EXCLUSIVE: Zayn Malik Marries Perrie Edwards In Secret Wedding Ceremony!

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Zayn and Perrie get married!

Directioners, Zayn Malik proposed to and married Perrie Edwards in the space of 8 unbelievable hours yesterday, shortly before One Direction arrived in Liverpool to perform at the Echo Arena.

Zayn and Perrie had apparently been discussing marriage for the last 2 months, and on Sunday March 31st at 12pm, Bradford-bad-boy Zayn popped the question to a delighted Perrie.

Pausing briefly before saying “YES!”, the pair then agreed they didn’t want to wait any longer, and drove to the traditional Scottish wedding village Gretna Green to take their vows.

The ceremony was over in approximately 30 minutes, and we managed to speak to the registrar, who said:

“Mr Zayn Javadd Malik and Miss Perrie Louise Edwards turned up and asked to be married. We had no idea who they were until rumours quickly spread. By the end of the ceremony around 30 fans had turned up to greet the newly wedded couple.”

Perrie has now taken on Zayn’s name and is due to send off the required documents today, before she can legally become known as Perrie Malik.

A spokesman for One Direction said:

“It’s true. Zayn and Perrie eloped to Gretna Green yesterday and are now officially married. This will not affect the future of either One Direction and Little Mix, and as far as we’re concerned it’s business as normal.”

Fans took to Twitter afterwards to tweet their congratulations, including the hashtag #HappyWeddingZaynAndPerrie.

We admit we’re shocked at the news but wish the newly wedded couple a blissful future together. As long as the marriage doesn’t force Zayn to choose between 1D and Perrie we’re more than happy.

Before the concert last night, Zayn tweeted the following, however quickly deleted it afterwards due to management wanting to make an official announcement later today:

“I’m the happiest man alive! Perrie said yes!!! We now want FOUR BABIES!!! x x x”

Zayn's marriage tweet

What do you all think of the news?

[UPDATE: April 2nd, 7am.  What date was it yesterday?  Lol. Reading through the comments most of you guessed it was an April Fool straight away. Sorry!]


  • MASHAL Malik

    April fool haha…….

  • Madison Horan

    Shut up!! or ill trun you into a cookie and make niall eat you!!!

  • http://twitter.com/1Dismything17 natalie hilario

    i almost died because i love him and i would have cried for years

  • http://twitter.com/1Dismything17 natalie hilario

    stupid april fools day

  • Taylor

    I feel stupid now……

  • Aylin Morelos

    i think i had a heart attack

  • Megan<31D

    although its a prank rumor has it he still proposed

  • Megan<31D

    but they really got me…they had me going….stupid april fools day!!

  • aj

    What kind of sick joke was that I almost cried :( hate zerrie

  • kennedy

    i am breaking down to pecies this is a prank

  • http://twitter.com/Luv_u_15 Jahnya

    wtf when did that happen Im just hearing bout this lol congrats

  • bajro

    mrs u picku materinu ak se ozenio

  • bajro

    mrs vam sve govna jedna

  • Shahd

    April fool and if that was right I hope for you to be happy all your life

  • Guest

    Was this real??? I’m confused.

  • ahrayal young


  • Maddie diorio

    From what I heard the other Boys in 1D a jellies cut it out louie Harry niell and Liam

  • Maddie diorio

    Is this bad or a jolk