Directioners And Management Upset By Harry’s Stripper Photos

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Ok, he’s just a normal 19-year-old lad right? He likes the ladies, he likes a drink or two, and he likes to have a good time.

Harry Styles painting

[Pic courtesy of @narryogurt on Twitter]

Yes, there is also the fact that he’s 1/5th of the biggest boyband on the planet, with millions of adoring fans.

Anyhow, you all saw the pictures of Harry with the stripper on his birthday night out right?

Well it looks like management aren’t happy according to the Daily Star, as they quote an insider saying:

“The majority of 1D’s fan base are teenage girls. While these pictures are just Harry having fun on his birthday they won’t go down well with management, who want the boys to maintain their perfect image.”

The paper reports that many 1D fans were left “heartbroken” after seeing the pics.

Harry tries not to look at the stripper

Did they bother you?

People have to realise that Harry might be the one of the most famous guys in the world – but he is still human after all.

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  • Vanity-Marie

    Goodness he’s a young man he can have his fun, there’s nothing wrong with having a stripper at a party it’s not like he was picking up prostitutes or doing something inhumane or breaking the law

    • 1d_sister

      He is not a kiddo!
      It’s his wish…what to do! You can’t tell him off!!!!
      Plus, he doesn’t even look interested in the pics!!!
      What’s wrong with people these days!?
      How in the world can Hazza’s picture break your heart!
      Sure, he was with a stripper!! But he wasn’t even looking at her!!
      Man, stop it!!!!
      LET HIM GO!

      • 1direction#amazing!

        She wasnt telling him off!

    • Niall’s babyyy


    • ILOVE1DX5

      I totally agree!!!!! He is a 19 year old BOY…’s no surprize he went to see strippers!!!!! What older teenage boy hasn’t!!!!!

    • Olivia Renaud 1D fan

      Ya he just wants to have fun

    • Grace Moorhead

      i agree, he’s human after all. what do you expect?

  • Vanity-Marie

    Goodness he’s a young man he can have his fun, there’s nothing wrong with having a stripper at a party it’s not like he was picking up prostitutes or doing something inhumane or breaking the law

  • nick92

    Probably the stripper wasn’t even his idea…there is nothing wrong about having fun on his birthday!





        • Olivia Jones

          Well I hope u 2 live happily ever after❤

        • Hazza

          No he’s mine 😮

        • Krystal Scott

          NO! HE’S MINE!!! nah just kidding we can share…

    • Niall’s babyyy

      Your right… nick grimshaw hired her for harry as a joke

  • Katlynn Wilmott

    It doesn’t bother me he’s just having some fun it was his birthday!!!

  • i_luv_1D_14

    I think wat harry did is weird not bad and not good

    Not bad cause at the end of the day he is a guy and he wants live his life ….

    Not good cause he has fans from the age of 3 and up so he would give them a bad image so Yh

    But me it didn’t bother me at all cause 1. I no I wouldnt get him at all
    2. He is a boy and he is old enough
    3. He is famous , sexiii , hot , cute and soo on …. So any girl would love to do that


    I think harry should’ve not done that
    BTW my opinion

    • Sarah

      I 1000000% agree with what u think!!! U are really wise to say these things<3

    • SingerChick

      Ya. I just don’t like that he DOES have younger fans, and that isn’t a very good example. But being a human and a dude that it was his 19th birthday I guess it’s normal for a celebrity to get crazy at a party.

  • Directioner.

    He is just normal guy. This is normal thing. What’s the fuss about?

  • Imelda Chavez

    He isn’t a kid anymore. He is an adult. He should be able to celebrate his birthday how he wants it to be
    All those girls who are heart broken are just mad because he’s with another womenn. Plus it was his friends idea. He should be able to enjoy his fucken life because he is still a human. And maybe, he was trying to forget about Taylor.

