Is Harry Getting Ready To Introduce Kendall To His Mother?

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Of course you want to read yet another Hendall story. So, here it is…


It wasn’t so long ago we heard that Kendall had took Harry to meet her family, and now it seems Hazza’s getting ready to do the same.

At the time, a source said: “Things are definitely getting serious,”

“After seeing in the New Year skiing together in Mammoth, California, they returned to L.A, where Kendall took Harry home for dinner for the first time.”

We heard how nervous Harry was about the meeting, as the source continued: “He’d met some of her family before, but only briefly. This was different. He was incredibly nervous as he wanted to make a good impression.”

But now, it seems that Kendall was just as worried about introducing Harry to her pretty crazy family, in fear that something would go wrong. A source has said: “Her family can be a little wild – especially her mum – so she was worried they’d do something to embarrass her. But they were on their best behaviour.”


Since all of that went so smoothly and Kendall’s family seem to love Hazza (who wouldn’t?), he wants his family to love Kendall just as much!

According to a source, Harry is getting prepared to introduce Kendall to the most important person in his life, his mother Anne.

The insider said: “It made Harry realise he wants Kendall to meet his mum and show how important she is to him.

“Harry is hesitant about who he brings home because he’s so close to Anne and her opinion matters to him.”

Well, it looks like things are definitely quite serious between the two.

BUT, we still haven’t had any confirmation of the relationship so who knows!

  • Rajileena Harshel

    Nooooo…I really wish this won’t happen…I don’t like Kendall NOOO harry should date a fan nd not a celebritiy…anyway the source(s) r mostly rumours so i just wish… nothin serious

    • jana malik

      Yeah! He should date a directioner ’cause i know they REALLY love him and thye would feel the same like us.I wish he date in 3-5 years a Harry girl *-*

      • Mariah Martinez

        You guys should be happy for Harry not jealous of who he is dating he can date a fan or celebrity he just happens to date a celebrity model. If you are real directioners you would be happy for him

        • Rajileena Harshel

          Jealous?? Y?? I just want him to date a fan like Lou…well v r happy…but it is just tat he shldnt be heartbroken later tats it… Kendall is definitely using harry…for their show nd nothing else!!

        • Brianna<31D5SOS

          Of course were going to be jealous on whoever any of the boys date wishing it were us instead of them ok that’s never going to change but obviously most of us think she’s not the right person for him. Could she turn out to be really nice and be the perfect girl for Harry ? Yes she could, and there’s a chance that she’s completely wrong for harry too we don’t know. Course were happy for him but that will NEVER change the fact that deep down inside we all wish that it were us cause like I said that’s never going to change ! Its just some of us wish that one of there girlfriends (like Louis and el) would be a normal girl ! why ? cause it gives us hope that maybe us fans do have a chance with them cause right now it doesn’t seem like it. Sorry to jump in but I had to say it

          • jana malik

            Thats true!!! x

          • Brianna<31D5SOS

            Exactly ! I thought I’d get soo much hate for saying this but it’s just what I think

        • jana malik

          But she is not the good girl for him!kara would be fine or jennifer.

    • zoe is a directioner


    • Belu Ki

      i agree !!! i dont remember did he show Taylor to her mom too ?

      • Rajileena Harshel

        No he didn’t…nd tat means it wasn’t a serious stuff…but this… I mean Kendall might be Gud but wat if shez using him for their show tats wat I hate coz if she does Tat means she dosnt luv him…nd we want is harry to be happy I agree but wat if after de show Kendall just leaves him??? He will b heartbroken…

        • Belu Ki


      • Laila Grace Horan

        yes he did

    • PuertoRicanDirectioner

      RIGHT!!! Shes not the right person for him!!

      • Mariah Martinez

        But how do you know? You don’t know the real Kendall Jenner she might be really nice. Harry knows the real her and if he is putting up with her he might really like her. That’s all I’m saying you don’t know and I don’t know but she might be sweet and not using him and he said he first want to be on their show so why is she still hanging on to him?

  • kamelia malik

    i wish HAYLOR backs

    • Rajileena Harshel

      No plzz…I guess hendall is better than tat…

  • Grace

    Ok…so I watched the kendall episode of Chelsea lately, and as much as I want to believe they aren’t dating, it looks like they are, based on kendall s body language. Now being an intense directioner that I am, I love every single one of the boys, but I’m not gonna sugar coat it when they’re in a problem. Kendall: have some class, dude. Don’t be so caught up in yourself that you have to use everybody and lose your self-respect. Harry: open your eyes! Can’t you see that when you do this, we all go through pain? This obviously isn’t true love with her, so why continue any further? Please no hate guys I just needed to get that out.

    • Jaden D.

      I know exactly how you feel……

    • Camila Bazan

      I feel like this is all a publicity stunt. I think it was all created by kris and management. it all looks fake and people should stop photoshopping and saying its real to “outdumb” directioners. well we don’t believe any of the bullsh** . when they were “skiing” why were harrys goggles with the same reflection? there were a lot of pictures and harrys goggles had the same reflection in every single one of them. really? youre not fooling anyone. if her mom is going to bring fame for them why doesn’t she do it by herself. why does she need her daughters? because she wont get publicity. why are they even models? there are little girls who look up to them and say “I wanna be like them” and they starve themselves and put on a 10-pound makeup. most girls don’t even have that body. and they ask why we feel bad? well personally ME next to one of them I look like an alien.pretty only lasts for a while. then where will they be. if they only had pretty by their side and nothing else except their “mommy”. sometime in the future their mom wont be there. I think “Hendall” is as FAKE as the wanted’s bandname. I feel you.

