guys of course. There is hating and there is going too far with it. If she annoys you that much just ignore her.

Another big part in the documentary was Larry Stylinson. One directioner even read out a section of a Larry fan fiction, which even after the watershed was quite disturbing.

Some people get hate for shipping Larry as some think it is ruining their actual friendship and there is a rumour going around today that some people have killed themselves over receiving so much hate.

We hope this is not true. All directioners share one thing in common, supporting the boys – so support each other instead of hating.

One of the most poignant lines in the whole programme, which hopefully the boys will take notice of was: “Everything is about money and fame. Not everyone can afford the merchandise and tickets. You invest so much in them and what do you get back? Five sessions of crying and no ticket.”

After hearing about the documentary and the rumoured suicides this morning, Liam took to twitter to support the fans.

He said: “Not really sure what’s going on right now I just hope everyone’s ok xxx”

Followed by: “Hearing some horrible things… Really hope this isn’t true”

Liam also tweeted: “Just so all of you know we love you guys and we know how dedicated you are and tbh we can’t believe it that you gus spend all you time on us

“We couldn’t give a fuck what any documentary says there dramatised for entertainment and full of bullshit anyway we all know how hard you work for us and see it everyday at our shows, Let’s all take a step back and think about what we/you have all achieved. You should be proud”

Following on from the documentary fans also got “#THISISNOTUS” trending worldwide on twitter to show their disappointment with the documentary.

We expect channel 4 to be receiving a lot of letters from angry directioners over the next few weeks!

Did you watch the documentary? What did you think of it?

  • 1DL❤ver

    I HATE U IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SammyWammy52

    Are you frickin kidding me!!

    • Ally Malik

      When they started talking about Larry i got mad,then they showed those disturbing pics of them it made me even madder.If louis and harry denied anything between them ,then why cant some Directioners accept the fact,i mean come on Louis has Elounor as his girlfriend which defebitly proves that hes not with harry,harry has dated some girls which proves that he’s not with Louis.That documentary really did make us look like the worst fandom ever.U can totally see that they chose those crazy girls to document
      on PORPOSE.i mean they could of chose some sweet,nice Directioners but they didnt.Instead they chose to choose those girls ro make us look bad :( #ThisIsNotUs

      • Jacqueline Ramos

        I know it makes u look bad like why them they aren’t fans

      • annabella s.

        Yeah exactly cause there are VERY dedicated fans who do things like that and then you have just the normal dedicated ones who wouldn’t go to the extremes of being outside there hotel room while they sleep. Also the pics of Larry were NOT approriate what so ever and what if there were young viewers watching? They would be exposed to those pics which they shouldn’t be. I don’t ship Larry but I also don’t hate on people who do, we are all apart of one fandom which is Directioners. If people ship Larry then let it be it doesn’t harm us in anyway if they do. We know the truth to it but, everyone’s different and has there own mind to think,speak, and do whatever they want.

        • Ella1Dlover4eva:D

          I sgree with every single thing you just said, it makes us look like a terrible fandom when we do love the boys and only some DIRECTIONERS go crazy like that…

      • crazy mofos!!

        *Eleanor* beacuse Elounor is their ship name

  • Stini2526

    we are not all like that they are crazy but i did like what liam said

  • Kat Styles

    GOOOOO LIAMM!!!!!! <3 and I cannot believe what they portrayed us as I am beyond angry!!!!!! But again THANK YOU LIAMM!!!!!

  • Kat Styles

    Oh my gosh I just watched that video and just from that I started balling my eyes out!! Who do these people think we are?!?!?!?

  • Directioner Forever

    What the Hell is this!!!???

  • Grace

    I love how liam looks out for us so much and we know we’re loved by the boys no matter what <3

    • Jacqueline Ramos

      I know that’s why I love them

    • OneDirectionLoverr<3

      yeh he does cuz he cares about others and not just about himself, like and comment if you agree:) lov you all

  • Lynnie Lucas

    I might be a little crazy but I’m not insane like that. What the hell

    • halie jackson

      Me too. I didn’t get to see the documentary but the part I saw I was soo pissed at. They were knocking on their hotel rooms. WTF. I don’t understand why people act like that. And one if the girls said she has met them 64 times and is still creeping on them.

      • Lynnie Lucas

        I would love to just meet them once. I’ve only seen them in concert one time and some girls get like, 50 or 60 and that’s just not fair.

        • directionerfromnarnia

          you know, I’m like you: I got the privilege to see their concert once but some directioners haven’t seen them at all. I just think they should get to meet them before me

        • halie jackson

          I wish I could meet them and see them in concert but that won’t happen anytime soon.