  • Mariclara

    Omg Let him do whatever he wants, he’s a human anyway and he needs fun more often, and it was his birthday, and is just a stripper, we should not be upset, I’m a directioner and I support him and we all should do it 2…Harry,I support u and…HAVE FUN!! :)

  • raestar08

    Actually a fan asked niall in the twitter and he said that he was shocked when he thought she was a police woman and he doesn’t know that a stripper came in front of him and happens to be a police woman,i know it’s kinda normal for him but still he’s nit yet in the 20’s

  • Hazza

    I have no problem at all and anyways Harry doesn’t even looks interested in that girl and it’s his life we cant expect him to do what we fans or management expects him to its his personal life
    Personally I think we get to know enough and that should not break our hearts at all :(
    If someone can’t take all these things they should not make a fuss also

  • Kiley Emma

    They didn’t bother me I thought it was funny

  • ツ Moon Malik ツ

    It doesn’t bother me he’s 19 for god sakes and he’s young he just wants to live YOLO RIGHT

  • aiesha styles

    It did bother me but i understand he is a 19 year old boy so im not surprised but hey everyone does something stupid every now and then including me so lets just move on. Plus im pretty sure it wasnt his idea.

  • chloe

    HES NOT LIKE that iwould find that offsenfe harry wuldnt have stripper
    NO STRIPPER OK NONE HES A CLEAN BOY well sort of but you get what i mean

  • Anita Rzewski

    I don’t know… No one should be “heartbroken” but… Ugh I don’t know how to explain it but he should have not let the stripper give him a lap dance. That’s just wrong.

  • Sarah

    I actually don’t judge about his pics cause it’s his life and yey he is a normal boy but I think when sb become famouse they should be more carefull about their life i mean because they are idol for some people they should know how to react in puplic not to influence bad!!! Harry is a lovely idol these days so even if he want to have fun like this it’s better not to take pics of it!!!

    • Emily Marie

      I agree- Who ever takes the pics either need to stop taking pics, or keep then safe!

      • Olivia Jones

        U r right I would rather they b kept safe so no one can see them bc it could and can ruin his reputation with the press!

  • Emily Marie

    Why do we care what he does in his free time? As long as he keeps singing, I don’t care! It was his birthday party, not ours. Let him be! We shouldn’t care! When he stops singing with the other guys, then we can get mad

  • Valentina

    Actually I walsn’t heartbroken when I saw photos,I was laughing my head of and I found that really cute and funny.He’s nineteen,his LAST birthday as teenager,why wouldn’t he celebrate it with a stripper lapdancing? Good job Harry;)

  • Emilyrose555

    He wants to have fun and I think it’s quite funny that he got a stripper what is the big deal

  • Ashley Reyes

    It didnt bother me i noticed that he is just a 19yr old boy he has to live his life. other 19yr old boys do the same thing. just calm down he is a human being.

  • Myuna Jones

    Managment shouldnt be mad at harry for having a little fun on his birthday and besides it not like he can have the perfect image all day everyday

  • El (Whoreo)

    In my opinion, he can do whatever he pleases. But the pictures were a little much. It was his birthday, he has the right to have fun. This is something I will deffinitly not be holding against him.

    • Sally

      I agree, but i was a little upset. I know I’m going to get yelled at, but they have a lot of fans that are pretty young. I’m not saying that they have to be perfect little angels, but they should keep that in mind. It was his birthday though, and he’s old enough to make is own decisions. This isn’t really that bad.

  • Jazmine

    Back off of him ppl

  • Monlisarxxxx

    Oo Hayl Noo!! Its His B-Day…sooo let him have F.U.N
    He does this now for his B-Day Sooo Let him have
    F.U.N. 1Time doesnt matter 😉 Let him have F.U.N
    And He is 19 now :)) He Is Old Enough Toooo Make His Own Disicion(or how u write it) Harry We STILL
    Love Ya No Matter What Happend :)) From Ur Biggest Fan :)) (And Girlsz I Know U R His Biggest Fans 2 Soo) From Ur Biggest FanS ;))

  • Aleyda Espino

    Omg! Are you serious, it was the his b-day, let him have some fun. Who are you to tell him not to, he is only human and beside how much I bet you he didnt even know the stripper was going to be there leave the guy some space if we keep acting like we own them they are going to have second thoughts about that 3yr contract…….

