Dog Direction: 1D Get All Cuddly With Some Dogs!

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Back in March the lads did something super cute and invited puppies on stage with them during a performance in the USA, with fans going into an overdrive of adorable overwhelmingness.

So it is no surprise that Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn have become infatuated with puppy love, because they have recently posed up with labrador puppies on the November/December cover of Wonderland Magazine.

The shoot is inspired by a 1970’s look, with each of the lads donning coloured knitwear jumpers over matching striped button up shirts underneath.

Far out, they definitely aren’t winning any fashion awards with this shoot!

The cover features all of them on the front, with individual photos showing up in the magazine itself.

Speaking to the publication, the boys said they don’t like to fit a predetermined mould that other boy bands have done in the past and prefer to be fun, immature, stupid and quirky. Having a photoshoot wearing multi-coloured jumpers, sitting on stools with puppies in hand – is certainly quirky!

Those puppies don’t know how lucky they are!

It is features like this that have helped One Direction amass a £100 million fortune in the short space of just 2 years, with the lads set to make even more money once the second album and second, much larger tour, kicks off next year!

Who looks the cutest? And which member of 1D looks the cutest too?