Harry Pulls An 18 Year Old In Oslo Called Camilla Foss #FANSGOMAD

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Camilla Foss and Harry Styles

Harry Styles is quite the blond fan, having dated Taylor Swift and Caroline Flack – well, Caroline is kind of blond anyways.

As One Direction mozy on through Europe on their tour, it has been revealed that Harry hopped onto a party bus and hooked up with yet another blond!

The rockstar lifestyle of course!

Her name? Camilla Foss.

Harry is said to have met the girl at the band’s Oslo hotel and hit off immediately.

A source said:

“There were loads of girls pawing him but he focused on Camilla. It got pretty sweaty in there.”

“Fans are saying they’ve been seen kissing and she’s been spotted at his hotel.”

1D played a gig at Oslo’s Telenor Arena on Tuesday night, and it seems Hazza has been fighting off the ladies left, right and centre, judging from this following vid which we posted on our Facebook page a couple of days ago.

Fans took to twitter to express their disgust about the whole Camilla situation though – they weren’t happy at all!

One user said:

‘This Camilla Foss girl better take Barney’s advice and keep her hands to herself.’

Whilst others tweeted:

Harry Styles and Camilla Foss were apprantly seen kissing and she was seen at his hotel (We all know why) DON’T GO MENTAL PEOPLE!!

Is this whole “Harry Styles and Camilla Foss” thing TRUE? OMFG!

That Camilla Foss girl is hell lucky. :)

Fans took it harder because she isn’t famous and in theory, it could have been one of them. As we type this more rumours are spreading round the Twittosphere about what actually went on, so don’t expect this to be the last we here of Camilla Foss.

What do you guys think? Let us know below!

  • http://twitter.com/BlistfulRose Rose

    Well If He is serious about Her Good-luck with Them but I hope He will protect His Heart better I support Him in every way just be safe

    • Nunistyles1994

      Ya I agree

  • harrymarryme

    if its true, i ship it. but if its gonna turn out like haylor, then i hate her already.

    • Craig Feist

      I agree

    • 5sos+1d=myboys

      thats kindve an ignorant comment because you don’t know her, and if they do break up you’ll never know the EXACT reason why! were not even sure if they are dating!! hate is a strong word to use against someone you don’t even freaking know!im just saying!

    • Ellora Via Cortez

      I agree.. I want a girl that will love Harry with all her heart.

  • hzlnldirectioner

    I’m so jealous…


      I’m jealous too…

  • Lolo Awad

    aww , they look cute together , I hope harry finds the girl who makes him happy <3 if this one or not

    • Sarah Payne

      Me too

    • Megi

      Harry has Louis. They’re in love. Bye.

      • Lolo Awad

        the gay rumors must stop now , I don’t know how you and the others who are like you encouraging and so enthusiastic about something so ugly and outrageous , some thing that all religions prevented .

        • 5sos+1d=myboys

          ikr! its riduculously annoying now! and people are starting to actually take it seriously and get the wrong idea!

        • Annika Vergara

          Yeah.. At first I thought it was kinda of funny, but now it’s just getting way more serious. :/

        • Megi

          But what if it’s true? You leave them? Couse’ they’re gays? Gay is person like me and you. Gay isn’t worse than you. PS: You are so homophobic…

          • Lolo Awad

            I’m a person with principle and faith , gay people need help . I’m 22 years old and I know what I’m talking about , if it wasn’t so outrageous , then why all religions prevented it ? god created men and women not so men go with men and women go with women , that’s something you have to understand , ask your parents .PS : one direction are not gays non of then is , it is obvious .

          • Cassi Horan

            whats wrong with being gay? some of my friends are gay and i dont have different thoughts about them. God created Women and Men on this planet so we can discover different things. I believe that if the same gender falls in love and choices to adopt a child they should and they shouldnt have any problems. Larry is real. its a bromance and nothing else. its obvious that they love eachother but not like perrie and zayn. they love eachother like brothers. And we all know that Louis and Harry arent going to grow up, get married, and adopt a child/children. I dont get whats so bad about gays/lesbians/bisexuals. and just because your 22, means nothing, im im half your age and i have more manners in my pinky than you will ever have in your whole body.

