Daniel Radcliffe Thinks Harry’s Tattoo’s Look Like Prison Tatts

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Harry styles bare-chested in Miami, Florida

It’s safe to say we all love a bit of Harry Potter.

But it turns out that Harry Potter himself, the one and only Daniel Radcliffe is not a fan of our Harry, in particular his ever growing collection of tattoo’s.

Mr Potter/Radcliffe currently has no tattoo’s on his body, but told a UK radio station that he can’t wait to have some done.

He told Capital FM: “I’ve always liked tattoos, I think they look great.”

The breakfast host then asked him if he’d like to have as many as Harry, or any other of the One Direction boys.

To which Daniel replied: “I haven’t seen Harry Styles’ tattoos. [Are they] like prison tattoos? Isn’t that what you have when you’ve done five years?”

Well Dan, if you haven’t seen them how can you comment on them? Unless some of Harry’s magic powers have rubbed off on you.

Radcliffe continued: “I kind of want to end up like Guy Pearce from Memento,” he said. “That’s the ideal, just lots of words and shopping lists and stuff.”

Of course because thats much more normal than the tattoo’s Harry’s had done…….Oh wait!

It’s not just Dan that doesn’t like Hazza’s ink. His very own tattoo artist thinks he should get rid of some and have them redone.

Kevin Paul said: “When I first met Harry, he didn’t really know what was going on with tattoos and that.”

He suggested: “Get rid of all that stuff, have it lasered,” he said. “We could probably work with what’s there and then make it look a lot better.”

What do you think? Should Harry get rid of his tattoos?

  • Sammy Marsh


    • Stini2526

      so true

  • Morgan Abbe

    Ok he hasnt seen them? This isnt even a story! Its you taking a sound bite and making it a rude comment he was jokeing around! Theis sight really likes to stir the pot when it comes to dramma and its getting down right rude!

    • nialllandthepotatoes

      Yeah I agree!

  • Nikki Horan

    I’m pretty sure that Harry’s tattoos don’t look like prison tattoos. I mean… He has a giant butterfly right smack dab on his stomach! Haha. Harry can do whatever he wants to his body, an once he’s done it, it’s there permanately. So what are we going to do about it? Nothing. I mean, sure… He can get them removed, but there would be big scars all over him, so who are WE to judge? We can’t. Harry’s tattoos make who he is and if he likes them, I like them.

    • Camryn Joiner

      I totally agree with u. I love his tattoos and they don’t look like prison tattoos to me either!

  • Banessa Perez

    TBH I don’t think they look like prison tattoos they are alright to me and also I would like to get a tattoo!!!!!!!!

  • tanisha battles⚓

    I don’t see the problem with Hazza’s tattoos I love them I think Daniel was just kidding and just making a joke of Harry’s tattoos.

  • Camryn Joiner

    I really like Harry’s tattoos. And he does to. It’s his body and he should be able to do stuff without it all going to DRAMA. But anyways. I know some people aren’t a big fan but really like this is just gonna start drama. But I love Harry’s tatts.

  • 1D lover

    I really like harrys tattoos some of them I don’t get but most of them I love and if Daniel had never seen his tattoos and asked if they look like prison tattoos in guess he could get away with it maybe he was just kidding or something and we have to remember as fans we are here to help and support 1D not criticize but some people talk about them like they own them thous people are crazy

  • gwacie minix

    BYEBYE TATOOS! well at least the stupiid random ones!

  • Kylee Styles

    No he shouldnt geg rid of them. I love tats

  • Michaela

    I feel like everyone on this planet hates Harry’s tattoos. I love all of them! Sue me!

  • Gianna Ramnarine


  • Gianna Ramnarine

    I liked it when he didnt go to the tattoo parlor ALL THE TIME… I mean I don’t hate Harry I just don’t like his tattoos

    • Directioner301

      I agree! I love Harry, I’m just not too crazy about his tattoos. He looked better when he didn’t have any…..

  • 0BEY T0 1D

    No. Harry should keep his tattoos. But Harry should also when enough is enough. Keep the tattoos you got and don’t get over bored. They’re going to be on your body until you die.

  • liz

    If Harry likes them, I like them. I personally hate tatoos but its his body! x

  • Ania Lynn Prather

    They do not look like prison tattoos….! if you dont like his tattoos then dont look at them is how i see it….!

  • vicka

    Yes… :-) I believe he should

  • Lynnie Lucas

    Why is this even posted here? He hasn’t seen them and doesn’t know anything about them so he shouldn’t be talking. When he can sing better than Harry Styles, that’s when he can talk crap. ONLY then. Because for now, Dan is one of the least attractive actors I know of. So suck that Daniel Radcliffe. PS-his “claim to fame” can’t be Harry Potter anymore because that series is OVER. Get a life.

  • Directioner301

    If he hasn’t even seen Harry’s tattoos, how could he say he doesn’t like them? That’s just flat out rude! I love Harry and all of the 1d boys and even their “interesting” tattoos can’t change that.

  • Nia malik

    No offence but that was like last week

  • Ailynnn

    I’m not insulting Harry i love 1D but I agree with his tattoo artist.. I think the organization of his tattoos is a bit messy..

  • Emma

    Who ever is insulting dan should go to hell.!! M gonna pray fr all ov them that they should die.!!!

  • angie

    I think harry tattoos are fine!

  • Kanaanmoon

    I think that people should stop judging him for his looks and judge him for his insides instead

  • Eliana HarryMou

    sammy marsh i agree with you

  • line hawwilo

    harry i like u
    i miss u
    i love u
    be mine

  • Cassi Horan

    says the man with the lightning scar on his forehead….

  • Rachel

    I love my hazza, but the tattoos are absolutely ridiculous!!! If he has them, I’m totally ok with that, and if he gets rid of them, he might look a lot better… just saying that we all fell for the tattooless funny amazingly talented boys, not the completely drenched in tattoos and smoking boys. I love them all to death, but I want my old boys back… #bringmyboysback

  • Abigail

    I like his tatts It is his body let him do what he wants!

  • Sophia

    If Dan hasn’t seen them, how can he make such a stupid and insultive comments to someone. It’s that saying Dan is a bad actor when they haven’t even seen the movies! Plus, tattoos express peoples emotions.