Directioners Left Furious After Being Tricked By 1D’s Decoy Buses

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A bunch of One Direction’s fans were left disappointed today, after they were tricked in Atlanta.


Australia Bus

The fans were chasing what they thought were One Direction’s tour buses, which you know, we all do.

However, these turned out to actually not be their tour buses, but they were decoy buses instead.

So, this meant that the boys were nowhere to be found on the buses, as it had been organised for some empty buses to be driven around the city.

Why would they do this? Well, obviously the lads wanted a bit of peace and quiet away from their fans.

While the lads were snoozing in their hotel rooms, fans were chasing empty buses to two different hotels… none of which One Direction were actually staying at!

I mean, we can’t blame them. What could be worse than on your day off, you’re surrounded by a load of screaming fans? We’re sure they get that everyday, so no one can refuse them a day off.

Luckily, some fans saw where they were coming from with this, stating that they do need privacy every now and again.

One Twitter user posted: “They just want to relax on their day off without hundreds of fans in front of the hotel, understand their situation before you complain!”

However, as to be expected when a One Direction drama occurs, other fans weren’t so supportive of the idea.

We’re guessing these are the fans that were chasing the buses around like headless chickens. So, who can blame them? we’d be pretty angry too.

Hmm, what do you think of the whole decoy bus situation?

  • Hipsta Jonas

    If I were one of those fans i would laugh a lot haha I think this is funny x) #PUNK’D

    • iloveliam


  • Lynnie Lucas

    Haha I think it’s great! It’s almost like that show…. Punkd? Right? Anyway, I think it’s hilarious that the fans were chasing the busses LOL only to ransack it and find out they weren’t there??? Aww man great stuff. Lol, Louis, Niall, Harry, Liam, and Zayn, you pranksters, you! :)

  • Directioner ∞

    i live near atlanta, i`m so glad i didnt chase the bus . truthly i would laugh so much

  • 1d+5sos=myboys

    omg i live in georgia! hopefully this doesnt happen to me! love the merch though!

  • Tildisen <3

    They really need some privacy. Please directioners, I know it’s hard but try! < 333

  • Banessa Perez

    They really need time off!!
    We need to understand that!!

  • Elizabeth Thomas

    i toats understand, i would want a day off, i mean think about it, if every single day you had fans screaming in your ears 24/7, you would probly go death, sorry, but why dont you just treat the boys like regular people, even though i wouldnt scream in front of celebrities, a, never have seen one personally, and b, im to shy, you guys can sometimes be too all over the boys, yes, they all luv u all dearly, but they have asked if you guys would treat them like regular people, i luv u all though, and so do the boys! <3

  • Guest

    That’s totally fine that they need a break away from fans and stuff..but I’m sure the fans following the bus will kinda be angry or upset!..:P

  • Mrs. Horan

    I think that it was a good idea and they just need a break from fame once and awhile.

  • Karina

    I think that they need some privacy away from everybody. They rarely get breaks, and even when they do, something usually comes up. I think we should give them their time alone, but its not like they dont love us or dont care. They just need breaks every now and then.

  • Stini2526

    they need day off we should give it to them and lol on the bus thing

  • Ania Lynn Prather

    This is soo funny 2 me i would just let my friend chase the bus and call me if its them on there….! i mean imm not gonna run around town like a dumb nut….!

  • 1D lover

    If I were there chasing them and I found out it was a decoy i would laugh because I had been dooped and understand that on their day off they didn’t want people fan girling in their face

  • Michaela

    I have pretty mixed emotions about this. It’s kind of cruel to have decoy buses roaming around letting fans get super excited for nothing. On the other hand, the boys need peace on their day off so I can understand where they’re coming from.

  • Allysa Rae


  • liz

    hahahahaah one of the many reasons im like 1d

  • Grace

    it’s sad knowing that it’s THAT hard for One Direction to just have some time to themselves without mobs of screaming girls around them. if they wanted to be alone, they should have the right to be alone, but if driving decoy buses around town to trick directioners is the only way for that to happen, then (i guess) they really wanted some down time. I would too

  • 0BEY T0 1D

    I would be mad at first, but then I’ll be smart think what One Direction’s bys really does look like.

  • Phillip Yousif

    A true directioner would give them space!!!

  • sara

    I know they need privacy and I completely agree with that, but how often does it happen that ONE DIRECTION is in your city, wouldn’t you go to them? I respect that one direction need privacy and stuff, but to be honest I would go to them , not so loud but just go to them..

  • Kimberly_Crystal

    Seriously tho i mean getting mad about the boys having privacy..gosh people your not only making our fandom look bad but it can also definitely affect the way theboys look at us, their fans. So we all need to take a deep breath and stop being so stubborn!

  • Abigail

    LET THEM HAVE PRIVACY!!!!!! how would u like it if u had fans screaming at u everyday!!! I would probably go deaf!!! (no offence):)

  • Katierandom5

    i would laugh my bum off cause i would have fell for it!!

    sometimes its ok to laugh at yourself.

    and girls, give the guys some peace. they need it.

  • Directioner301

    I completely understand! I mean c’mon directioners! The boys need some time alone, some freakin privacy! They need some time away from the thousands of screaming directioners!

  • Nia malik

    The could’ve still relaxed and just not driven any buses at all

  • NiallHoran<3

    If the boys really wanted privacy, why go out and uncover THEIR secret? Now, directioners are going to know it’s not them. They won’t even bother buying the stuff in it! I think it was messed up to throw them under the bus like that.

  • mac

    I would actually laugh about it. I mean come on. Even famous people need their privacy and some people can’t see that. They’re human too. They have their moments where they just want peace and quiet as we do. Their publicity doesn’t change a thing :) <3 xx

  • Brittany

    Directioners hear me out. The boys need privacy. They like sleep too, just like us. But if you constantly scream at their door or window they won’t perform as good as they usually would. And I think it’s a good thing they did this because we all need sleep and some time to relax. So please let the boys have some relaxing time for themselves.

  • Melanie

    It seriously annoys me so much to hear that Directioners are just screaming and chasing/surrounding them. Just coz they’re famous and amazaynly sexy doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have some privacy and peace/quiet. Also, when fans chase and surround their hotels and stuff, it looks and sounds really scary, exactly like a zombie apocalypse .-. Just think about it…

  • Narane (:

    Lmao. If that was me I’d probably laugh at myself

  • Shivani

    Cmon directioners give them some space they’re tired and need some rest

  • Eliana HarryMou

    i blame them they need some privacy xxx

  • Abby MacDonald

    smart :)