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Getting married to One Direction

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              Ok, so, to all those girls that say they are gonna get married to One Direction: SHUT THE F**K UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its never gonna happen!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!! I always get super pissed when someone has a screen name like Mrs. styles or Nialls wife. Dude, do you SERIOUSLY THINK that's EVER gonna happen?!?!?!?!? I mean, I understand that you are expressing your love for them and everything but still. Why would they ever marry YOU?!?!? Out of all the people in the world, why you? Me being the dream crusher I am I'm gonna say this: Most of the girls out there with the stupid usernames haven't even seen One Direction in concert and probably never will! Plus when the boys see the screen names, in their head they probably think coo coo chick and are probably laughing at you for saying that. And A LOT of girls have that screen name so they get annoyed. Its creepy too. I would be totally creeped out if someone came up to me and said "I wanna be your other half" WTF?!?! Also, when those rumors are going around about the boys marrying their girlfriends, all the Directioners turn into Directionators! They hate on the girlfriends! They are all like " NO DANIELLE!!!!!! LIAMS MINE!!!!" Chill the f**k out!!! If you are a true Directioner, you wouldn't hate on Danielle or Eleanor, or Perrie! They are part of the family too. So shut your face haters!

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