Get Your Hands On A One Direction Onesie! Ebay Extravaganza

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Harry Styles onesie

Zayn returned to Twitter yesterday to let us all know about a cool OnePiece auction that’s taking place on Ebay.

He first tweeted:

“Hey guys look at this, Behind the scenes video of our design session with the original onesie ! @OnePiece – :) x”

And then followed that up with:

“I made this 😉 & @OnePiece are auctioning off the handy work for charity! #onepiece2work”

The video above goes ‘behind-the-scenes’ during the creation of the awesome 1D onesies last year. What a cracking day that would have been. Oh to be a fly-on-the-wall :)

OnePiece are auctioning off all the onesies on ebay, with each of the onesies featuring handprints from the lads.

Liam Payne onesie

One Direction onesie anyone?

Zayn Malik onesie

You can view the 1D Ebay auction here and at time of writing they were currently going for $2,475!

We reckon that might jump a bit over this weekend :)

Which of our readers have got their own onesie? Let us know by leaving your comments below…

  • Gg

    I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ali Styles

    i really want one

  • Stini2526

    wow thats alot $ but i want one

    • 1d_sister


    • LUV 1D

      IKR !!! Bt I will LUV 2 hve 1

    • Alana loves Sophia

      Probs cuz they all got touched by One Direction

  • 1d_sister

    i seriously want one!!!!
    but dudes! the price!!!! ;P

  • Marlijn de Vries

    i buy the one direction onepiece on the site there it was 126 dollar 😛

    • Stephanie

      U didn’t get one that was really touched by them though

  • Olivia Jones

    They look really hot in those onepeices I want one!!!!!!

  • chloe 1D lover

    i love onesie and the boys!maybe gonna buy one soon!



  • FollowMeLZLNH

    I would really want one but if my parents saw about $3000 they would just plainly kill/yell at me

  • Darcy stylessss


  • Sarah

    Haha! What ever they do is lovely and creative<3love these lads:-*

  • jamie

    I just had a birthday…. NOOOOOooooooo!!! I need one! Omfgvqisbficfsdjesidgfvzjxccbbzjzkbggfbdgosnhhjhkdd!

  • malisian

    i have a t-chirt for one direction and now ineed that

  • booger

    Thatz so cool.


    I want a one direction Onesie were do I get one? SOMEONE PLZ HELP!!!!!


    $159 My god why do i have to be so poor i want it!!!

  • Sharri montgomery

    $ 5,612 To get a onesie made by the boys *frown* Looks like I gotta go rob a bank(JUST KIDDING)

  • Alexa♥s1D

    I can get my niebor to make me one thatt says “Alexa Loves One Direction”with a heart or somthing. What do you want on yours? Suscribe please! Please Folllowwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! ,,!!!!!!!!!!,!,,,,♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥~~~~~~~~~~~·:D

  • megan horan

    I totally want nialls but it will probobly be too big cuz im only eleven this month

  • carolina munayer


  • sarah

    My parents would behead me if i asked for that.

  • Darcy Styles

    Damn thats a lot of $$ but i still want one!!!!

  • Tiffany

    It is so cheap !

  • Michelle Direction

    Looking good

  • Nikki_forever

    Mom do u have a few thousand dollars I could borrow ??

  • Tiana Napolitano

    WOW thats so much money but i want one for my birthday!!

  • Ishita

    I really want one but can’t get it
    1.because of my parents
    2. The amount
    Reply back if u also can’t get it

  • mimi deria

    Uuuuggghhh! .. OMG! .. $2,475 Wooow! ….. My parents will kill me if i asked for that .. But I really want it soo badly! :@

  • Kayleigh loves 1D


  • xo_nora_xo

    already ordered mine cant wait to get it :)

  • Aime

    Discount.? Lol

  • zahra khanum

    OMG I want one gonna go to ma mum and ask

  • zahra khanum

    It’s so expensive I really need to work and go !!!

  • Mrs.Horan

    I think that somebody is really going to pay that much but its probably going to be a 30 something year old billionare