Ed Sheeran Writes Follow-Up To ‘Moments’ – For Next Single!

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Moments is just an amazing song, and one of our favourites from ‘Up All Night’. Now Ed has been talking with MTV News about the new songs he has been writing for 1D’s new album ‘Take Me Home’.

Ginger Ed said:

“The two songs that I wrote for 1D’s album are, they’re the same subject matter as the last song I wrote for the last album ’cause they’re from the same batch of songs. They’re both about my ex girlfriend.”

Going deeper into things whilst still being slightly secretive, Ed hinted that one song he wrote may possibly end up being released after ‘Live While We’re Young’, saying:

“One of them is kind of a getting-back together song. One of them is an appreciation song. I can’t say the titles. The song that I think will be the single, one of the singles, is a very kind of sweet song.”

Ed might have his hands tied from saying too much – and with last weeks leak that resulted in 1D bringing the radio play date of LWWY forward, he has to be careful how much he says.

He added:

“It was wrote about the best things about someone, kind of like the things you wouldn’t expect. You’ll have to hear it. I can’t really say too much because it’s their album, I want them to be the first ones to announce it and stuff.”

Ed and 1D – perfect!