          • Lolo Awad

            you have no idea about what you’re saying , and you have no manners at all , there is alot of things you don’t know , maybe when you grow up , you will . and gay people need help , there is alot of them got treated and then got married and had kids , don’t talk about something you don’t understand . and ,louis and harry best friends and that’s all no mater what stupid people say

          • directionerfromnarnia

            I agree with you. Being 22 isn’t a standing argument. Taylor Swift is 23, and look at her.

          • Lolo Awad

            I told you my age so you know that you’re not talking to a child , whether you like it or not I said the truth , and every word I said out of complete knowledge , at least I’m not a child spending my day imagining gay people

          • directionerfromnarnia

            And what is that supposed to mean?

          • directionerfromnarnia

            “I’m a person with principle and faith, I’m 22 years old and I know what I’m talking about”

            Do you think that you know how everything is supposed to be at the age of 22? No one does, that’s impossible! You continue to learn throughout your entire life, so saying that your arguments in a discussion must be right because you’re 22 is ridiculous.

            And then saying that being gay is outrageous because all religions prevented it, I really don’t understand. First of all, that isn’t true, there are religions that accepts homosexuality. And most of the ones that don’t, frown on same sex marriage, but not on homosexuality itself. They frown on same sex marriage, because they need the population to reproduce, but we live in the 21st century now – there is other ways of starting a family.

            It’s sad that people use religion as a weapon nowadays, instead of as a guideline to a better life.

          • Suzanne styles

            I wouldn’t care if they were gay! but they are not!! louis has a girlfriend! And if you were a true directioner you wouldn’t believe in Larry because it upsets them!!

        • Cassi Horan

          no one said their freaking gay. its called a bromance. You can tell Louis and Harry love eachother, but we all know they arent going to get married and adopt a child.

          • Lolo Awad

            there is people who say it’s a romance which is gay , bromance is friendship that is so strong just like brothers and that is harry and louis

          • Megi

            Because in UK They can’t :(

      • Nialler4ever

        omg, I can’t stand this. Louis hates it when people call him gay, don’t you have any respect for him!? People like you are the reason Harry and Louis can’t act normal in public, because they get bullied and called gay! I like to aww and stuff over Zarry moments or Nouis moments, but I know it’s not real, I know they’re just friends, and I respect that. I respect them, and I don’t insult them, and call them gay when they have said themselves they don’t like it. What kind of fan is that!? Just leave them alone already! Stop putting them down and bullying them and putting them with other guys, when they have said they are straight! We have no right to call anyone gay, or bisexual or any of that! It’s just plain bullying, just becasue they’re famouse doesn’t mean we can trash them, or say whatever we want about them, becasue they are just five boys with the same feelings as anyone else! And being called gay doesn’t make anyone feel good! So leave them alone!

        • 5sos+1d=myboys

          you preach it girl!

        • Lolo Awad

          thank god , some one with a brain <3 . we all have to stop those who keep calling harry and louis gays

          • directionerfromnarnia

            I really don’t understand this discussion. I don’t understand why being gay would be considered “ugly” or “outrageous” , or why calling someone gay would be bullying. Calling someone straight isn’t bullying, so why would calling someone gay be? It’s just our interpretations that makes it seem like such a different thing, when in reality it’s not. Just because the man was created to receive children with a woman, doesn’t mean that a man loving another man (or a woman loving another woman) should be considered unlawful in any way. If anything, forbidding peoples feelings against each other based on gender and sexual orientation should! We live in the 21st century, there is other ways of starting a family. Homosexuality exists in 45 species, but homophobia only exists in 1. Why is that?

        • directionerfromnarnia

          I really don’t understand this discussion. I don’t understand why being gay would be considered “ugly” or “outrageous” , or why calling someone gay would be bullying. Calling someone straight isn’t bullying, so why would calling someone gay be? It’s just our interpretations that makes it seem like such a different thing, when in reality it’s not. Just because the man was created to receive children with a woman, doesn’t mean that a man loving another man (or a woman loving another woman) should be considered unlawful in any way. If anything, forbidding peoples feelings against each other based on gender and sexual orientation should! We live in the 21st century, there is other ways of starting a family. Homosexuality exists in 45 species, but homophobia only exists in 1. Why is that?

