Directioner Sneaks Into 1D’s Changing Room & Catches Liam Payne In The Buff!

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Liam at the premiere of Men in Black 3

A sneaky 1D fan managed to catch a glimpse of lead-singer Liam Payne in the buff during a recent sweaty session.

The lads were working out at a New York gym, and somehow the fan managed to sneak past security and wander into their changing room – getting an eyeful of Liam at the same time.

What a result! Err, we mean, naughty fan!

Speaking with The Sun, a source said:

“Liam was stunned when he saw her in the changing room – he couldn’t believe she’d got past security. For one thing, he was in the middle of getting dressed and had no idea what she was going to do, as their fans in the US are mad.”

LOL, what would you do if saw a member of One Direction with their pants down?

Elsewhere, British radio station Capital FM have lifted their three month ban on playing One Direction music.

The ban came after 1D mistakenly gave thanks to rival station Radio 1 at the Brit Awards in February.

Capital had backed the lads heavily for the Award, and founder Ashley Tabor was very upset about not getting thanks – promptly banning the station from playing any 1D music for the next three months!

Suffice to say all is back to normal in the world – aah.

  • Blickiss


  • Nilley


  • Jason Saldua

    I wish i was there Lmaoo

  • Yulia3011

    Hhhhhhhhhhh poor Liam 😉

  • iloveswac

    Lucky directioner!!!!!!!!!:-)

  • Jazmine Tomlinson

    VERY LUCKY DIRECTIONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HALF WISH THAT WAS ME!!!!!!!!!

  • Caitlin Payne

    Lucky Directioner she got to see Liam my favorite I wish that was me!!!¦D<3

  • Krazykitkat623

    Thats gross!!! But, I kinda wish it was me….hahahaha

  • Jamie sheri

    Ahahah.. ….. Liam musta been like “wtf???”

  • Sarah Tomlinson

    Man shes so so lucky but it would have been so much better if it was louis but liam ain’t that bad wait….. wut am i on bout ? Its one direction we r talking bout who cares which particular one if its a one direction member i am happy xD very happy that is……

  • Maryy 4698


  • Molly1

    lucky directioner;)

  • Nalina Styles

    omg . lucky people who get chance  to see Liam 

  • Sweety Mittenspye

    That chick is kinda lucky!!

  • Foreveryounghs

    I wonder.. Front or back?

  • Cheyenne lambert

    Poor liam

  • Brittney Mccay566

    I feel bad for him. How would you like it if you were trying to be normal and workout and have a fan walk in on you while you were naked. Then have all the magazines and directioners talking about it. I’m a directioner, so I feel bad for him, that he can’t have a normal life.


      That’s true, but then again the can’t-lead-a-normal-life thing comes with the can’t be famous expecting things will remain the same. But this fan went too far haha!

      • Jarlynblue

        i understand that completely but i also feel like he should at least be able to know that he can change his clothes for five minutes and not have to worry about a fan sneaking in and seeing him

    • Aiesharox

      i know right!!!??

  • adorable_girl1994

    Omg she was super lucky! I really wish I was her. Idk wat I would have done

  • Zayn’s Avocado

    Poor Liam. I can see why Hazza hates crazy fans.

    P.S. It may be time for 1D to get new security

  • LohJM

    i think i’d be embarrassed. walking in on someone half-naked isn’t exactly a good first impression

  • Dgeteryiuoiloveyounomu

    WOW! Im sorry Liam for what she/he did….I would really be shocked ahhaa ….I wouldnt want a boy to walk in on me if i was without a shirt ….Just saying …….Sorry Liam <3

  • Stars_direction

    What is wrong with people these days!? Can’t people see that the boys are just people too, with feelings and emotions just like any other human being? That must have been so embarrasing for Liam. I feel so bad for them sometimes that it’s not even funny. I swear, some people need to be put in a mental institution. And I have so much respect for 1D because I dont think could deal with all of that madness that they go through. Anyways, I love the boys and wish them the best of luck for the rest of their crazy time in the US.

  • Andrea Horan<3

    What that girl did was horrible and disgustingly wrong. I give her props for being able to get passed security without being caught though, but seriously she should know better not to sneak into their changing room. If I was her and I got past security, I would at least have the right mind not to do what she did, I would walk into the gym like a boss…lol. But seriously, people are getting really crazy over them these days. I wonder what Liam said to her afterwards…like really.

  • Tatum Horan

    If I walked in on anyone of them I would be extremely embarrassed and sorry about it. And as a directioner I feel sorry for liam

  • Alii1Dfreak

    People are stupid. Like really, he needs some space..Poor guy :(

  • Manie

    lol i wish the girl was me, cuz i would have ended up having sex with liam my boy!

  • k!!

    umm…really he must of been embarrased…He wasnt naked he was in boxers!!. Haha thats funnt but I dont think she knew tht woild happen. I wonder what happened after

  • Gabby

    That’s awful :( well if she want to see Liam she need to her properly not sneaking in on their changingroom you don’t know what they’re doing there…

  • Payton

    i hate how in the beggining it said “LEAD SINGER.” i mean isnt part of why One Direction Is So cool coz they dont really do orginized dance moves, or theirs so real LEAD singer? thier just a band living thier biggest dream and i hope manegment doesn ruin that…

  • Marshall Harris

    All this id feel bad for Liam… please if I saw that boy naked that would make my life!

  • Cierasherrod

    I would feel ashamned for walking into his dressing room and find him still trying to putt on his clothes!!! And the fact that u did not have any permission!!!

  • Chiilllii

    i didn’t know capital ban 1d music

  • Mrs Malik

    Lucky girl!!! 


    lucky girl

  • Kristle Owusu

    I’m sorry guys… I didn’t mean to. I didn’t even know that they were changing! Please stop sharing this, I don’t want everyone knowing about this incident. It’s embarrassing. If you want to know my name, I’ll give you ONE clue! It starts with a ‘K’

  • Katie OneDirection Tweedy

    awww poor Liam must of been so embarrising!  I feel sorry tht they have their privacy taken away from them most of the time!

  • gnee1998

    WHoa…. umm ok? 
    That fan is just a little too desperate.. give the boys some privacy and respect!!                   Any celebrity would do something for their fans.. if it wasn’t too chaotic and mad! 
    I feel bad for Liam;( 
    Who would like their half-naked picture of watever going around?

  • alejandra

    i fell bad for him but hes so cute

  • imalion

    i feel sad for liam… how in the world did that girl got there?!

  • smile:)

    I feel bad for him. No one schould have to put up with that. I mean Hello?? People need privacey

  • Megadoodle0203

    aaawwwwww… i feel so bad!!!!!!!!!! I am a true Liam Payne fan and not just because he’s cute. He should be able to get changed privately. If I were the directioner I would do something to say how sorry I would be!!!! I love you Liam! You truly are BRILLIAM!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♫♫♫♫♫♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Jasmine

    i feel so sorry for him like who will do that

  • Emilyrocha

    He does what he wants

  • Gogo


  • One Direction LOVER

    I love these people!

  • Kristy

    I mean that is pretty messed up , like give him some privacy , BUT holy jesus , he is so hot , i mean i don’t blame her , if i had the chance i would do it too!^__^