Daily 1D Tweet Round-Up: 4/7/2013 TMH In Canada!

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Here’s what the 1D boys were tweeting about yesterday…

Harry tweeted: “You my friend, are not my kind of Pal.”

He also posted: “There comes a time when a blind man takes your hand and says, “Can’t you see?””

Liam wrote: “Whos enjoyed the tour so far! Love itttt :)”

He also said: “Well that was a crazy shopping trip … Hope the girl who fell through the glass was ok xx”

“Thank you everyoneee who has come to this tour so far ive loved it allll! We have the best fans ever i mean it! :)”

“Also ive been told today it’s the last weekendddddd for #1DWorldDallas! Thanks everyone for coming!! And if you didnt go yet go nowwww :)”

Niall posted: “Meself and @_darraghdaly are watching “This is 40” whoever plays Charlotte is a genius!

“Ohhhhh Canada! Montreal ! U ready ?”

“This is 40 is one of the best I’ve Seen in a long time! Alot of inappropriate jokes in there , that were very funny!”

“Happy 4th of July America! USA USA USA! Have a few pints for me !”

He then posted an Instagram photo saying: “Look at how excited _darraghdaly is to be here in Montreal ! We’re buzzin”


Once again, there were no tweets from Louis or Zayn. With the upcoming releases of “Best Song Ever” and “This Is Us” I’m sure they’ll tweet again soon!

@onedirection tweeted one of Harry’s old Vine videos saying: “We ❤ crowds like this at 1D gigs… LOUD. 1DHQ x https://vine.co/v/b97EWYiYpmA

Come back on Monday to see all of the boys tweets from today, Saturday and Sunday! I hope all you Directioners have a fantastic weekend! Let’s kick it off with “Kiss You”!

  • hollie

    I’m really starting to worry about Zayn… :( btw yay first comment!!!

    • Hate the wanted

      And Louis! I keep hearing that’s he’s overwhelmed

      • hollie

        Really?!?!?! Louis doesn’t seem like the type of guy to get overwhelmed…now i’m extremly worried about the two of them! :(

        • Hate the wanted

          I no :( but he is always happy and normally people who are always happy are depressed inside

          • hollie

            Yeah I just hope that Louis and Zayn are okay:/

        • ♥Mrs. Emma Tommo♥

          Awwh im always worried about Louis .-.

          • hollie

            Yeah me too :(

  • Stini2526

    Niall saying happy 4th to usa so cute

  • Dona

    I’m really sad right now cause I can’t go to 1D World. I have such anti one direction parents it’s not even funny, I swear they bring up 1D on every single lecture they give me and put them such negative light that I want to scream. I mean seriously they( one direction) have changed so many lives in such positive ways

  • Abigail

    I love there tweets!!!:) but I miss Louis and Zayns:( I’m getting worried:(

  • Harry’s Cupcake

    Yeah me too