Gorgeous Pics Of 1D On The Bert Show + Listen To The Full Interview

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One Direction recently gave a hilarious interview on The Bert Show, a popular show on WQ100, an Atlanta radio station.

The boys talk about which actors they’d like to play them in a movie, who the hardest working ones on tour are, their best fan experiences, worst paparazzi and more.

Oh yeh, and you get to hear their BEST American accent impressions :)

Listen below… (there’s no video so it’s just a blank grey screen)

Possibly even better than that are these bunch of gorgeous 1D pics. We’ll start things off with Harry looking QUIFFTASTIC.

Harry Styles on The Bert Show

Here’s Daddy Directioner looking FIIINE and we think he’s NAILED his haircut right now.

Liam Payne on The Bert Show

Enter Louis, looking a little tired though, waddya reckon? Bit of a tache going on there too eh Lou?

Louis Tomlinson on The Bert Show

It’s Niall time! Big smiles all round for the blonde Irish stunner.

Niall Horan on The Bert Show

Check out all the boys together, with Niall and Harry rocking the vests while Louis and Zayn go for the cap look.

One Direction on The Bert Show

Whatcha looking up to the heavens for Lou? Have you let out a bit of wind?

1D on The Bert Show

Last but not least it’s luvverly Zayn Malik, quite possibly the most beautiful boy in the whole wide world.

Zayn Malik on The Bert Show

Simply gorgeous, the lot of them. Photos from The Bert Show.

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  • #1 Directioner

    Cant love anyone more than 1D!! ♥♥♥ Theyre funny, and everything, wanna hear their american accents :D=) Would be sexyyy :)

  • Alyssa Styles

    Ok what I think is so stupid is everyone giving that Krysten girl hate! Just shut up! Every one flirts with the boys you can’t blame them! So just leave the poor girl alone!

    • FabulousNails

      The flirting was so harmless as well. This fandom turns to mean far too easely.
      I will enjoy the fun interview and the nice comments she made about the boys and their concert (that was far more meaningful IMO) and try to forget how horrible this fandom can be. But some fan comments I read on twitter reminds me why this fandom is so looked down upon sadly…

      • Alyssa Styles

        Ikr! It’s just so mean and bogus! It was nothing! And off y’all think you could get his attention like that your wrong! Just stop with all this! It’s pointless and stupid! If all if you were real directioners you wouldn’t care! All you guys did was ruin another interview and what your saying us they boys can’t talk to no one!

    • 5secondsof1d

      ikr! thank you for saying that its so annoying! every directioner girl knows she would be doing the same thing around the 1d boys!

  • Alyssa Styles

    But I loved the interview!

  • #1liamlover

    I love the interview it was AMAZAYN, loved the pics too, and u r looking good liam, lol

  • aseel sawalha

    Look at Zayn he is sooooooo cute

  • Stini2526

    it was good funny love it and pic

  • Directioner ∞

    they’re country sterotypes are to funny xD

    • Karlzz1D

      Lol! I know. I mean, we don’t all marry our cousins down here.. c;

  • Lynnie Lucas

    Wow. I mean, wow. I can’t! I just,
    I just cant. They’re so freaking beautiful! Lou looking amazing as always. :)))))

  • Eliana HarryMou

    they are amaZAYN

  • Karlzz1D

    Okay, I barely even noticed the flirting. For real, we (us Directioners) need to calm down && stop over thinking everything. Of course there’s going to be some flirting. Who WOULDN’T be flirting with 5 FREAKING ATTRACTIVE guys, let alone One Direction?! I would in a heart beat! She got the opportunity to meet them && that’s how she reacted. She’s a radio talk show host. It’s alright. On the other hand, that was PERFECT! Harry said “I think my first kiss was down here. She was a cousin, but tough times.” in the Nashville concert I went to! ASDFGHJKL dying. Also, Liam kept saying the Marty Huggins thing at the concert as well. Fangirling even more now! c:

  • 5secondsof1d

    omg they look so tan and ahh! i just cant !someone hold me back! before i have to go thru the screen and jump on them!

  • Chassity LaRaye Varnold-Styles


  • Eve KE Schick

    “Its a mouse, Bring the broom.” haha love them

  • Megan Payne <3

    “She was a cousin, but, tough times.” Hahahah oh Harold :)

    • I_will_marry_one_direction<3<3

      are u whoo i think u are

      • Megan Payne <3

        Well idk, who do you think I am?
        (You only want to see me breaking, you only want me when I’m taken!) haha sorry I had to. But yeah, idk who you think I am. Sorry.

        • I_will_marry_one_direction<3<3

          Ha LOL wait but do u live in australia Uk or USA

          • Megan Payne <3

            I live in the US. And even if I’m not who u think I am, it’s okay bc we’re still sisters in this fandom (:

  • lilly

    they all look hot!!!!