Dappy Wants Collaboration With One Direction

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He’s badmouthed Simon Cowell, X Factor, and criticized the treatment of contestants careers once they leave the competition, but that hasn’t stopped N-Dubz’s Dappy from coming forward and expressing a desire to collaborate with One Direction.

It would be an interesting team up to say the least.

Dappy has proven he can sing, we know he has musical talent, but his main talent is rapping. A verse of lightening fast rapping could be a welcome addition to the heavily pop inspired 1D tracks that we can expect in the future.

Dappy has said Digital Spy:

“I’d love to write a song with One Direction, they’re amazing, they’re a breath of fresh air.”

“All of their voices, they’ve all got individually very unique voices, and yeah, I’d love to sit in a studio with them if they gave me the chance.”

We would love to see what the Dapster could come up with, because all of the N-Dubz tracks were written and produced by the band themselves, so they are truly one of the rare real all round talents in the industry.

But something tells us that SyCo wouldn’t be wanting their golden boys to work with such a big hater of Cowell’s empire

…but stranger things have happened!