Directioners Threaten To Commit Suicide If One Direction Ever Split Up

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One Direction Girlfriend magazine in Australia

Yesterday, British boyband JLS announced they were splitting up after five successful years as a boyband.

The first found fame by coming second in UK X Factor, behind winner Leona Lewis, so they share a lot in common with One Direction.

Their split news came as a shock to many, as before 1D hit the scene they were classed as the UK’s biggest and best boyband.

So it seems that some Directioners started worrying about the future of their band and took to Twitter to express their concerns, with many worryingly saying they would commit suicide if the boys ever did split.

We seriously hope they’re just throwaway comments. Life is much more important than any boyband.

One said:

“if one direction split up do they realise people would commit suicide and im being dead serious”

Whilst others tweeted:

“@onedirection if you’s ever split up ill actually commit suicide being deadly serious I can not live with out you’s its impossible♡”

“JLS just ended and tbh, it broke my heart and i don’t even like them. just imagine if One Direction would end. OMFG SUICIDE.”

“if one direction split im pretty sure ill be hearing loads of suicide cases”

“if one direction split up do they realise people would commit suicide and im being dead serious”

Fans need not worry for a few years as yet as each member is locked into a very tight contract until at least 2015, bound by Syco, with them all receiving a very large bonus if they stay together till then. Which they will.

We’re pretty sure a new contract will then be signed after that date.




  • Where we are tour :)

    I love 1D with all my heart but I will never think of sudiced if they split up I will be sad but it’s there choose :) #100yearsof1D

    • Nicole Anderson

      I know suicide is crazy

    • Ava Stypayhorlikson

      Ikr… I mean I will be totally heartbroken and prolly cry my eyes out, but ik ill be fine after that.

    • JSRRamsaran

      same here

  • diana

    Seriously i thought we were better than believers but apparently we are on the same level as them or worst no wonder no one likes our fandom!

    • Emily Hernandez

      true but be proud if being a directioner

  • Mimi Deria

    Yea I agree that: ‘Life is much more important than a boyband’ People should not suicide like that will never bring them back together and at least they’re not splitting up till 2015 so Relax Directioners & I love them very very very much and I don’t think it’s a good option to suicide, and Always remember that if you suicide God said ‘You’ll go to hell’ So please don’t for any reason #YOLO #100YearsOf1D #DontWorryBeHappy #NoMoreTalkOfSuicide

    • 1D Sweety

      Just wondering, where does it say that you’ll go to hell?

  • Shonny Renee Malik

    I don’t ever want one direction to split up:( I will cry myself to sleep every night:”(

    • Mimi Deria

      Me Too :'(

  • harrygirl1Dadele

    But let’s face it,if you kill yourself there will be less Directioners to pass on the story of the Greatest Boyband in music history and just for the record Boys will never split up! LONG LIVE ONE DIRECTION! <3 P.S. Directioners,your're all my friends,so please don't ever think of hurting yourself,love you all :)

    • Aleya


      • harrygirl1Dadele

        😀 thanks!

    • Emily Hernandez

      thanks and that is so true just live in the MOMENT

      • harrygirl1Dadele

        anytime,lovely 😀 and yes live in the moment,coz our Boys always say not to be afraid of anything and to go and make our dreams come true,they’re our inspiration and they love us like we love them 😀

    • TheTommoIsAwesome

      AGREE 100%

      • harrygirl1Dadele

        thanks 😀

    • Jenna

      You’re amazing. You all are. Directioners are like my family. Please don’t hurt yourself

      • harrygirl1Dadele

        That is so true,same here!Directioners are like my family,my best friends and it makes me sad to think that some of them might hurt themselves :( P.S. You’re amazing too :) Love ya all!

        • Jenna


  • Ailynnn

    No that is not gonna happen, no worry directioners.

  • Harry Awkward Styles

    It’s really stupid to kill your self just because your favorite band splits, you were fine without them before they came into your life and you will be fine afterwards. There’s no need to think of suicide over things like that.