          • Lolo Awad

            you have no idea about what you’re saying , god created men and women so they complete each other , they meant to be together , for ex : you have a right and a lift foot , you don’t have 2 right feet or 2 left , try to wear 2 right or left shoes and see what happens , this is not what god created , not the way it’s supposed to be , and so is with gays , it’s ugly , outrageous and bad thing . men and women supposed to be together , when a girl loves a girl , they are friends and like sisters , and so is with boys , they are friends and brothers

          • directionerfromnarnia

            “when a girl loves a girl, they are friends and like sisters, and so is with boys, they are friends and brothers”

            That’s it, there isn’t always like that! Men can have the same feelings for each other that you described between a man and a woman, just like women can with each other. And just because it’s not “the way it’s supposed to be”, doesn’t mean that it have to be a bad thing either. People are born with 2 right feet (not all people, but some are) and they are able to live a pretty normal life. The same thing applies to homosexuals – if you want to use that example.
            It is the people like you that make their lives harder than they should have to be! Let people be happy, and focus on your own happiness. <3

          • Lolo Awad

            there is no people born with 2 right legs , I used the example to make it easier for those who are young here to understand . another ex : magnets ( + ) and ( – )attracted and nothing else , every thing in this universe based on this coze god created it that way

          • directionerfromnarnia

            There is our dilemma again! There IS men attracted to men and women attracted to women. Therefore, everything clearly isn’t based on that code in this universe, and therefore your argument is invalid.
            And since when has God said that being gay is a bad thing? Please explain it to me. :)

          • Lolo Awad

            you’re not a Muslim for sure , even if you’re not ask someone in your religion , go and ask who ever you trust hun , I said the truth whether you like it or not this is the truth

          • directionerfromnarnia

            Ask them what? If God ever said that being gay is outrageous? Why don’t you tell me :)

            And why does my religion matter? I’m talking about treating people equally, no matter what sexual orientation they may have. And for that, you can be a muslim, christian, buddhist, atheist ect.

          • Lolo Awad

            every thing based on religion and faith , we’re not animals to live without rules , end of discussion , do what ever you want .

          • directionerfromnarnia

            No, we’re not animals. That’s something I agree on. The human race is more civilized than that, we should treat each other equally with the same amount of respect – no matter
            who we love.

          • Suzanne styles

            Thankyou!! I couldn’t agree more! If you like the Same sex it’s not something you should get treated on! It’s afeeling you have and you shouldnt have to change it, no matter what other people say!

          • directionerfromnarnia


    • 5sos+1d=myboys

      i seriously think you are the only directioner on this site who knows exactly what to say without sounding jealous or ignorant! you go girl!

  • http://twitter.com/ilr172000 Isabel Lauren Risso

    No.. No :'(

  • GirlDirectioner06

    No pls… no this not true :(

  • Mimi Deria

    She looks cute and lovely and They’re adorable together and We only saw her face but No one knows if she’ll make Harry happy or Not, If Hazza is Happy I’m happy too, Love ya Hazz <3 xx

  • zara

    Maybe it is true!
    But I think “stupid source” told something stupidly!!! AGAIN !
    it does not make sense that Harry kisses every girl who meets at first time.He is not like that!

  • http://www.facebook.com/tricia.orozco.1 Tricia Orozco

    awwtts ansakit eh lucky c gurl pro nsaktan c harry LITERALLY!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/1DNiallsBabe1D ✖Kɪʀѕty Jaɴє✖

    wow that chick came out of nowhere!

    • Cassi Horan

      i wouldn’t call that being mobbed…..there was only two people

      • 5sos+1d=myboys

        ya it couldve totally been worse if all the girls attacked him and there was no bodyguard! LOLZ:)

        • Cassi Horan

          they actually let that happen, they put less secruity around harry once and all the directioners attacked him and he cried, they only did it so they can have a mob seen in the movie,

    • Abby

      haha yup

  • http://www.facebook.com/nana.momo.547 Nana Styles

    Those fans are soooooo OVERACTING !!! Guys it’s H!S love life not OURS !!!