          • Lynnie Lucas

            Keep your hopes up sweets! There’s always the chance. <3

  • Nia malik

    Just coz those directioners they chose were crazy it’s giving a bad name to all directioners but we’re not like that

    • Guest

      ikr?! we’re just passionately loyal

  • Magdelina Rofail

    Seriously? -.- worship their idols -.- that’s just devilish -.- we only worship God -.-

    • jewls

      well…i don’t….but that doesn’t mean that i worship devil…it just means that i have an opinion and you shouldn’t judge me for it. i am a child of science because my dad is a computer/math/science genius.

      • Magdelina Rofail

        I’m sorry, but like I was going for the Christians , I didn’t mean to go for you

        • jewls

          oh. ok.

  • Alana fruit master

    Hold the flip up thats not all of us and the Larry pictures are kinda disturbing it makes me sick to thing that they think that’s what we all do it not.

  • Ashley

    when i was watching it yesterday she sed that she went stalkin em and harry’s family never liked it but she didn’t care like wtf is that all about?!

  • Nanna

    Rule of fandoms:
    1. Don’t judge the fandom because of a fan.
    2. Don’t judge the fan because of the fandom.

  • MysteryDirectioner

    Take it slow Directioners!!!!!

  • Jahbrelle

    I don’t ship Larry but I do know that some people take it way too far with shippig it as a romance i think Harry and Louis are just friends and that’s just an opinion.

    • taylor beagle

      I know it doesnt make sense. I love their friendship and everythings changed since people started calling it a romance, its ridiculous and so is this video. #ThisIsNOTUs

      • Jahbrelle

        Exactly and then all the Larry shippers say that Louis and Eleanor is fake, it just makes me so mad and I know that her and Louis don’t like it when Larry shippers say that that their love is fake that is just so mean

  • Nicole_Whoran

    They purposely picked the crazy ones. I’m sorry I love One Direction but I have better things to do than to spend all of my time on them.

  • genat haimed


  • genat haimed

    …..they were knocking in Zayn Malik’s door….?….. I’m speechless


    I really hate how none of the girls on it didn’t mention anything about they’re music -_- I love the boys and I can’t understand how these girls think they’re supporting them by doing these things.

    • boobear

      none of the girls in this documentary even care about the music

      • Jacqueline Ramos


  • neha khan


  • Angie malik

    Aww Liam is such a sweetheart!<3

  • Laureen Mwangi

    Why is it only in the u.k. Not the US?

  • Superman_Batman

    People we have to stay together!
    Like 1D say , 1D familyxx

  • Superman_Batman

    Why did they did that documentary????!

  • Leeroy’s daughter ;p

    The person who wrote this article is being a little too harsh.

    I laughed through the whole documentary! I have some similarities to those “crazy” fans.
    Lol. Don’t call a girl obsessed when she’s just in love :-))

    There is a rule book for “stalking” or being obsessed!

    1. You stalk in secret. Never talk about on TV.

    2. Never get caught stalking

    3. Have fun!

    Larry shippers are proud! Everything is a joke to me.

  • Zaynitta

    Whatt!! We just love em n support em is that wrong? I’m sure we r the best fans ever, n for the girls on the vid i think they didnt really mean every thing they said, channel 4 made it dramatic, i mean didnt u said “im done” after the music vid of BSE? doesnt mean you’re really done!

  • Skittles

    Actually I was really mad and angry when they started talk about Larry..Ohhh C’mon grow up..I hate that..They are friends and they..Well they are close friends and they do what they want with they friendship! And when some group with girls went to some hotel and asked “Are One Direction is here?” “No!” “Ohh okey!” and then there was that “They probabaly paid her to not tell a word” REALLY??? I know that Directioner can be crazy,but not crazy like THIS!

    Well maybe some of the part were sad,that they never met the guys,but your time will come!

    • kel

      I know and its so annoying how Directioners still say Larry Romance is real.
      How did it go from the biggest bromance in the band To a ‘romance’ .. It’s not funny at all

      • amber loves1dforever

        ya i ship larry but really people r taking it way to far

    • Grace

      me too that was a bit disturbing for me to hear and see. like what if harry and Louis saw that? I wonder if it would just make it more awkward for them.

      • Jacqueline Ramos

        It does make it akward for them I mean cone on grow up I aggre with u

        • Grace

          THANK YOU! and Louis has a gf for petes sake

          • Jacqueline Ramos


      • Nicole_Whoran

        Zayn watched it, his younger sister tweeted that he did.

        • jewls

          that’s bad……..really bad……….now he thinks we’re crazy…

        • Guest

          Oh nol…

        • Grace

          oh nooo…

          • Loueezcookie

            I’m sawwyzayn..

  • Samantha Sancen

    Ok! I just saw the video and when it said, “@Harry_Styles why won’t you follow me? Should I kill myself?!” Wow! That is so wrong! Maybe try to get noticed another way. I try to get noticed like messaging them and tweeting to them. Maybe saying, “Hi, @Harry_Styles how are you today?” That is how Niall said to get him to follow you. I’m glad Liam knew that we don’t act that way!