    • Aleya

      Before they came into my life I had no idols. Really all I had was my sports my family and my friends. But honestly everybody else had someone like JB and a lot of People were Katy Cats and stuff like that but I had nobody and I was barely fine and then they came and I had someone. 5someones. And I’m not sayin ill kill myself or anything. Just putting that out there.

      • Nana Styles

        Me too !!
        #5someones loved it lol

    • Tiana Napolitano

      yeah but before, we didnt even know who they were!! we couldnt predict the future!! but after, we KNEW who they WERE and that would be sad cause life was so good BEFORE they split up!!

  • Jackie Foster

    Woh I would never do that…
    And that is girlfriend magazine from NZ, am I right? :-)

  • ddlf

    #100000000000000000000000000000 years of 1d
    pleeeeeeeeeeeeease don’t split up i’m going to die

  • CaityEveristx0x

    I HAVE THAT MAGAZINE IN THE PIC XD And I wouldn’t commit suicide.. I’d robably cry for like year but I wouldn’t Commit

  • Saima Islam

    I will not suicide but I may cry! :'(

  • Lola Oakes

    I love One Direction but I really love my wonderful life. Think of all the people who would miss those little girls.

    • Emily Bailey

      i love them too but if they split up yeah i would be sad maybe even cry a little but i wouldn’t TAKE MY LIFE because 5 boys split up a band. if this is what we want we should be happy for them and be happy that they will still be friends (i hope) so i am with you on that one (:

  • Lola Oakes

    Also if they split up they technically will be the best boyband of all time next to the Wanted XD GOTCHA JK I hate the Wanted….

  • LouisForLife

    One Direction are the best people that have ever lived and they make my heart heat up when I see pictures of them so imagine what it would be like if I met them

  • Lisanne

    They saved my life! If they weren’t here I would already have done it! So if they quit I will do it..

  • Ziam

    OMG those girls, do you realise if you commite suicide the boys will be so sad , they will want to die too, and even if they spilt up, they will still be alive. I’m directioner with all my heart and I think this is so stupid.

  • Stini2526

    it will be sad but some people are crazy

  • Disha Sukhesh

    if 1D split i would suicide even though my parents won’t let please don’t split up for 4 more years i beg of u………………..
    love u guys especially harry………..

    • daniele velasquez

      I know right

  • Tanisha Battles

    I wouldn’t commit suicide I would just be really really really really really really upset . But we all know that the boys will never split up #100Yearsof1D

  • Guest

    It isn’t funny when so many grirls say ‘i want to kill myself’! My sister really killed herself because she was depressed! They all need help! I just don’t get it…

    • EmmiH

      I’m sorry about your sister. And I agree with you, this is the most stupid thing to joke about or even say!

    • 1D Sweety

      I’m soo sorry, but you’re right. People don’t get that they are a band and that they will be remembered and still in world record books and most importantly, IN OUR HEARTS!! Our lives are temples and we should not knock them down.

      • even though im in love with 1d

        so true are bodies are temples

  • Jack Sean

    I actually don’t want them to be together just because of the contract.i hope they are together because they enjoyed it

    • EmmiH

      And not because some little girls said that they will commit a suicide if they ever broke up. Guys, think about the boys!!!!!

    • Sally

      That’s exactly why that contract always bothered me.

  • Aleya

    K well I really wouldn’t commit scuicide I really really love them and I wouldn’t really have much of a life if they broke up but I wouldn’t kill myself

  • Michaela

    I’m sorry but if you actually even think about committing suicide over a boyband, your either an idiot, desperately trying to get attention, or both. Did you really think One Direction are gonna be together until they’re like 85? No. Suicide isn’t the answer for anything, especially if your just sad about a band splitting up. Grow up people.

    • EmmiH

      The best comment so far!

    • TheTommoIsAwesome

      That us so true

  • Avonleigh Broadhurst

    im gonna cry 4 the rest of my life if 1d ever splits up!

