Daily 1D Tweet Round-Up: 8th May 2013

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Here’s what the 1D boys were tweeting about yesterday!

Niall tweeted: “Sweden! I love this place as you all know! We are here, friends arena! Just over an hour and we will be on stage! Can’t wait! Vi elsker de”

Harry meanwhile posted another photo on Instagram. He tweeted the word: “Legends.” and posted this:



At 11.41PM Liam tweeted: “Cant believe how amazinngggg Europe’s been so far , thank you for tonight Sweden :)”

He then wrote: “Followww spreeee” at 11.42PM.

Just 12 minutes later, he said: “Its not letting me follow no more ill do some more tomorroowwww :)”

Did anyone get a follow from Liam? Comment below!

Finally, Louis tweeted a couple of times. His first said: “Must say the @5secsofsummer boys are missed massively on tour !!”

5 Seconds of Summer supported 1D on their UK tour dates. However, they aren’t touring with them in Europe. Camryn is still supporting them though! View our sister site OnePopz’s interview and acoustic sessions with her here.

Louis’s seconds tweet read: “Sad news that Sir Alex has retired. What an amazing man for football!”

One Direction have the day off today, but tomorrow will perform in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Come back tomorrow for our latest tweet round-up!

  • SingerChick

    Zany tweeted!! They didn’t have it up!!

    • Mimi Deria

      What was I about to say :)

  • Mimi Deria

    Ahhh I wasn’t online when Liam did the Follow spree :( I wouldn’t get a follow from him anyway :/ And Zayn tweeted: “@niallofficial check this diva out!! asleep with his shades on pfft ha !! :) x” and posted this pic along with it. :) And Your welcome 😉

    • http://twitter.com/jamsteswa93 Jamie Swain

      This is in yesterday’s tweet round-up cos Zayn posted it on the 7th May!

      You’re welcome 😉

      • Mimi Deria

        Thank You, I had to see the date. My bad :)


      Aww nialler ur such a cutie!!!!!!

      • http://twitter.com/marlonlove03 One Direction UK

        yes he is……

    • http://twitter.com/marlonlove03 One Direction UK

      niall Horan…… scream when justin bieber follow him on twitter//// if niall or 1d follow me back on twitter I am going to scream too….

  • maria

    But zaayn ! Why you always forget him ?!?!

    • http://twitter.com/jamsteswa93 Jamie Swain

      He tweeted a picture of Niall on Tuesday which is mentioned in yesterday’s Tweet Round-Up.
      He didn’t tweet yesterday though which is why he’s not in this round-up!

      • maria

        Oops srry , i don’t have a twitter acc 😐

  • Zayns wifeyy Nia

    Ahhhhhhh why am I always offline when they tree ):

    • Zayns wifeyy Nia


      • harrymarryme

        just be lucky you have twitter. ): im not allowed one untill i turn 14. saddd.

  • harrymarryme

    i wish i had twitter. i used too and liamm started following me. buuut, my momm found my twiiter and deleted it.

  • http://twitter.com/fangirl4evrr Silvia Bardales



      Aww that’s too bad :(
      I LUV U LILI!!!!!!!

  • JSRRamsaran

    aww i love them <3

    • http://twitter.com/marlonlove03 One Direction UK

      me too…

  • http://twitter.com/marlonlove03 One Direction UK

    1d is the best….. good luck for your performance tomorrow buddy…. i wish you luck guys… i will….

  • Aylin Morelos

    ahhh my god godd twiter updates LOLOLOLOL