Daily 1D Tweet Round-Up: 9/7/2013 Louis Tomlinson Is Back!

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Here’s what the 1D boys were tweeting about yesterday…


Harry tweeted: “Well done to my annoyingly clever sister @GemmaAnneStyles on completing her education! I’m so proud of you .xx”

Niall said: “Pittsburg are u ready? tonight is gona be sick! #TMHT”

“Wohoooooo @5sos are goin on stage now! Buzzin”

“Literally walking on stage in Pittsburg. While we’re gone! Leave u with this! Go pre order BSE http://smarturl.it/1DBestSongEver

After the show he tweeted: “Pittsburgh! Unbelievable show! The crowds just get louder every night over here! Off t Canada tomorrow !Toronto u ready?Get the pints ready?

“Happy birthday to one of my best friends! And an incredible drummer for us!Mr @joshdevinedrums !Love u pal! We shall have a drink in toronto”

His final tweet of the day said: “Ok my twitter is being hacked as we speak! Unfollowing people! DMin people all kinda stuff! Will get control again”

Good news everybody! After twelve days of silence, Louis has returned to Twitter!

He said: “Can’t wait for the show !”

“Huge happy birthday to @JoshDevineDrums ! One of life’s nice guys :)”

However, Zayn still hasn’t posted since 26th June.

Come back tomorrow to see what the boys were tweeting about today!

  • Megan Payne <3

    Happy late birthday Josh! :) glad Lou is back, but I wish Zayn would come back too :( and what about Liam, didn’t he tweet?? :(

  • Ruchi

    Zayn!?!?!? Where are you? Actually I think that Zayn is drawing pictures for children charity x.

  • hollie

    Yay!!! Louis is back!!!! That just made my day!!!!!!!! 😀 I <3 Louis!!!!

  • Laura

    Zayns still missing lol. It’s good Lou’s back though! He still doesn’t seem happy and stuff though… :(

  • Abigail

    YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOUIS IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) made my day!:)

    But where’s Zayn!?!?!?!?!?

  • marmar margs lominoque

    pls come back Zayn we need a DJ on twitter Lol

  • sduffy

    Zayn probably isn’t posting anything on twitter because Ramadan started, and the last time he tweeted about Ramadan, or anything about his religion, people started calling him a terrorist :/

    I don’t know why anyone would say that, he’s a great guy!