  • 1Dlover

    No we were not upset!! From what i could tell most of us thought it was funny and coupd care less.Plus the stripers werent even his doing the were nick grimshaws. Papers will do anything for a story wont they?

  • Lupita Montoya

    I honestly don’t mind. He’s a teen like many of us. We have to ‘Live while we’re young!’

  • That Girl Hailey

    I don’t really mind it that harty had a little fun with strip3rs i dont know what everyons buggin about

  • Anonymous

    Did she have her panties off is that why Harrys looking down there?

  • Yanie King

    Honestly it was his birthday let him do what he wants

  • Mykail

    I am a huge directioner n love Harry Styles but i was not mad at him its his 19th birthday let him have fun if your a true fan u would be happy he is having fun its not like he kissed the girl.

  • mimi deria

    God! What’s wrong with directioners! .. It’s his life and he’s young he has all the rights to do whatever he wants

  • Ami

    i’m really upset i mean….i just hate 2 see 1 of the boys have a stripper ih his birthday.

  • Maris Hunt

    Well i think it’s still very weird taking pictures of some famous guy with a stripper

  • Megan

    He is a teen-age boy, you can kinda expect that! Not to mention that he is a cute one! 😉

  • Megan

    Btw I believe what I said but I think when people say YOLO they sound stupid! He wasn’t even looking anyway!

  • Shay Horan

    Omg if he wants to have fun with a stripper let him I mean Srsly just let him do what he wants

  • Michela Guerra

    At least he isnt dating the stripper.

  • Paula Galvan

    I agree with nick92

  • emily

    Yeah vanity-marie is right

  • Sarah Burnick

    Harry is almost a grown man now and he can make his own decisions. He was just having a bit of fun on his birthday! He can decide if he wants a stripper at his party or, say, a clown. If those decisions are ones we consider bad ones, its his own challenge to make good ones and make bad ones good again. Its life, let Harry live one.

  • sallystyles

    i don’t get the big deal ??!!?

  • 1direction#amazing!

    We still love you!!!!!!

  • Treci*

    One fact he isnt your boyfriend he can do whatever the f*** he wants quit being a buch of annoying fans…geez!

  • Alice.

    Just wanted to say that there is nothing wrong with a 19 year old just wanting to have some fun. I mean seriously? Some people are upset about that? They should go and get a life, because you don’t own him or control him. His whole life doesn’t evolve around his fans. Just let him have a life too. That’s all…

  • Diiiiiiiirectioner4everX

    Omg seriously management need to calm down

  • Francineeee(:

    I wasnt bothered at all by those pictures. He’s 19 years old! Let him live his life!! He should be able to have fun without directioners and management getting down his throat. LEAVE….. HARRY…. ALONE!!! haha

  • Directioner x)

    i just dont get it , why do people interfere so much in celebraties life ? c’mon guys they have their own life as well , they too want to enjoy they are human beings , if we are true directioner then we really shouldnt bother about these stuffs, if harry is happy then we should also be happy :) #nohateforhim only loadsss of lovee !

  • Cassi Horan :{D

    1. He just broke up with taylor so its not like he is cheating! 2.He is only 19! 3.He is a grown guy so he can have a little fun! 4.He didn’t pay for them to come his friends hired them!

  • Keke

    Gosh just let the kid have fun! You can’t take the mickey out of them for everything they do. They aren’t robots. They r human beings just like you and me.

  • Utterly Confused

    Just leave them all alone and let them do what they do. I bet everyone will still love them. I will, and just so you know you can tell he was humiliated in any other picture of this.

    • FabulousNails

      I agree that the picture where he hides his eyes is telling that he isn’t completely comforable with the idea, or at least taken aback. Clearly, it was not his idea.
      But I read he said he was in stitches in an interview to the sun, probably in my opinion because it’s so camp (and not really that sexy) to get a lapdance in front of other people.
      At least it made him laugh, it’s good that he had fun. People need to back off a little.