  • kel

    Um, I don’t know what to say but, either these girls are some crazed Directioners who took it to far or some out of the ordinary kids who thought it was funny to pose as Directioners to give us a bad name or make 1D look like bad role models. If they were real fans of 1D, they should’ve known better than to say and do those type of stuff, what kind of directioner wouldn’t know when to stop crossing the line? It’s REALLY disturbing that ‘Larry’ went from a BROmance–>Romance—> and then sexual artwork. Are you kidding me? That’s so disturbing…. Why would you say or do things like that?… Real immature of you guys.

  • Marrriiiaaa

    The woman in the video is talking like we killed someone like WTH no. Ppl really do hate us for nothing. Smh. I really love one direction but i promised myself to not be soo creepy over them even tho i love them soo much but as it was said above there in the article that they’re humans and they are lines not to be crossed.

  • Jacqueline Ramos

    I got mad when I saw the pics if Larry that’s off the line and the girl who said that she would kill herself if harry didn’t follow her what the hell is wrong with u guys aren’t just crazy u guys are CRAZY !!!! I’m a big directioner but not like that I didn’t even know fans like those exsisted not to be mean but u guys ARE NOT DIRECTIONERS are ppl who loves them unconditional

  • Jacqueline Ramos

    I wonder what one direction think

  • gingerninja04xx1Dxx

    It’s all so stupid…..I mean when I was watching and those girls were reading out that piece of fan fiction about “Larry”…it’s just
    appauling and basically disgusting! Why can’t people believe and accept that they are just two best friends? Honestly…

    • taylor beagle

      Oh my gosh i agree with @gingerninja04xx1dxx:disqus

  • Superman_Batman

    Why did they made that documentary??!

  • jewls

    this is crazy. there are 10 million normal directioners in the world and they chose 10 completely insane directionators. and larry shippers are just girls who believe in gay marriage, and believe that louis and harry are meant to be together. nothing wrong with that! im furious about this and also, taylor swift did nothing wrong and she doesn’t deserve hate either. some of these larry shippers could have been sending her hate, and in that case, they are no better than the other taylor hater. the internet isn’t a good place, and yes, it is where i have met all my friends, but that doesn’t mean that i send hate. i actually wrote a letter to taylor telling her that i was sorry about anything that i had said about her that was negative, and i never sent her twitter hate. if her and harry want to go out, then that is their choice. she doesn’t deserve the death threats. chances are, we will never date him anyways, so why get upset when he is finally happy? if you’re a directioner you would want him to be happy. right?

  • 0BEY T0 1D

    I don’t even act like that. If I meet Harry or any of the boys of that matter, I would not have a heart attack and jump off a cliff. I would be nervous as hell or cry half the time and smile. Those girls are a little bit extreme. Is it just the UK fans?

  • OneDirectionLoverr<3

    Right, that’s wierd, you can be a directioner but not some wierd freak along with it, no need to be sneaking up on zayn while sleeping, be normal and not so wierd, cuz they will think that all the directioners are the same, like and comment, love you all<3

  • mehnaz mourshed

    we’re not that creepy!

  • halie jackson

    I didn’t get to see the documentary except for the part up above and those girls are lunatics. They have met the boys 64 freaking times and they are still stalking their hotel rooms. WTF I hope people haven’t commuted suicide because they were Larry shippers. That documentary should have never been made. What is worse is there are people on twitter saying that Directioners should be killed like Hittler killed all of those Jewish people but with more and deadlier gasses.

  • Stephanie

    that documentary is full of lies they only interviewed 3% of ou fsndom and that crossed the line to they should show the truth on how we support the boys for everything they do but no they just took all the lies that people say about us next time they.should get there fatcs straight before opening their big mouths!!!-_-

  • Lauren

    I unfortunately couldn’t watch it because I’m at my sisters:( but I’m so happy to read Liam’s tweets, he’s so lovely and supportive 😀 xx

  • Emma Rigby

    I watched the documentary it was rubbish there is over the top and well that was more than over the top some people where really crazy bout them I would I say I’m crazy about them but not that crazy at all I think it was mentally how some people where watch them like that x soz crap as spelling x

  • Niall@Nandos

    I watched it !! Its kinda creepy what some people do!!