  • Milly Styles

    They are one part of my life and I love them very much.But I never kill me if they split up!!! It can do only crazy and ill guys

  • Sarah Payne

    I hope they never break up there my idols but commuting suicude realy ur life is very important take care of it

  • 1DFandomAdventures

    That kinda puts pressure on them. They don’t want to be responsible for thousands of deaths!

  • Helda

    Harry is not awkward why would name your self that

  • SingerChick

    That puts a lot of pressure on the boys!

  • Guest

    bc one direction is those ho keeps me alive..

  • ur fab ♡

    Bc one direction are those who keeps me alive..

  • Rachel

    I would never EVER commit suicide for 1D, yes, i would be broken for like; ever, but i wouldnt end my life cause i know they wouldnt like that, <3

  • Karen styles

    I honestly think those people freakng stupid

  • Elizabeth Nicole Schwartz-Toml

    Old men 100 yrs old and still singing 😉 x

  • Chassity LaRaye Varnold-Styles

    I Would Never Commit Suicide.. Because Im Not Going To Risk My Life Over A Boy Band… But If They 1D Splits Up I Would Be Depressed And Just Crying My Eyes Out :'( But I Would Never Think That.. They Will Never Split Up! <333

  • Swedish_Mrs.Styles

    I’ll properly take suicide if they break up as a band but not because they broke up, just because I already hate my life and they’re the only thing that’s keeping me going

    • Kelsey

      If you need to talk ill be here feel free to email me
      I would never want someone to feel like they hate their life so please talk to me if you need to

  • Aylin Morelos

    I would probabley be sad for a while but in the end ik ill be that stupid and end up commiting sucide because ik im that stupind v.v Never break up boys never

  • Christina

    I love 1D <3

  • SamanthaWollacott

    I think these people need to grow up. Just because they split up doesnt mean the boys will disappear. There still here and you’ll see them around so suicide it just pathetic.
    They wont ever break up.

  • Koop

    I am obsessed over their music and them but its ridiculous to commit suicide

  • becca

    I love 1D and I REALLY REALLY hope they will NEVER EVER SPILT because there 1D 4 EVER and were directioners 4 ever

  • Sonñet

    I love One Direction so much but if they split i wouldn’t commit suicide. I would cry my eyes out definitely

  • Vaishnavi Lalam

    I think its a bit to extreme to kill ur. self but I can understand why. I would probably cry or something but I’m not going to commit suicide and please dont try if u r one of those peeps.

  • 1D ROCKS

    I’ll be sad i will never kill myself.

  • Liam’s Jessie <3

    I have to say that every boy band goes through this, just enjoy 1D while you still can! I’d much rather have One Direction split after a few years than have no One Direction at all.

  • Mrs. Horan

    thats crazy and the person is right a boyband is not worth ending a life i mean as long as one direction dont commit suicde theni dont think anybody should be thinking about death at all

  • Lauren Obrien


  • 1Directioner<3

    I do really hope that first One Direction dont ever split up and second that if they do nobody actually commits suicide. I understand how strongly people can feel about them and but i hope these are throw away comments <3 I dont have any problems just sometime when im stressed or upset i can listen to their music and watch the video diaries and i automatically cheer up and they really do mean alot to me and their music and them being them has helped me trough some stuff and inunderstand that people have problems that they would want to get awayfrom and that important escape will disappear if our boys ever split up bu i

  • mehnaz mourshed

    I think its a pretty dumb idea to just commit suicide. I love 1d, don’t get me wrong, but is it really reasonable to just kill your self over a boy band? no. but it is a very sad thing. I doubt that there will be suicide. but there will probably be a lot of broken hearts. a better idea would be to do a protest or something that might persuade 1d to get together, and break up when their in their 30’s or 40’s.

  • Sarah H

    I wouldn’t commit suicide, but I would be depressed.
    Am I the only one who thinks it’s ironic that the tweets talked about suicide and they said they were DEAD serious? LOL :)

  • Anthony41D


  • Kylee Odom

    Thats ridiculous I love them and haven’t quite figured out what ill so once they split, but its not suicide. When they say that they’re basically trying to scare the boys into not splitting up.

