CLOSED: Day 11 COMPETITION! Win A One Direction 2014 Bundle! #1DAdvent

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For Day 11 on our One Direction 2013 Advent Calendar we’ve got an awesome competition for you!


There’s nothing we love more than giving you guys the chance to win some cool One Direction goodies, so we thought we’d throw yet another competition out there!

We’re giving you guys the chance to win a copy of One Direction’s brand new album ‘Midnight Memories’, as well as a 2014 1D calendar AND the official 2014 1D annual!

Aaaaagh! How do we enter?!

Well, all you guys have to do is follow us on Twitter at @1Direction_x and our sister site @OnePopz and tweet the following:

I’m following @1Direction_x and @OnePopz to win an awesome One Direction 2014 bundle! #1DAdventCalendar


Yep, it really is as simple as that!

So, if you want to have a lovely One Direction 2014 calendar hanging on your wall, a 1D annual to look through and your very own hard copy of Midnight Memories then what are you waiting for?!

Get tweeting!

The competition will run up until Christmas Day, and we will pick a winner at random :)

Good luck!

The winner is… @ShyAbby! Well done!

Remember to check the advent calendar every day until Christmas, as we have some exciting treats and surprises for you!

  • Reshma Tomlinson

    i hav no twitter…… -.-. Why is the world so cruel?????????

    • Anamilet Artis

      Ikr v,v

    • hhfvb


    • Madi

      I NEED twitter!! U need to use it for EVERYTHING!!!

  • Anamilet Artis

    Can’t they make some other way to enter the competition for us that have no twiiter???!!?? o,o
    Its almost ALWAYS twitter -,-

    • Reshma Tomlinson

      its ALWAYS twitter, i bet there’s not almost

      • Jamie Swain

        Actually we’ve done a few without Twitter. Recently we gave away an iPhone without Twitter, and there’s been a few more this year too.

        • Anamilet Artis

          You guys should do more competitions that doesnt need Twiiter -,-

          • Jamie Swain

            We do try, but sometimes we can’t.

          • Anamilet Artis

            Lol Gottcha 😀
            Well,Im Glad You Guys at least you guys try (:

      • Anamilet Artis

        Lmaoo :p
        Reading that comment made me laugh 😀

    • Tildisen <3

      It sucks..!

      • Anamilet Artis

        i know…!
        Its really frustrating :/

  • Juuh_1D

    I don’t have twitter!!! :( :( :(

    • Zayn Lover

      Same here… I don’t have twitter..:(

  • Staša Timotijević

    I really wish to won it. *—————————–*

  • marigold

    i feel so bad for the people who dont have twitter! im not gonna enter.

  • 1DFan

    Again, no twitter……

  • I’m A Directioner :3

    Followed @1Direction_x and @OnePopz and Tweeted! 😀 Really hope I win! :3 I’ve never won anything… xD Guess I just have bad luck. LOL

    • kamelia malik


  • reghan

    who has kik and i want 2 win!!!

  • John Angel Bautista

    You guys without Twitter should have one. You’re missing so many great things. 😀
    Anyway, I can’t but doubt these competitions. They don’t announce winners publicly. 😀

  • Rina Bina

    ughh well cant do this dont have a twitter

  • Syiqin♥♥

    is this open worldwide??? and can we tweet multiple time????

  • Nicole

    But I already have midnight memories! IF YOU DONT HAVE TWITTER THEN GO MAKE ONE….ITS SO EASY!

    • Directioner Forever

      Most people, aren’t allowed to or too young or something.

  • Morgan Robinson

    Yay! Done! I hope i get it. Pretty much a loser at everything else LLNBLLL

  • Morgan Robinson

    Niall said himself its easiest to communicate w/ fans through twitter just make one guys besides all i havent got nothin else bsides kik and tumblr and gmail :(

  • Marina


  • Directioner Forever

    I wish I had a Twitter.

  • Chloe Hollyoakes

    i have twitter I’m already following them xxx 1D ALL THE WAY!!!

  • Hazza’s BUMshaKE

    the people who get fed up with not having a Twitter, it’s really your fault. Just create an account! Ain’t too hard! Anyway fans of any fanbase really need a Twitter acc:)

  • id lover

    I love you harry

  • Staša Timotijević

    So… Who’s the winner? :)

  • ∞Lɪᴛᴛʟᴇ Sᴘᴀʀᴋ Sᴛᴇᴘʜ∞

    Who won?!

  • Jessica

    I done it I Hope I win

  • Eilidh