Directioners Get Creative For Zayn’s 21st Birthday!

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On Sunday, Zayn Malik turned 21! Alongside the many tweets from directioners, some fans wished him “Happy Birthday” in another way…

Last week, the official One Direction Facebook page wrote: “Send Zayn your birthday wishes by spelling out HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAYN in an unusual way! The most creative photos might just make it on this page on Sunday!”

This sounded like an awesome challenge, and straight away, fans from all over the world were preparing to send in their creative photos.

On Monday, One Direction posted: “Zayn had an AMAZING birthday yesterday and loved your creative messages – here were a few of his favourites! 1DHQ x”

Here are ten of the best pictures!

@chels_weath posted this one… It was probably quite messy having to pick out all of the letters one by one. Looks tasty though!


If you’re suffering through a bad winter, you may as well make use of all the snow…


We really wish we could draw like this…


This Photoshop of the boys at the ‘This Is Us’ premiere looks great! It’s one of the biggest events that happened while Zayn was 20!


Birthday popcorn anyone?


Check out the full album of creative birthday messages here!

Which birthday message was your favourite? Comment below!

  • rayya Malik

    Actually evn in google+ there are many directioners who post stuff lyk dis nd evn one direction official accounts are there in google+ , evn i made a white forest for zayns bday…….

    • love 1d most

      From whr do u belong rayya?. .:)

  • I_will_marry_one_direction<3<3

    THEY ARE SO COOL why cant I be creative…goddamnit!! Well it happens to then best of us #firstcomment

  • ♥ mrs 1D ♥

    I made his sketch:( no one counted me in them, btw how did they enter all those pics…?

  • Abigail Directioner55

    That’s awesome!

  • Alessia Enea

    Awesome and ciok

  • Stini2526

    there real cool ways to say happy b-day

  • Adriyenni Garrotee

    Ohhh cool… I didn’t do one but a greeting is enough… :))

  • Mickey Tommo

    I hate not having any other social media:( i would have done somet like that:)

  • <3Niall'sGirl<3

    i like the ZAP one and the one at the premiere those are cool 😀 all of them are great though :)

  • Aya Asem

    21st bday

  • katie_styles

    I don’t think all of them were that creative, though the drawing was really cool

  • Kavya malik

    Uhhh!!! I missed it!!…i dint see that on the page!!…i’m soo stupid!…>_<

  • DarcyX

    I like the top and the bottoms one! C