Daily 1D Tweet Round-Up: 10/7/2013 Liam The Ninja Turtle

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Here’s what the 1D boys were tweeting about yesterday…

Niall’s Twitter account had recovered after Tuesday’s hacker attack. He tweeted: “Ok I’m back! I hate hackers! Pain in the ass!”

He also posted: “Ok goin on stage in toronto ! Buzzin! Love this country !”

“Team 1D was out in numbers last night! Had a great laugh ! hope ya had a good night Me aul son! @joshdevinedrums”

He then posted a photo saying: “here they are the ninja turtles ! @M1Jarvis @Real_Liam_Payne”


Louis said: “Ahhhhhh you can pre order Best Song Ever so excited for you to hear it http://smarturl.it/1DBestSongEver”

“3 years today is crazy ! I can’t believe it !! Thank you so much for changing my life every single one if you :)”

Meanwhile, Liam tweeted: “What’s going on edwina @jecburridge”

“Ohhhh helloooo :)”

There were no tweets from Harry yesterday and there is still nothing from Zayn who hasn’t tweeted since 26th June.

Come back tomorrow to see what the boys were tweeting about today!

Until then, check out our stop motion lyric video of “Rock Me”…

  • Brittany


    Ps. Ninja turtles ROCK! XD

  • Onedirection015

    I know this is really corny, but you can call Liam, “LIAM”nardo, the blue ninja turtle! :)

    • Sydney O.


    • briana payne


  • Stini2526

    wow 3 year cool and hackers! are Pain in the ass!”

  • Harry’s Cupcake


  • Alannah

    Zayn where are you? something must be wrong. because yesterday was perrie’s birthday, so why didn’t he tweet happy b-day to her? something’s wrong

  • σиє ∂ιяє¢тισи fσя ∞

    Why no Zayn??

  • Abigail

    Where is Zayn!?!?!?!?!??

  • Anastasya Ho

    turtles are cute. Ninjas are freaking awesome. combine those two with Liam and Jarvis= super cute mega awesome extremely funny ninja turtle people! 😀