Daily 1D Tweet Round-Up: 11/12/2013 One Direction On Sesame Street

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Here’s what the 1D boys were tweeting about yesterday…


There was only one tweet from Harry yesterday, who gave us this interesting fact: “At an undisclosed Swedish furniture giant’s Chinese stores, apparently staff change the sheets on the beds and let people sleep in them.”


Niall tweeted: “@ClaffeyNiall happy birthday Claff!”

Then, after an interview in Spain, Niall posted a picture with the tweet: “@DanielaBlume @urisabat it was fun today ! Thank you”


Niall then posted an Instagram video, writing: “Hola Spain !! Nialler x”

Finally, Niall wrote: “@lavoztelecinco muchas gracias ! We had a great time”


There was one tweet from Liam yesterday, saying: “Soooooooooo excited for our tour to come to Madrid next year!!”


Louis tweeted: “In Spain today! So excited about playing here in July next year!”


There were no tweets from Zayn yesterday.


The official One Direction Twitter account wrote: “Want to help the guys out with their festive fundraiser for Text Santa? Get involved here: http://bit.ly/1DXmas  1DHQ x #textsanta”

They then retweeted a picture of One Direction with Sesame Street’s Big Bird, writing: “Guess who’s 1D’s “biggest” fan? (And thanks for visiting Sesame Street, @onedirection!)”


Come back tomorrow to see what the 1D boys were tweeting about today!

  • Anamilet Artis

    Aghh Big bird is sooo lucky to meet One Direction!! 😀
    Now Im Jealous of A Big Yellow Bird >,<

    • Reshma Tomlinson

      Ikr!! Only our fandom can be jealous so such stuff….. even birds!!! xD

      • Anamilet Artis

        Lol How fandom is crazy (x

      • Tildisen <3

        This one and Kevin; )

        • Anamilet Artis

          Lol Yep and Kevin the pigeon
          Thats another bird were jealous of :p

  • Vangie

    Omg niall ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im jelous of a big giant yellow bird omg

  • Hania Malik

    Lol I like how they went to Sesame Street aww so cute ❤️

    • Anamilet Artis

      Ikr! c:

  • Adriyenni Garrotee

    I want ELMO! Hahaha! and ZOEY! XD

  • Nicole Desa


  • JapanesePickleChii

    Amazayynnnnnnnn!!!!!! Sesame street use to be my favorite show when I was a child!!!!! Brings back memories…

  • Stini2526

    so cute them with big bird

  • Abigail Stylhortomlimalipayne!

    I’m so jealous of big bird……… big bird is so lucky! I love our boys!:)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5JnGzIfHCA katie_styles


  • kisses404

    Where they actually preforming on sesame street?

  • Debbydirectioner<3

    FUN FACT: Big Bird is Kevin’s mutant cousin. #CARROT Lol I’m lame

  • Directionerx4xlife

    So you mean to tell me that a big yellow fluffy bird met my idols before i did?! Fml!

  • Harry Styles Lover

    Are they gonna be on sesame street?

  • Harry Styles Lover

    Imagine Harry and Elmo together :-)

  • Emily Tamari

    That’s my new background for my phone

  • i_luv_1D_14

    So not fair a big fluffy yellow bird meet my idols and I still haven’t

  • Bailey Thibodeaux

    Honestly my childhood just met my teenagehood…… Not good ;-;

  • KayKay

    Jealous they got to met big bird