Daily 1D Tweet Round-Up: 8/7/2013 Harry Turns Into A Giant

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Here’s what the 1D boys were tweeting about yesterday…

Harry turned into a giant yesterday. He posted a picture saying: “Playing pool with these folk. They’re a quiet bunch.”


He then tweeted about a competition with the prize being the chance to hang out with himself and Liam: “If you fancy it, you can come and hang out with Liam and I for @trekstock? Find out here… http://Prizeo.com/harryandliamrfw


Harry then went on to post another photo, this time from Instagram. He wrote: “LADS.”


Liam tweeted: “Helllooo how are you alllll ? :)”

“My head hurts”

“Can’t even begin to remember who won bowling… Or why I’m awake??? Lol”

He also posted: “Cant sleeepppp :)”

“https://t.co/YxI4tSvLU1oh so that’s what happens yesterday @Calum5SOS”

For once, Niall took a day off from Twitter, but he’s made up for it with plenty of tweets today! Find out what he said tomorrow.

Once again, there’s nothing from Zayn or Louis but they’ll probably be tweeting again in a few weeks when “Best Song Ever” is released!

Come back tomorrow to see what the boys were tweeting about today!

  • Directioner4eva

    First comment! 😀

  • hollie

    Lol no tweets from Niall!!!!!! That’s a first 😀

  • Kanaanmoon

    Wow I sure hope Louis & Zayn t

  • Samantha Sancen

    Since Lou and zayn get a lot of hate cuz of their gfs maybe they just dont wanna listen to it cuz the same thing might happen as Liam and Dani

  • Abigail

    No tweets from Niall!?!?! That’s a first!:)Lln!:)

    Why haven’t Louis and Zayn tweet!!?!?!?
    I’m getting worried!:(

  • Subsub1DcraycrayZ

    Nialls twitter got hacked

    • Lucy stephens

      how do you know

      • Subsub1DcraycrayZ

        Cuz ppl on Instagram are talking about it but I’m not 100% sure

        • Megan Payne <3

          It true, he tweeted about it this weekend.

          • Subsub1DcraycrayZ

            Thanx for having my side Megan Payne

          • Megan Payne <3

            You’re welcome Subsub1DcraycrayZ! :) Directioners are there for each other!

          • Subsub1DcraycrayZ


  • Subsub1DcraycrayZ

    I know cuz ppl are talking about it on Instagram but I’m not 100%

  • Harry’s Cupcake

    Yes I think Niall and Louis are going to tweet when the song is going top be release