Daily 1D Tweet Round-Up: 19/6/2013 US Tour Continues And Harry Is Instagram Mad!

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Harry and Niall were the only 1D boys to tweet yesterday.

Here’s what they said…

Harry tweeted: “Thanks for having us Columbus.. O H I O. You were very loud .x”


He then posted another Instagram photo, saying: “It’s like they’re a little family.. tomandlux @louteasdale”


Harry continued with his Instagram spree, saying: “No comments here.”


His final Instagram photo said: “Might have made it to ‘favourites’ on @louteasdale ‘a phone. Life goal complete”


Meanwhile, Niall tweeted: “Columbus ! Unbelievable crowd! Super loud in there !”

He then posted some tweets about his favourite band.

“On the bus listening to the eagles! Converting the lads ! It’s easy! Best band ever !”

“The ink may stain my skin , and my jeans may all be ripped , I’m not perfect, but I swear I’m perfect for you ! Great lyrics”

His final tweet of the day said: “Tried t stretch in my bunk! And nearly put my foot through the bottom hahaha”

Finally, @onedirection tweeted: “Time for a change of Twitter background? (It is Wednesday after all) Check out the @1DThisIsUs site now: 1DHQ x http://www.1dthisisus-movie.com/site/

Come back tomorrow to see what the 1D boys tweeted about today!

  • Kylee Styles

    Ah I love how much stuff harry and niall post

    • Mrs.Styles

      Kylee is my best friends name :) but she’s not much of a 1D fan…she only likes Zayn cus he’s hot :)

      • Kylee Styles

        Thats awesome. My friend sydney is just like that

      • Kimberly_Crystal

        Same here! All my hate 1D but they r madly invoke with zayn

        • Mrs.Styles

          I don’t get how they can’t just think only one person is hot…all of them are beautiful :)

    • Breanna

      Me too! Zayn never posts much haha :)

  • Tildisen <3

    Yes!! Love it when they go “Insta and twitter mad”!!; P < 333

  • Mrs.Styles

    So glad to be from Columbus :) would’ve been happier if I was there :/

    • Abigail

      Ya I live in Ohio but i dont live IN Columbus but I couldent go cause the tickets were sold out!:(

      • Mrs.Styles

        I live like on the border of Columbus and Grove City so Im always in Columbus :) what part of Ohio do you live in?

  • Lynnie Lucas

    Yeah okay, so I just watched the 1D3D movie trailer again…. I forgot how beautiful it is….. I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER! I have the concert in Denver in 34 days, then the movie in 71 days, then the book….. But I don’t know when that’s released, then the fragrance before Christmas! I mean, it’s like, a One Direction semester of the year! Can it get better? Well, I suppose if I met them it would but, this is pretty great. :)

  • angie

    Harry likes vine app too. Hoping zayn would post more

  • Kanaanmoon

    Me too

  • Eliana HarryMou

    i love harry’s posts <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Madison Boucher

    Ahhhh! Niall tweeted lyrics from the cab!!! Love that song, it’s called endlessly! They’re like my second fav band behind the boys!!!