Daily 1D Tweet Round-Up: Weekend! 3-6th May 2013

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The 1D tweet round-up is back!

Every day, we bring you a round-up of everything the One Direction have tweeted the day previously.

The last one we did was on Friday, so this one covers all the tweets from Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday!

Let’s start with Friday!


At 10.03AM Niall tweeted: “If you are coming to the Amsterdam show tonight at the Ziggo Arena make sure you wear Orange! #turnziggoorange”

Later on he wrote: “Sorry I didn’t stay long outside hotel! This hopping around business is not fun hahaha! Love you all”

Niall sent a couple more tweets throughout the day such as: “Big thanks to @sunglasshutuk for the ray bans! Love em” and “the most important thing u guys need t do between now and the show is dress up in orange! #turnziggoorange lets do it!”

At 12.30PM Niall posted this tweet: “I’m gonna be on @QmusicNL at 4pm today! Talking to jeroen! #turnziggoorange #TMHTinHolland”

Harry meanwhile was having some Instagram fun. He tweeted: “The show tonight will look niiiice and orange.” and posted this:


Later on, he wrote: “Multi-tasking at its very best.” and linked to this Instagram picture:


Harry took a break from posting Instagram photos, to send us a link to a YouTube video. He said: “A girl from my school @FloIngleby has got a song. Here it is.”

He later wrote: “Happy Birthday @yveslee .xx” Lucky person!

Harry then returned to Instagram to give us some food pics! He wrote: “The Club, the club and nothing but the club.” and posted this photo of a lovely looking club sandwich:


He then wrote: “That wasn’t great.” and posted this photo of a demolished sandwich:


Later on, after their performance in Amsterdam, the boys tweeted their thanks to fans. Niall wrote: “Amsterdam u were unbelieveable tonight! Never heard noise like it ! And also #weturnedziggoorange ! Orange madness

“im 1000 percent sure we have the best fans in the world…the lengths you go to for us is incredible..we love u soo much …no lies or poo”

Harry wrote: “Amsterdam… You were incredible. Thank you so much for having us!! You turned Orange. So did we.” and posted this picture of an orange looking crowd:


Liam wrote: “Thank you to everyone who came tonight! Loving this tourrrrr !! :)”


At 12.04PM, Niall tweeted: “Holland thank you ! Had an amazing time ! See ya soon mwah! Xx”

At 4.17PM he tweeted again from his new location: “What’s up everyone? Here in Oberhausen ! Doin interview on bus! Then gettin ready for show”

Later on he wrote: “Look at this new @CadburyIreland video! It’s funny as hell” and linked to this video:

Finally, at 5.49PM, Niall tweeted: “Welcome to the vestival of the guns” and posted this Instagram photo:


Louis tweeted: “Every go and download Bo Bruce’s single http://po.st/BeforeISleep  !! Help get it top 5!”

On Saturday, Harry posted four Instagram photos to Twitter.

“Great name for an underwear brand.”


“Cool changing room.”


“Picture of Oberhausen! Thank you for having us Germany. Tschüss!”


“The macho men taking pictures of their slippers. @m1jarvis & @calaurand”



At 2.23PM Niall tweeted: “We are in Denmark! Welcome home @HeleneHorlyck !”

At 4.18PM he wrote about rumours: “Pukin on fans hahahaha! Where did that come from !”

Liam seemed to play a bit of a joke on Sunday. He wrote: “#askliam :)” and then didn’t answer any questions!

Harry tweeted: “Possibly the best sign at a show ever.” and posted this Instagram photo:


At 11.57PM he wrote: “Thanks for having us Denmark!! It was great tonight .x” and posted this crowd shot:



At 12.11AM Niall tweeted: “Loved that show tonight in denmark! Great fun! Mad audience! Next stop Norway!”

At 12.30AM Liam said: “Thank you denmarkkkk :) love youuuu :)”

Later on, Niall wrote: “Afternoon! What’s up?”

He also tweeted: “Been really enjoying the European leg of the tour! Crowds have been crazy! Lets make the rest of it loud!”

At 10.35PM, Liam said: “Hi everyone for tomorrow’s gig everyone has too wear ski goggles in kiss you so make sure to bring them with youuuuuu #NorwaySkiDay1D”

Harry also tweeted yesterday. He said: “That’s one way of doing it.” and posted this photo:


He later wrote: “Rough day.” and posted this picture:


You may have noticed we didn’t mention Zayn on either of the four days. That’s because he hasn’t tweeted since the 28th April!

Tonight, the boys perform in Baerum, Norway.

Come back tomorrow to see what they’ve been tweeting about today!

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    Haha. Harry posts A LOT!


      Same with my lil Irish

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    Tomorrow they will come to Sweden!!!!! Ohh god what I wish that I have tickets…….!!!!:'(:'(:'(

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      Same I hope u feel better HazBear

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    Liam did answer some question.

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    Am i the only i.e that notices how tight those jeans are??!?! IS HE TRYING TO KILL US:O

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    Liam did answer questions with the askliam. You just had to search for them.

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    I wonder why zayn won’t tweet????

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