Harry And Kara Romance Is NOT Serious Says Friend

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Close-up of Kara Rose Marshall

Last week we told you about Harry’s latest romance with British model Kara Rose Marshall.

Everything was looking to be going well with the pair and it seemed quite serious.

But according to a friend of Kara’s ex, it is only a fling and a bit of fun for the pair.

So you can calm down Directioners, it’s safe Harry isn’t totally loved up again just yet.

The source said: “Harry and Kara are definitely hooking up, and people aren’t happy about it.”

They continued: “Kara met Harry through her ex-boyfriend and now it’s put their mutual friends in an awkward position,

He was warned to stay away from her, but clearly didn’t listen.

“It’s not a serious romance. She still loves her ex boyfriend, who she was with for years, Harry’s just a bit of fun.”

Well if she still loves her ex, she’s got a funny way of showing it.

Ahh well, we’re glad Harry’s not jumping into a serious relationship again just yet. That is of course if all this is true, it may just be made up by Kara’s ex to try and split her and Harry up.

Who knows?

What do you think? Are Harry and Kara serious?


  • Ruchi

    Thank goodness for that!

  • Lauren VanDrunen

    Why can’t the boys even just hang out with a female without her suddenly being his girlfriend. They can have friends of the opposite gender!

    • 1Darepotatoes

      I totally agree with that

    • Alannah

      Completely agree! it’s like every girl they step out with is his new girlfriend! next thing you know, harry will step out with his sis Gemma and reports will say their dating! its insane

    • σℓινιå ħєɾиåиđєz

      I agree!

    • Michaela Butler

      Totally agree. I mean it feels like its gotten to the point where you see one of them with a girl shopping at the Apple store and POOF they’re married.

    • Mrs styles ❤

      100 % right this might be stop tje rumors i guess untill the boys sat themselves

    • hafsa mohd

      i agree tooo

  • Leeyuum’sGirl❤

    Where are all these sources coming from gosh she could be just a friend!

  • Ailynnn

    I don’t think so but if Harry’s happy with her. I’m happy for him.

  • Lani

    Ugh news these days sound like a load of BS…

  • harrygirl1Dadele

    I don’t like the fact that Harry is always “just a bit of fun” for someone….he’s a real person with feelings not a toy X(

    • Suheda

      i know right :(

  • Mya

    I think that why would he hook them up just to split them apart and she will come running back to her ex boyfriend. No they are not serious

  • Guest

    Hmm they sure share cloth

  • Hazza’sTongue

    Hmm they sure share cloth ^_^

    • Michaela Butler

      These pictures make me sad

    • Suheda


    • FabulousNails

      I don’t know if the second shirt is really the same, it seems to be the same model in her size and not too big on her (unlike the 1st one).
      And he needs to get back that 1st shirt: I loved it on him!

      You know, 2 T shirts don’t make a relationship. They were seen together for maybe 3 days because she had come to see Lou… It takes more for a relationship to exist IMO.
      I think Harry constantly gets linked to girls, and it’s untrue in most cases, so I am not juping to conclusions.
      And if he is with her, I hope they are happy for however long that lasts (his current life on tour is really not relationship-friendly IMO, so…).

      BTW: never believe anonymous sources, insiders and unnamed friends: it’s like a code for BS sources IMO :)

  • Ana Chirardello

    You know things get serious if Harry admits it so naaa I don’t think it’s serious but I’ll be totally fine about it if they had a thing.

  • Nialler4ever

    I figured it wasn’t serious. Just Harry living while he’s young :)

  • σиє ∂ιяє¢тισи fσя ∞

    Well I mean they have been seen wearing the same shirt, and with Taylor she was seen wearing the exact same necklace as Harry, and they dated for a while so maybe they will get together??

    P.S thought that pic was funny ⬇

  • Directioner301

    Why is it that when the boys are just friends with a girl, they just suddenly think it’s a girlfriend? It makes no since! Give them a brake!

  • Ya$hika

    #stupid, her ex is #stupid

  • Stephanie Ann Mixerectioner

    It’s not a serious romance. She still loves her ex boyfriend, who she was with for years, Harry’s just a bit of fun.”


  • Abigail

    Just cause one of them hang out with a girl they think they r dating!?!?!
    I hang out with this boy and we r not dating! Just cause Harry or the other boys hang out with a girl doesn’t mean they r dating!

    What if Harry and his sis hang out it doesn’t mean they r dating!!!!!!

  • Gabi

    They are probably only friends, they are just automatically linked together by magazines and paparazzi. But she is really pretty:)

  • vivien

    i hope its not serious…

  • Landie

    Harry I love jou