    • 5sos+1d=myboys

      thank you! thats exactly what i just said!

  • http://mierasaje.blogspot.com/ Mierasaje

    The lucky one.

  • Swedish_Mrs.Styles

    At least it’s not Taylor Swift…

    • Freya


  • xKelly12

    If he’s happy with her then I’m happy for him.

  • cj


    • 5sos+1d=myboys

      OK tony the tiger you dont have to share this with us until you know the rumuors are true

  • ghazal

    I dont know aboat this girl so iam not sure she is good or bad

  • daniele velasquez

    I thought Harry was dating that Kimbery girl? O_o

    • FabulousNails

      you did not really right?

      IMHO: that Kimberly&Harry story was made up by the press because it sounded just scandalous enough to get people to read it.

      Always remain skeptik of stories from insiders and anonymous sources! This new one included :)

      • 1DGURL-ZLLHN


        • FabulousNails

          I suppose that you might be disagreeing -which you are perfectly entitled to do :)

          I just think that gossip is partly a collective fantasy that people build together -gossipers with providing stories that are true or false & readers who then sometimes start believing in everything they read or question some of it. And this mythical life of celebs is born. I remember reading an interview with someone (Robert Pattison?) saying that he read this imaginary life of this other-self in the gossip collumn and it was very strange for him…

          • 1DGURL-ZLLHN

            Ummmm… I wasn’t disagreeing /w u…I just didn’t understand what u were saying…AND WHY WOULD HAZZA DATE THIS GIRL WHEN HE’S DATING ME!!!!! Lol! JK XD

          • 5sos+1d=myboys

            because he doesn’t know you and your not dating

          • 1DGURL-ZLLHN

            Umm…ur not even IN this CONVO! And if u read what I typed b4 u opened ur big mouth u would probably know that i said JK which means just kidding! Sooo… actually read the comment b4 typing something stupid! Get it, got it, good! NOW LEAVE ME ALONE! Have a nice day! 😛

          • 5sos+1d=myboys

            before typing something stupidHAHAHA! this is coming from you !you shouldnt even be freaking talking! im smart enough to know what sarcasm is! and it looks like i am in the convo because you just responded to me! you have a blessed day!

          • 1DGURL-ZLLHN

            If ur smart enough to know what sarcasm means, then why did u reply saying: because he doesn’t know u and your not dating. I wasn’t even TALKING to u when I said: AND WHY WOULD HAZZA DATE THIS GIRL WHEN HE’S DATING ME!!!!! Lol! JK XD… That’s all I said (and I wasn’t even saying it to u in the first place) and then u come thrashing out at me! I know HAZZA doesn’t know me but he does know that he has REAL fans out there who Luv him and DREAM to b with him even though they know its never gonna happen! So stop pushing urself into other ppls convos and leave me alone!

          • 5sos+1d=myboys

            i was playing around! gawd people can not take a joke! i say things like zayn is dating me all the time can you calm down! sorry if i offended you!

          • 1DGURL-ZLLHN

            Ya whatever…

  • Hazza

    I hope this dosent break his heart later on……..he should be careful……:'(

  • Hazza

    I hope not like haylor! :'(

  • Hazza


  • ♡ mickie ♡

    lol but he’s gay


      NO HE’S NOT!!!!!!

      • directionerfromnarnia

        How do you know that? And so what if he was? :)

    • Nialler4ever

      Did he ever say he was gay? NO. Stop bullying him, do you think he likes being called gay?

      • directionerfromnarnia

        Why is calling someone gay bullying? Can you please explain that to me?

    • 5sos+1d=myboys

      no hes freaking not! seriously guys you need to stop it with the gay BS people who AREN’T DIRECTIONERS are taking the gay rumors seriously harry and Louis barely go out in public anymore!

    • Megi

      He’s bisexual*

    • Ellora Via Cortez

      No he isn’t! >.<

  • hind anwar

    Not real at all i live in norway and know the truth he just was in a bus with som teenage people. he just met in norway he was there 3h time thats all…


      O thank goodness!

