Daily 1D Tweet Round-Up: 7th May 2013

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Here’s what the boys were tweeting about yesterday!

At 12.22AM Niall tweeted: “Been really enjoying the European leg of the tour! Crowds have been crazy! Lets make the rest of it loud!”

Later on, at 11.11AM Niall wrote: “The sun is out bigtime! There Is a chance of these chicken Irish legs gettin a bit of sun! They might be burnt but at least they got sun”

A few minutes later, he posted: “Norwayyyyyyyyy ! I’ve heard the Norwegian fans are nuts! That sounds good to me! Lets have fun!”

He then moved onto some football talk: “It’s summertime! C’mon derby owners! Fingers out! Lets buy! No conference players anymore!”

At 4.45PM he posted a picture of the empty arena and wrote: “This arena is mahooosive! It’s like a football stadium! 8,000 on the floor alone!Can’t wait Norway! Lets make it loud”


Louis also tweeted before the show. He said: “Can’t wait for the show tonight :) x”

Liam tweeted: “Hope everyone has bought there ski goggles :p”

He then tweeted: “Hi everyone check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6a4_5VNmg1w … thanks so much to you guys who made itttt enjoyyyy!”

Harry had some more fun on Instagram. He wrote: “I just graduated in Norway.” and posted this photo:


After their show in Norwar, Niall tweeted: “That was an incredible show! The arena was amazing! Norwegian crowd was on top form tonight! Love u ! Cya soon Norway

“Playin arenas that big makes me think! ” I f’in love my job so much””

Liam wrote: “Thank you oslo :) who had fun tonightttt ? Meeeeeee :)

“Ill be doing alooottttt of following tomorrow , love you guys thank you for everythinggg ! Im having the best time of my life :)”

Harry said: “Oslo was amazing.. Thanks for having us. One of my favourite places in the world.” and continued with his recent tradition of posting an Instagram photo of the crowd:


Meanwhile, Zayn wrote this: “@niallofficial check this diva out!! asleep with his shades on pfft ha !! :) x” and posted this photo:


Tonight, 1D will perform in Stockholm, Sweden.

See what they were tweeting about in tomorrow’s round-up!

  • Cee16

    Looks like they r having fun!! That’s always good!

  • Kaci

    what the hell is with Zayn?

    • andi

      he did tweet. it was a pic of niall sleeping with shades on. and he said ” @niallhoranofficial check this diva out!! asleep with his shades on pfft ha !! :) x

      • http://twitter.com/Ann_Diie Kačí Horan Styles

        i know that he tweeted a pic of slepping Niall 😉 but hes little bit different last time.

  • Ya$hika

    Zayn!!!! Are you there?!:-) 😛 😉

  • Directioner98

    Zayn has tweet something ! About niall sleeping

    • http://twitter.com/jamsteswa93 Jamie Swain

      Not sure how I missed that! Has the tweet been deleted? Still can’t find it!

      • http://twitter.com/jamsteswa93 Jamie Swain

        Found it now. Edited it into the article. It wasn’t showing on my twitter for some reason!

        • Directioner98

          Strange on my twitter i can see it

      • Directioner98

        No it still on his account. I dont know how it comes that you don’t see it :/

    • cathleen

      harry and liam are so cute

  • xKelly12

    That video is so sweet! <3

  • harrymarryme

    lol. nialler you diva. btw. lovin the sexy sunglasses. they really work for him…..!

  • fuerfrhfurehf

    yey. they are coming to Sweden:D

  • Cait

    LOL nice 1 zayn!

  • Cait

    and that arena is H-U-G-E!!!!

  • Stini2526

    I like the pic of Niall

  • Kylee Styles

    Harry’s lips!!!!! His nose!!!!!! I can’t get over how beautiful he is!!!!!! <3 you Harry!!


    Niall u look phenomiNIALL with those shades!!!!! 😉

  • Sarah Payne

    Oh niall so sexy when u sleep with sunglasses on!!:)

    • JSRRamsaran

      ikr i thought the same thing
      he is otally perfect

      • Sarah Payne

        Yep totally

  • JSRRamsaran

    aww i love niall in hat pic
    he looked so sexy and hot
    i luv u niall

  • Kyla_Directioner♥

    TwT’ Niall is such a cutieeee !’ XD

  • Sally

    Mahooosive? Niall I love you.

  • audrey

    love u zayn malik]

  • http://www.facebook.com/gladys.sanchez.1069 Gladys Sanchez

    I love my 1D family <3

  • Aylin Morelos

    Finally Zayn Finally !!!!!!