  • valentina

    Okay,so I lost my mind while looking at that documentary and when I heard as what kind of person/fandom are they consider us was just way out of the line.But you know what good came out of all that madness? Beliebers and Directioners finally became family with all that Beliebers amazing support!:)

  • Peaches

    ok that was a little crazy……but like lots of them dont really mean it when they say “i would have a heart attack” or “I would jump off a cliff” like when i watched the BSE music video i was like ” omgosh i am going to die *_*” like i wasnt serious still here and i also agree people need to stop being so harsh on “Larry” shippers cause u dont know how much hate they must get and if its to much for them to handle (#cyberbulling) they could and some might have already self harm…….same for people who liked “Haylor” they didnt deserve or maybe still deserve the hate (and Taylor herself doesnt deserve it

  • Leeyum’s Gurl <3

    Liam is the sweetest person in the world… I love him so much ❤ the way he got mad at how it made us upset he’s so perf ❤❤❤❤

  • Peaches

    (part 2) i honestly didn’t like “Haylor” but i didn’t go hating on “Haylor” fans…..everyone is allowed to believe in wat they want…..we r all still part of this fandom….and all still love the boys the same………..oh and also just because some people accidentally spell there names wrong or dont know all there songs or believe in “Larry” or believed in “Haylor” does NOT make them any less of a fan or “directioner” then all the rest

  • Mariam M.

    Liam’s ma man <3 they love us till their hearts content <3

  • marmar margs lominoque

    no one’s mentioning their music………..

  • i_luv_1D_14

    I just loved how liam tweeted and even goin next step and swearing he is sooo cute even thought I haven’t watched I heard about it and what they said I think they spoke to the crazy fans and they did it to make us directioners look bad

  • Nicole Busot <3 1D

    OH MY GOD. This is terrible! Wtf, this lie of a documentary is .. Uggh!! Seriously they had to go look for those crazy scary fans instead of the MAJORITY of us directioners that love the boys but would never in our right mind would do disgusting things like this!! This documentary people should be ashamed of themselves. They dramatized everything, and made us look like freaks! Uggh! Well you know what? Us directioners are NOT like this and i just hope the boys know that. Love you forever 1D <3

  • Cat

    I ship Larry but not as a gay thing. I ship it as a bromance. And those girls never said anything about 1D music, or how much work they have done to get where they are. I love them and go all crazy, but I support them and talk about their music and not just on how hot they are, (but I still do) and how much they have been through. But those pics of ‘Larry’ was disgusting. They’re not gay.

    • Tildisen < 3


  • Anastasya Ho

    one word: disturbing. that’s all I have to say. oh yeah, and it’s all bull.

  • Loueezcookie

    Thank god for Liam..I’m a directioner but not a mental.
    Follow me on twitter if you’re with me @ dasilverling

  • Loueezcookie

    Sorry it’s @ dasilverlining..

  • one_direction_znllh

    There was this girl that also said “if u dont have twitter u cant really be part of the fandom ” I was like excuse me but what about the 10 11 and 12 year olds they would have to break the law !!!!!

  • Leeyum’s Gurl <3

    I just don’t understand how instead of 10 million lovely, dedicated, sane Directioners they pick 10 mentally challenged idiots -.-

  • Crazymofos <3

    I felt like a phsyco :(

  • 12.3

    I wrote a letter. Getting stamps to post it today

  • marmar margs lominoque

    i am not watching that again :)

  • Tess Barend

    42larry shippers

  • Michaela Butler

    The “directioners”/stalkers in that video take it way too far and make the rest of the fandom look like we have no lives outside of One Direction and that we are absolutely mental. It’s infuriating. They may just think that they are showing the world what the fandom is like, but they are really just making everything worse and encouraging the fan girl stereotype. This is why it is so hard to be in this fandom sometimes.

  • lauren stypayhorlikson

    I rly hope all the suicide rumors arent true… One of my best friends ships larry and i ship elounor but we never fight and we stay friends.

  • lauren stypayhorlikson

    we arent crazy monkeys we are just very very dedicated and if they cant respect that then they should be ashamed of themselves seriously

  • lauren stypayhorlikson

    i totally agree with what liam said too

  • Kassandra Salina

    I really want to watch this and see !

  • Miss_Hazza

    I watched it last night and the fans showed dirty pics of larry stylinson being gay BUT IT’S NOT TRUE! I totally ship them.

  • Miss_Hazza

    Larry is just a really good friendship not a relashionship because Louis has a girlfriend

  • shanel

    I love one direction but this programme wow some fans r so unfair how can u send death threats to the girlfriends and make out like their gay not fair guys if u respect 1d then respect who their with xxxx
    [p,s huge fan ly guys xxx

  • Tildisen < 3

    Who the hell does adocumentary like this? ! Who came up with the idea to make us to crazy idiots?! I checked for 2 minutes and then I don’t wanted to see more. This is NOT okey! It’s disgusting>:(
    I love these five guys and what they do for so many people but I’m not like that!

  • Isabelle Bates


  • ALexis

    This is not us. If you are a true directioner you wouldn’t do this. Sure you’d save up all your money too meet them but not 64 times. Or just get braces because of Niall…like seriously.