      • Grace

        Wow…that was so incredibly wise and mature of you to say that. I applaud you!! I tell myself that every day, after all he is harry styles! I know I gotta have faith in him that he’s gonna do the right thing. It’s just making me so angry that he and the boys aren’t saying anything, and the public is just egging it on

      • isabelle schueler


    • isabelle schueler

      I agree! Honestly, they’ll probably break up soon. (I’m a bit of a pessimist sometimes)

  • Anonymously Harry

    Well more Hendall. I just wish Harry could confirm it because i really don’t know if it’s managment anymore. It’s just really annoying me now

  • Shivi luvs 1d

    Awwww harrys such a mommas boy

  • lillygrantxx

    I don’t like Kendall but to be honest if people are serious directioners tHey would be happy that Harry is happy and that is all that matters he is happy so people shouldn’t judge his decision but respect it! X

  • Skyla

    My heart just broke and now I’m crying in school

  • cj


    • Ahana Ogle

      No i will be!

      • cj

        Well i guess we all will be :)

  • Adriyenni Garrotee

    Hmm.. That’s interesting… Not bad for me… :)) I’m fine with it.. I hope everyone is too

  • Niknaz Mvn

    I dont believe any of these sh*ts 😐 how do they know what harry is planing to do ?? Do you have telepathy or something ???

    • 1DFan

      Exactly!!! Nobody has interviewed Harry about this situation. I don’t believe anything till he confirms jt

  • swiftdirection

    How do we know this insider is really an insider

  • Brianna<31D5SOS

    Honestly I don’t know what to believe anymore. . . . anyone else ?

  • ⓜ ⓘ ⓛ ⓔ ⓨ

    I love Kendall but im just worried about her mom……

  • katie_styles

    Okay I’m done with this Kendall shiz. Ice cream anyone?

  • Erica Perrone

    they dont even kiss what a fail from management!

  • Priscilla Morales

    I actually ship or would ship this relationship if it is ever confirmed. Kendall isn’t like the rest of the Kardashians she is very down to earth and humble. I watch Keeping up with the Kardashians and the episodes in which she comes out in, she is always very nice. She is beautiful and I honestly believe her and harry would be good for each other. This is just my opinion of the whole hendall thing.

    • <3Niall'sGirl<3

      to me she SEEMS like a nice girl and she’s obviously gorgeous but most directioners are worried about her Mother pushing Kendall into using Harry to up the ratings on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”

  • <3Niall'sGirl<3

    With all this Hendall drama i am so glad there is nothing on Niall and Barbara… i don’t think i could handle it.. 0.o

  • Malin

    Since Harry ‘appearently’ said she was one of the most boring persons he’d ever met, I believe he only dates her becuz she’s “superhot!” as he said. I love Harry, but can be a real jerk. Fame gets to his head sometimes. Sorry.

  • ramya

    noooooooooo i wish this doesnt happen

  • jimena


  • ♥ mrs 1D ♥

    “this thing is getting serious” do hell with it……….
    we r so tired of this hendall drama………………
    plz change the topic someone i the management

  • Shanna Farrugia

    Okay so I am a Directioner and in my opinion I would say if Harry’s happy, then I’m happy. I mean he isn’t a 12 year old any more ! He is almost 20 and he can make his own decisions now. I am still not sure about Hendall but I guess we’ll just have to put up with it. Honestly I’m tired of crying and feeling like complete sh*t just because Harry is dating someone…I guess it really hurts but I just don’t care any more. Now don’t get me wrong I love him more than anything but…..I don’t even know. Good luck to them I guess…</3

  • a_styles

    I agree with all of u she is not right for him, he should just leave her and spend time with his family that haven’t seen him for a long time

  • Riiaa Horan

    Harry aren’t you taking this a bit too fast?.

  • Camila Bazan

    to be honest I didn’t know kendall was a kardashian because I don’t give a sh** who they are or what they are doing. please no hate. I just don’t watch tv as much I just go on the internet. wow that explains a lot. but I feel like shes using him just for fame.

  • Zena

    I don’t like Kendal, I hate it sorry

  • Anatha reed

    I love Harry and he shouldn’t be afraid she seems like a nice girl

  • GabbyG

    A source,A source, A source-I’m sooo tired of hearing this hendall stupidness.Hazza hasn’t comfirmed anything so people need to just shut up!Anne is a nice lady and I HIGHLY dought that she is going to approve someone like the KARDASHIONS

  • Livi

    Haters hate and lovers love… but I hate Hendall. Kendall is going to tear Harry apart from the boys, and I don’t think Kendall will treat Harry “right”. Sorry people… but I just don’t think its going to work. So to “Future Mrs. Styles” out there: Harry isn’t gone yet. Keep your hopes up ladies (: ♥ Livi

  • Jess Horan xxx

    if harry’s happy im happy, right?

  • xdirectionerx

    Stop. STOP! OK KENDALL IS A B****! THIS WHOLE HENDALL CRAP IS STUPID! (I’m sorry it’s been a HORRIBLE day and i need to release it over Hendall stories.) HENDALL IS AS FAKE AS THE KARDASHIANS FACES! So STOP with this! Ur literally killing me inside! STOP!