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  • violeta

    oj bajatic taylor kaka

  • violeta

    good nahomi

  • violeta

    taylor swift is eagly and fat

  • violeta

    one direction are the best of the world

  • violeta

    taylor swift is idiot

  • violeta

    taylor swift is maidservant

  • violeta

    they the best

  • violeta

    this is taylor swift
    beautiful yeah

  • violeta

    good taylor

  • violeta

    we hate you taylor swift sandwich

  • violeta


  • violeta

    tajlllori pule e praisht

  • violeta

    xhan e romane

  • violeta

    sheqeri one direction

  • violeta

    krypi tajllori

  • HotsForLouis

    OMG I love this pic

  • love

    I am bored


    honestly they are mine i love them alot then my life i’ve never seen them live and like zayn malik i’m also a muslim i love them alooooooooootttttttttttttttttttttt i want to give them a kiss muuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh love 1D

  • joanna

    love you harry styles

  • Mina

    recently it is not working for me and my friends

  • Jessie

    The app login page won’t come up so I can’t log in fix this mess it’s almost a month now I am really upset

  • ariza khan

    hey guyzzzz me new over here can smone help me with the site

  • http://www.onedirection.net MERZI <3 HARRY STLES

    if urs is zayn malik mine I LOVE U HARRY

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    Hi I’m on YouTube check out my Videos :)

  • fatima.1d

    1d means life….believe……….love…….

  • SARA


  • SARA

    I love you boys so much win I look at Louis feel werd I love Louis so hot and harry to

  • keyshaqq17

    you harry styles i love you so much..

  • donnieo7357

    lol xD

  • Katie

    Can you pls fix the app. Whenever I try to do quizzes or go to chat rooms/messenger, it never let’s me on. PLEASE FIX!!!!

  • Cheyenne Horan

    Guys don’t hate Zayn his a nice guy

  • Boody Sherif

    hi guys why did zayn malik leave the nice band