Did Nialler Overload Twitter?

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Does everyone remember when we were without Twitter on Thursday and it was impossible to see what celebrities were up to, what hilarious hashtags were trending or any other insignificant tweets to entertain us?

Well at about the same time, Niall Horan had planned to have a twitcam session that would be available to his over 5 million followers. Niall promised the twitcam after he hopped in the shower – that alone might have had some hearts skipping a beat.

Although Twitter denied to the Sun that it was Horan’s influence on the crash – instead suggesting a worldwide power outage – they cannot deny the traffic that would have been generated at the time. A twitcam session sadly didn’t happen, but Niall took to twitter when it had recovered, to apologize to fans.

“sorry about the twitcam! i just wanted to let you know whats been happening!”

We need more twitcams! They’re always hilarious and we love to see boys just chilling out, albeit slightly media trained!

Can you imagine if all five members of 1D tweeted their twitcam plans at once? The world would CRUMBLE!