  • Perrie Is Perfect ♫♪

    OMG! I’m 100% jealous about that very lucky girl…I wish I was born blonde :(

    • Craig Feist

      I was born blond but now my hair is turning brown. Fat chance I’ll ever date Harry Styles now. But maybe he doesn’t care about appearance, well, as long as your not really really really really ugly

      • 5sos+1d=myboys

        you can still dye it you know!:)

    • 5sos+1d=myboys

      you are beautiful maybe harry will date a brunette one day! dont worry about being who other people stereotype as beautiful!XO

    • directionerfromnarnia

      You’re beautiful honey, and if Harry only dates girls because of appearances (which I doubt he does) he doesn’t deserve you <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/tanisha.battles Tanisha Battles

    I hope it’s not true and not like Taylor

    • Kylee Styles

      I know right! He does look happy with her. But I don’t think its going to last that long. Sorry!

      • 5sos+1d=myboys

        seriously what is up with people and these ignorant comments! maybe it will last long and they will be happy for a long time! you dont freaking know! and just because harry is more than likely your favorite doesnt mean hes probably gonna break up with her because YOU are more than likley upset about it! im not saying that it will or wont last long but dont say things if you dont know its true!sithee fellow directioner!:)

  • Sarah Payne

    I am happy for harry if he has found somone than thats great and shes not older than him!

  • Kylee Styles

    But but but but but…….. I love you! She is pretty though

    • Sarah Payne

      Yes she is pretty!

      • Craig Feist

        Just because she’s pretty on the outside doesn’t mean she can’t break Harry’s heart on the inside. But I think I’m okay with them dating. After all when Harry dated someone famous it didn’t go well so maybe an unfamous person will work out. I dear God hope so.

        • 5sos+1d=myboys

          why does harry styles have to have his fans ok who he is dating! were not his parents! he can date whoever the heck he wants to date! its a free country! you know, besides the laws and stuff,LOL

  • SingerChick

    Why is everyone against it on twitter?! If Harry is happy with her than Harry is happy with her! Read all those fan fictions-the fans won’t always agree but you make them fall in love to the point they don’t care. If Harry feels that way towards Camila then is directioners better not stop him. Although in the hotel room the first time the newer is a little fast for a relationship.

  • http://twitter.com/ashleycullen28 Ashleyliana PayneXxX

    I’m not trying to start anything here but HEY! At least it’s not an older lady!!!

  • Kassandra Salina

    I will believe it when he says it’s true

  • Jeni Tomlinson

    I was born a blonde, i have blonde hair but I dye it light brown

  • Michaela Styles McMullan

    Idont like her at all x yeah I want harry to be happy but how happy does he need to be I mean he has got his amazing fans xzxxxxxx

  • Ya$hika

    Well it shouldn’t be some’haylor’like issue….but if this girl is Mauricio from the inside then I’m okay with it but were they really KISSING?!

  • InLoveWithNiall

    Well at least this one was his age….

  • Kylee Styles

    I’m seriously crying right now. I can’t belive it

  • Zayns wifeyy Nia

    On geez I was NOT expecting that! Woah so he’s no longer single?

  • Chassity LaRaye Varnold-Styles

    She’s Pretty!(: <3 Im So Happy For Him!!!(: <3 At Least It Aint Taylor Swift!!! Cuz, She Was Not Right For Him! !!!

  • http://twitter.com/M_1direction Miriam Styles

    Nooooooooooooooooooooo Harry is mineeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  • Olivia Clayton

    Well urgh! :( i could happily KILL this girl. HARRY IS MINE

  • Hannah

    Anybody think they could be siblings?

  • Anna Styles

    his life…his choice

  • Cassi Horan

    OMG! HER EYES IN THE PHOTO! hahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha

  • Makenzie

    Lol please. We all know he’s with Louis.

