Daily 1D Tweet Round-Up: 9th May 2013

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Here’s what the boys were tweeting about yesterday!

Niall tweeted: “Backstage in Stockholm last night! #backstageprofootballpitch” and posted this Instagram photo:



Later on, he said: “THE most exciting 1D news EVER is being announced in 6 days! http://www.onebigannouncement.com/”

Liam also posted about the big announcement. He wrote: “Get ready! Exciting announcement coming from us nextttttt week! http://www.onebigannouncement.com/”

At 10.20PM, Liam tweeted: “Howdyy :)”.

He then replied to a tweet from a lucky Directioner. @ilybanana tweeted: “yesterday was the best day of my life! @Real_Liam_Payne @Harry_Styles @NiallOfficial @Louis_Tomlinson @zaynmalik”

Liam replied with: “@ilybanana im glad you enjoyed ittt :)”

Meanwhile, Louis tweeted: “Just downloaded the new Spider-Man movie using 4GEE, quickest thing ever! It’s the future haha #spon”

There were no tweets from Harry or Zayn yesterday.

Tonight, the boys perform in Copenhagen, Denmark. Over the weekend they will perform in Germany. On Saturday they’re in Berlin and on Sunday they’ll be in Hamburg.

Come back on Monday for a big weekend round-up. We’ll see what the boy’s tweeted about on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

  • yasmeen <3 1d

    Yooo I think i’m going damn crazy just waiting for thier announcement. Whats its gonna be…. Wowwwwww my 1d rocks ilove them all..!!

  • maria laura chaviel gomez

    hello friend they i love you one tue fans FOREVER YOUNG

  • Sarah Payne

    So can wait for the big announcement

  • ZarMaz

    CAN NOT WAIT for #1DBigAnnouncement

  • Hannah Gilpin

    will they ever preform in the USA??? I want to see them!!!!!!!!!

  • Aylin Morelos