Fan Questions for Harry

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TOTP Mag fans asked Harry a couple of questions this month, and here they are:

Who would you pick if you were on  a desert island and could only take two people with you?

These are hard questions! I think I’d take Bear Grylls because he’s a survival expert who could  help get me out, and David Attenborough because his voice would calm me down and he could explain everything to me.

What’s the best thing a girl has ever done for you?

You know they’ve all been very selfish… I’m joking! I used to work in a bakery and started at 5am in the morning on a Saturday and finished at 4pm. It was pretty tough. A girl from work covered my shifts so I could go to the X Factor auditions. I’m glad she did!

If you didn’t get chance to buy July’s edition of TOTP Mag, here’s another question that was posed to the boys, and answered by Harry & Zayn:

Did recording the album in Los Angeles mean you were partying with lots of plastic girls with fake boobs?

Harry: Ha-ha! I wouldn’t know about fake boobs – I haven’t really been looking to be honest! And we’ve been way too busy working to even think about partying. During the time we have off, we’ve just been taking it easy, lying by the pool.

Zayn: Being in LA is such a different lifestyle. It’s really fast paced. I mean, the furthest place I’d every been before The X-Factor was Birmingham. It kind of amazes me how much everyone is into fitness here. Even at midnight, or like at 1am in the morning, there are loads of people still in the gym – it’s crazy!

Photos courtesy of Top of the Pops magazine.

  • natalie

    Are you ever coming to Leeds to do a CD signing? Please do(: x

  • Lilz

    What is your favourite colour? xx

  • Briana Elizabeth Somers

    Would u date a 12 year old?