  • Harold

    they are actually super cute together!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ljiljana.t.batricevic Ljiljana Batricevic

    Poor harry

  • Maddison Strubhar

    If there is something going on with them then that’s pretty awesome that Harry isn’t dating someone famous!!!! 😀 😀

  • Nialler4ever

    I ship them. She’s pretty, and Harry’s age. I bet it was only a one night stand, or just some fling, but it would be awesome if they dated :)

  • Kerstin

    if this whole thing is true and they like, start dating, and she makes harry happy, then i would support them in every way:)

  • ∞Louis+Harry∞

    umm she looks like she is scared or constipated loll no hate

  • kendall loves liam

    Um she must have been very happy

  • Ariana♥

    Somehow I don’t believe this is true

  • Sharri

    For him to be nearly tackled, Harry took it well and really hugged that girl. A really body-to-body type of hug… jealous! Lucky, lucky girl I tell you!

  • priscilla stylinson

    haha sorry that girl was like wow girl on da loss hahah lol

  • Hope Demery

    That sucks b t good 4 hazza

  • http://www.facebook.com/tiffany.arthur.75 Tiffany Arthur

    omg i love harry styles too and im really crazy about him and hes like my love life everytime i talk about boys i bring harry styles up just leave him alone and stop tryin to ruin his love life and stop bein jealous ya i might be a little bit but i dont want to ruin his love life and anyone ruin mine so stop hatein cause u aint his girl

  • http://twitter.com/AliceTheAllyKat TheNamesAlice

    This ‘Camilla’ girl is probably a fame seeker so let’s just get that out of the way.
    There’s also a chance she likes him for his looks and there is a very VERY slim chance that they will pull through. Harry is a party boy and it’s only a matter of time before he cheats. Camilla will soon learn what Styles has in store. This is like the swift situation all over again. But I wish her lots of luck. Hope she can handle the hate, she doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into. :(( I feel sort of bad for her.

    • 5sos+1d=myboys

      this is SUCH an ignorant comment!OMFG! not to be mean but unless you have met harry he does not know you and never will! you dont even freaking know the camilla girl! get over yourself everyone knows that your jealous that you arent her! you dont even know if they are dating! even if they are there is no reason to judge her right away just because something bad happened to him with another blonde! thats stereotyping and wrong and just…….. AAAHHH! ignorance is up on this website!

      • http://twitter.com/AliceTheAllyKat TheNamesAlice

        Stop annoying people and commenting on EVERY SINGLE COMMENT. I was only stating the truth, sorry if you don’t feel same way but that doesn’t mean I’m ignorant it just means your an attention-seeker.

        • 5sos+1d=myboys

          im not being annoying! god im just telling peope what they should know! god the bitchez on here are cranky! and i dont think ive commented on very single comment because not everyone is ignorant! i didnt call you ignorant i said what you commented is ignorant!sorry if thats how you feel! and also your not stating the truth if clearly its your opinion!

  • Annika Vergara

    I support Hazza but on the inside.. Hahaha. Ouch! xP

  • sevana

    Good luck Harry(;

  • http://twitter.com/madzielukban Hazza’s Juliet.

    This is BS again. BS BS BS.

  • 5sos+1d=myboys

    poor harry he must be kinda annoyed and frightened to do anything without being attacked and his ears bleeding from screaming little girls who think they might have a chance! im just kidding if i was one of those girls i would think the same thing harry styles is sexy! i love all the boys though, and zayn is my favorite!

  • Cassi Horan

    can we get one thing straight? Louis and Harry love eachother, its called a bromance. But we ALL know they arent going to get married and adopt a child.

  • maila

    I’m speechless…… I admit that I hate it…. :(( but Harry I just want you to know that I will love you no matter what…. :((

  • Krystal Scott

    Haha, where did that girl come from?

  • Krystal Scott

    But I’m still waiting until Harry finds a brunette, because it seems that he’s always going for the blondes.

  • 1DfanHazza

    lucky girl…. but i think it was a one night stand

  • Queen

    Hope You Enjoy Her,Haz. She Better Take Care Of You……. Our World IS In Her HAnds.

  • Nunistyles1994

    I hate her so much she took my baby !

  • faith malik

    sorry but i don’t ship them at all :/ xx

  • Aylin Morelos

    Shes lucky this could happend to anyone i swear some fans have the luck i wonder when harry will start looking for BRUNTTES

  • mellovesharry

    WTF! harry is mine forever.. she better not be with him…………:I