  • hailey

    I would probably commit suicide… who knows

  • Emily Hernandez

    i love one direction but i wouldn’t commit suicide if they split up but i will cry for days and maybe weeks. BUT WE GOTTA LIVE IN THE MOMENTS

  • Hope Demery

    I wouldnt be able to commit suicide cuz id already be dead

  • Audrey Bencomo

    Ok I LOVE them with all my heart okay but I would not commit suicide. I mean even if they break up the posters will come down the CD’s will be put away all the accounts will be deleted and all the fan fiction magazines and other merch in the attic we will always remember them in our hearts and one day we will switch to a oldies radio station and hear them and start to sob uncontrablly while our children look at us like we belong in a mental hospital. But still always in our hearts forever I love One Direction forever I never knew I would get this attached to a group of people that don’t even know I exsit but it’s all right. They helped me through a lot. :) #100yearsof1D!

  • randi horan

    If they ever split up I would never stop crying. #1DFOREVER

  • disqus_uLWQva9TKL

    I Love One Direction And I Would Be Sad If They Split Up But I Want Ever Kill Myself Just For That !! Thats Crazy !!!

  • Nikki Horan

    I would commit suicide if they did!!!

  • i_AM_miss_tomlinson

    Seriously? Suicide? Stupid people. I’d probably just bawl my eyes out, have nightmares for a while, then get over it and follow Louis on Twitter. 😉

  • Angie malik

    Omg I love one direction with all my heart!! I wouldn’t kill myself but I would cry forever!!! My life would never be the same I hope they last forever :'(

  • loversto1d

    WTF is these people serious i love them to but jeez people suicide they do have lives

  • Julieanna L

    I guess then that it wouldn’t be that great if One Direction would split up. Imagine all of the lives lost just because of that…

  • Angelique Stepanenkov

    Are they frickin crazy!

  • ZaraMalikxoxo

    Please domt split up i would get depressed :(

  • Courtnie Styles

    1D are mylife if.they split it ld have been a waste of years of goin to concert collecting stuff iv spent of 4 thousand pound just onb1D i will have to cry so much it will hurt :( if they split there my life there my world please never split i will never stop crying i love ya alll i cry when i hear a song on t radio i cryed when harry was dating taylor but i cryed cozz i was angrey imagain what i would b like when tuey split ur t biggest boyband ever had you where bigger then jls omg i write tomuch sorry xxxxxxxxxx love u loads boyz

  • Tory Leigh

    Honestly has anyone even noticed that on the last live broadcast thing for The You Generation that the boys were acting a little bit different than usual.. people do realize that there is a breaking point? You can only take so much before you break and they have taken a lot. And these girls who are talking about suicide .. I gurantee that they already have a lot going on. I was suicidal in 2010 but then this boyband came along sitting on some stairs and would make me laugh so hard and then I didn’t have to worry about what was going on.. I got to laugh and have fun when nothing else was going right. They mean so much to me.. I don’t know what I would do..

  • Tiana Napolitano

    but cant the peeps just listen to old albums?? its not that big a deal am i right?? but i would hate it if they split up though!

  • Eve KE Schick

    I’d do ANYTHING for this fandom, because I love everyone of you in this fandom, but listen here, if you commit suicide do you know how your friends would feel, your family would feel, One Direction would feel? I know that if my best friend were to commit suicide over a band I’d be devastated. We’d have a smaller fandom and we wouldn’t be able to stand up for One Direction as good as before, and I hope to god this is just a thing that will pass, because is to fragile to lose.

  • maggie

    This is probably the best fandom I have been in. I belong here. I tried being a belieber, yeah that didnt work out. I absolutely love everyone here. I mean come on guys, its as if I’ve known you all for a long time and consider you family. It would be like losing half of your family, imagine that. True if One Direction did split up, I would be depressed for a long time. It sucks to, because my 5 closest friends were directioners, and now I only have one. How could you just get up and leave your family, your boys? And when I talk about One Direction, they’re like “grow up, you’re going to be a freshman!” Like really? Wow. And just a heads up, dont commit suicide if they did split up. We would be able to get through it together.