  • Arianna Gonzalez

    Just leave him alone he can do whatever he wants!

  • 1DFan4LifeZayn

    Let Harry live his life it was his birthday for goodness sake! :)

  • Future WWE Anti Diva

    I didn’t bother me at all lol I actually thought they were funny . People just need to relax.

  • Niall’s Chica

    I think that he should be able to do what he wants on his birthday or any day. I mean I don’t agree stripping I think it is wrong, but he should be able to do what he wants and we should love him no matter what. :)

  • paris

    harry doesnt even know the girls who were supposedly broken hearted even exist! god can a 19 year old boy have his fun? hes almost 20 for gods sake!

    • Nicole Styles

      Is ur last name by any chance Harper? Cuz I no a Paris Harper

  • stef

    What are the talking about?! I’m a Harry girl so this would effect me more but like every directioner I know laughed about it! I mean, come on, we’d much rather see him with a stripper than Taylor swift!

  • LNHLZ2014

    Dude he is a 19 year old guy! Let him have fun!!

  • Vanesa

    okay i’ll admit i got mad for a while but its his life you cant do anything! if he likes it he likes it you cant change that.

  • Nicole Styles

    Na he’s young he’s human just because he’s very famous and hot doesn’t mean he’s perfect he was trying to have a good time but I also understand why management would get mad. There are little 4 year old carrots and stuff like that. I just hope my parents don’t see this pics XD

  • Directioner

    I’m against the whole stripper thing, but he should be happy on his special day
    He’s no longer a kid, he has his life in his hands

  • Angel Arellano

    I feel like harry has rights just like anyone else and it didn’t mean anything harry didn’t even know the stripper was gonna be there!!!!

  • Riel Whittle

    I know he’s human and a boy but I can’t imagine my brother or any of my guy friends doing something like that! Just because he can doesn’t mean he should and that it’s right but I guess it’s not his fault…

  • 1D Sweety

    Ya it wasn’t his idea people. This article left out the picture when he was trying to look away from her. Go back and look through the other one. I LOVE YOU HARRY!!

  • ruby

    Really his a teenager who loves to have fun some directioners take this stuff serious its dumb there human and if you know how boys are then wats tha big deal

  • NiallersAwesomeMoFo

    He’s not a kid anymore…. It’s not like he was having sex or anything! Even if he was, it’s his life, and his decision. It’s not like this is the only thing that “broke” “Directioners” hearts. Remember when Niall called those fans a ‘bunch of cunts’? That broke some “Directioners” Hearts. (I’m putting quotations on Directioners because they were probably directionators, so yeah….) But we all know they’re just messing around and having fun while they can! Me, I’m not offended or heartbroken that he wanted to have some fun. And most of you aren’t, either. So who the hell is?! Their fake fans(directionators)? It’s their life, they can do what they please. x

  • booger

    Wat the crap???

  • Eleanor Calder

    Harry is too young to already have a stipper at his b-day! My sister said F**k that stripper! :) lol Rose i love u sis!

  • gest

    Hes not a kid he can make his own decisions and theirs nothin wrong with having some fun on ur big 19th also its not like they went to beb with each other!!! It was just a boys night out:) I LUV HARRY AND HES A GOOD PERSON!! 1D 4EVER!! G.I DIRECTIONER OUT PEACE:* ♡♥♡♥:D LLN (laugh like niall)

  • Kristen Hunt


  • Sharri montgomery

    Yeah, I the strippers!

  • mrs.horan 12

    No Haz just no! :'(

    • Jill Styles(:❣

      He can hang with strippers… you’re not a true directioner if you care about what he does. sorry bro but its true.

