Directionators Force Lucy Horobin To Quit Twitter + New Harry ‘I Love You’ Video!

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She’s been the talk of the town for the last few days after details emerged of an affair with Harry Styles last August.

Now it seems that Lucy has left Twitter following a torrent of abuse from fans.

Lucy, 14 years older than Harry was called all sorts of names including ‘sick’, ‘whore’, and many many more which we won’t write here, ultimately forcing her to quit the site.

Only yesterday, eagle-eyed viewers spotted Harry mouthing “I love you” to Lucy in the following video – The ‘Year In The Making’ documentary that was aired on ITV2 last year.

Watch carefully from 2:45 onwards when Harry is saying words towards the ex Key 103 employee.

It certainly looks like it around 2:47 / 2:48.

What do you think?

It’s become quite common these days for certain individuals to be forced off Twitter.

Only recently it was thought that Perrie Edwards from Little Mix had quit the social networking site, until it was revealed that the whole band had decided to use a single account.

Caroline Flack, probably Harry’s most famous ex, also received abuse when news of their relationship broke.