  • Peel

    Please don’t slipt up plz I love u guys

  • emily<3's one direction

    hey everyone stop saying u will commite suicide its really stupid and what if ur parents read this think about how that will make them feel.

  • Hannah Lilley

    I’d CRY my heart and eyes out if they ever split!

  • arenee1999

    1D 4-ever

  • Bonnie

    I’m so sorry everybody, but… I can’r help myself but feeling emotional right now. :(
    WHAT IF management is actually controlling them, and everything about them is fake?
    WHAT IF they hate being in One Direction?
    WHAT IF they split up tomorrow, because they hate being famous?
    WHAT IF one of them dies or commits suicide?
    I just.. Well, as these thought race throught my mind, i just want to crawl under my bed and stay there forever, just crying my eyes out. Only the thought of anything like that MIGHT happen, is just awful.
    One Direction changed my life, my personality, my thoughts and who i was. I can’t bare the thought about them splitting up.
    I’m just afraid. Scared of what i might do if they split up. It will ruin me, i probably wont know who i am anymore.
    One Direction IS MY LIFE. What if they split up? Then i don’t have any life? I guess i wont be the same person anymore.

  • Madelyn Williams

    So ture they are cray.

  • Jodi Arboleda

    This is crazy….I cant believe someone would actually risk their life for them if they ever split up…I mean yea, I would be pretty upset but I wouldn’t commit suicide!! Please don’t even think about committing suicide! You’re too valuable.

  • Hollie Horan Reville

    If u had the guts i would commit suicide but i dont have the guts and they will last a long time together anyway

  • Sarah Horan

    I love one direction they are my everything I really don’t know what I do with out 1D this reminds me of the Beatles all over again I love the Beatles too but I love one direction more I have not even got to meet them it sad what happen to JLS

  • ℓαѕт ƒιяѕт кιѕѕ ♥

    welp i would do anything for them because they’ve done sooo much for us and maybe one day its time for us to pay them back

  • Guest

    i love all of them . i wish see them and they love gooooood wishes

    • kamelia malik

      yes,these are my wishes too

  • lilly

    yeah i agree, suicide is crazy

  • Princess Samantha Gibson

    I would cry and cry and cry if they split up but i won’t kill my self over it, but ill cry for like a week

  • Louis Tomlinson

    I WILL COMMIT SUICIDE IF 1D WILL SPLIT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Darcy Styles

    I luv 1d, but kill yourself ovr them? HELL NO.

  • Kira

    if one direction DID split up, then I would be so sad about it. but I wouldnt commit suicide. thats too much over a boyband. I would just think about the present now, and worry about the future later when it comes.

  • feefee :)

    no point in living if there is no one direction

  • ellie thwaites

    i love 1d u dint no wat id do realy they sound awesome together

  • melanie turner

    i love 1D and i will always will! but i wouldn’t threaten them or sudiced if they would ever split up!!!!!

  • Emily Bailey

    it would really hurt if the split up. i have been a fan of all of them ever sense they aduditioned (as soloists) and now i am obsessed with them and if they split my heart would split with them. ):

  • Jeelypelly

    I will kill myself if they split up

  • Jenna

    Suicide is never the answer. One direction is more than amazing, and yes i would be sad if they split up. I honestly dont think they will, though, until they cannot perform anymore. Fellow directioners, think about how many positive memories you could spread about the boys. If you commit suicide, you wont just hurt yourself, you will hurt your family, friends, and especially the boys. Dont do it.

  • Sophie Christina

    But maybe some are still alive only because of 1D?

  • ♡angelika♡

    This makes me sad because Zayn actually left and the things people said about commiting suicide, they weren’t kidding, up until today over 2,000 people have taken away their life’s because they felt that they had no reason to keep living. Just imagine if only for a few days after Zayn left and 2,000 people commited suicide… How many more people will do it.