  • Jill Styles(:❣

    This is the most PATHEDIC post ever.. GIVE ME A BREAK. If harry wants to be a sripper I could care less.. and if you were a true directioner you wouldn’t care either.. Ohh.. 1D fans are the best unlike beliebers.. im shocked they havent started a trend #CutForHarry or #CutsForHarry YES he has made some mistakes.. but.. common… Give him a break..

  • stylesisperfection

    Justin bieber not only had strippers in his beauty and a beat music video, but he also grinded on nikki minaj. I see no harm.

    • stylesisperfection

      In what either of them did.

  • Darcy Styles

    Omfg he’s 19 years old!! Let him live!!

  • Jodi Arboleda

    He should have the freedom to do what he want. That is all.

  • Flavia Tepozotlan

    My boyfriend had fun at his birthday
    with a stripper i love him still

  • daniella berrios

    i say that he is fine jeez, i f you were a guy or if you are a guy you would go to a stripper club. be honest! at least one time in your life time you would go to a club! tell the truth, wouldn’t you?

  • 1D&FOOD

    This is the reason i love one direction, cuhs they aint afraid to be themselves, i love one direction no matter what!

  • Directioner_Life


  • jamie

    Wow. Some peoples children, i swear. ” oh no. The man whom is loved by 3,000,000 girls and also iwill never meet him hd fun. We will all of course die of some horrific infection.”

  • Krystal Scott

    he’s a grown man for goodness sake! let him do what he wants!

  • Kerri

    Let him have his fun I’m pretty sur all directioner have watched magicmike. Am I right!?

  • Louis William Tomlinson

    He can do what he wants and I am not heart broken Harry xxx

  • tressa

    Wow come his is 19 for god sake he should be able to live his life and still be a popular teen!

  • Audrey Boleyn

    yes ,, I belive that if your 24 or younger you can go to a club…. but REALLY harry ! your only 19 years old just realax!

  • Victoria McCune

    Honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is. He’s a young man. He won’t be that 16 year old who works in a bakery forever. People need to get that image out of their heads and see him for the adult that he is becoming

  • Louis William Tomlinson

    I love one direction

  • mrs. payne

    I definitely agree wit u

  • 1D_love

    It makes me mad that some fans are getting crazy about it like acting like they own him.. Hes a young lad! He loves all his fans and i think he was just having some fun! I mean its his birthday! Everyone deserves a little fun.. right?

  • Nicyloo

    It’s only fun xx

  • Nicyloo

    It’s jut fun nothing big x

  • lizbeth

    it didnt bother me at all

  • 1D_Forever_<3

    Leave Harry alone jeez. Who cares if he got a stripper? He is human like the rest of us and I bet most of our dads have had a stripper or a lapdance in their lifetime. Not a big deal. No offense to anyone though. Love you 1D!!!! <3 =D

  • AlyssaLoves1D

    Nothing’s wrong with a young man having a great time on his birthday. He was not doing anything wrong!! Not like he was doing drugs or going on some killing spree or something. I’m a directioner and I am not angry ….. Just leave Hazza alone.. We all know he’s a ladies man and if that’s what keeps him happy then let him go ahead

  • kaitlin

    He can do what ever he wants

  • kaitlin


  • Julie

    Hello he is a 19 year old GUY what do you think he’s gonna do…have tee time with grandma NO he’s gonna get wasted and stuff like that its stupid to think otherwise

  • Asheyy_OneDirection

    How can I be heartbroken? :O
    At least I’m smart enough to understand that Harry has his own life and the pictures were from HIS BIRTHDAY party, not the managements -.-
    I really dislike the management. Do this, don’t do that.. Like stfu management, you’re too bossy!
    Me and hopefully other directioners who agree with me. :)

  • Shey

    So let me get this straight, Haz has fans who expect him to play tea party for his 19th birthday? I’ve never come across any of those fans, and i’ve met TONS. Although he didn’t hire the chick, he has the right to be entertained by it. HE’S 19!!! Management needs to understand that none of 1D’s fans expect the boys to be perfect and a squeaky clean image is not what we want. We love these pictures, they’re hilarious.