Harry Sings ‘Moments’ To A Big Scary Spider – Then Louis Steps On It!

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Harry Styles, One Direction and the big, scary Hershey spider

Ever wanted Harry Styles to serenade you?

Well that’s what one lucky spider got at Hershey on July 5th, as Harry styles spotted the 8-legged creature on stage with them.

The spider made its appearance during a rendition of Moments, and caught Harry and Liam’s attention, before a quick word brough Louis across, who promptly stood on it.

Poor thing!

Does Louis’ heroic spider-killing act make him Harry’s new minder?

A couple of you agree, judging from the YouTube comments.

Kelsey Wood
That’s right, Louis, protect your boyfriend from spiders.

Isabella Martinez
Aww Harry needed his knight in shining armor to kill the spider.


In more One Direction concert news, the band were forced to sing ‘Rock Me’ without Harry in Pittsburgh the other night.

Hazza apparently felt a bit unwell during the concert, and had to go backstage to be sick, just before the boys were about to sing ‘Rock Me’.

Fans present at the gig said that Harry rushed off the stage to vomit whilst Niall took over his singing parts.

Watch below:

Here’s a couple of tweets:

“@Harry_Styles people are saying that you threw up after singing “rock me”?If you did I want you to feel better baby! I hate the bug!Love you”

“Harry threw up during rock me, niall sang his parts!! Aww what a good niall hope Harry’s okay ❤ @Harry_Styles ”

Justin Bieber famously threw up on stage earlier this year, so Harry’s not alone in his on-stage-vom-show 😉


  • directionerfromnarnia

    Do you know what bothers me? That some fans is saying that Harry is “copying” Justin by throwing up during a concert. I mean – come on! #stupidity

    • harrygirl1Dadele

      OMG i can’t believe how stupid some people are X( How can they call themselves Directioners?!?! #SoSad :(

      • Anna McCallum

        Yeah, why would someone say something like that? Ridicules!

        • harrygirl1Dadele

          and rude,some people just don’t know when they need to stop with their s*** X(

    • hollie

      That’s stupid, why would Harry want to throw up during the concert??? :(

    • Laura

      Yeah because getting ill during a concert is copying >:( some people just need to stfu

      • directionerfromnarnia

        I completely agree

      • Maddison Beckett

        ikr i mean you cant help getting ill can u?

    • 1d lover

      some nerve saying our boys are copying. justin beiber

    • Riiaa Horan

      wow just wow , it’s not like harry can predict the future that he’s going to throw up all of the sudden .. should i knock some sense out of ya? , because harry just throw up possibly ill and all you do is send him hate about copying justin?! are you serious? i once throw up back stage before i didn’t copy justin bieber did i? it’s not like i wanted to throw up even harry i know he didn’t want that to happened because he’s doing a concert for sakes so why don’t you get your act together or just leave the fandom without some snarky comments on one of them

    • marmar margs lominoque

      that is soo stupid

    • Suheda


  • lesley

    yes directionerfromnarnia u are so right it is not his falt he got sick and it just came ughh i ahte when they compare them to justin bieber

  • Mrs. Horlinson

    Louis’ face when he saw the spider though XD and poor Harry , I hope he was alright.

  • xKelly12

    Poor Harry :( I hope he feels better now<3

  • xx KatieKat xx

    Aw Harryyyyy!I hope my little Hazza feels better <3

  • Stini2526

    well i hope he does fell better and spider is lol

  • Saratomlinson#

    Louis, he kills us with his voice and kills spiders with his foot! Hope Harry feels better soon !

  • Abigail


  • Cait

    poor haz. getting sick is the worst. and i thought the spider thing was funny.

  • ❤Tootsieroll1D ❤

    Please let there be no annoying Larry comments. I would have done the same thing if one of my friends saw a spider..

  • Harry’s Cupcake


  • вяιαηηα

    How do you copy someone. By being sick. Like dafauq #idiots

  • 0BEY T0 1D

    Poor baby. :( I felt so sorry for him. And I could tell that Zayn, Louis, and Liam were looking back and checking on him. I hope he’s okay. He hasn’t been on Twitter for awhile since that day so, I’m thinking he is still sick.

  • Lynnie Lucas

    STOP with Larry Stylinson crap!!! I’m so sick of it! If I see #larry on anymore articles I’m gonna flip out. Not cool.

  • Laura

    Hahahaha Harry looks so sad after Louis kills the spider

  • Cady Smith

    awww i hope harry is fine and i hope he’ll get better soon :'(

  • Paris457

    The spider made it passed security and met the boys! Then he died because of Louis and to top it off it was going to be a doctor!

    • Paris457

      I’ll never meet the boys! :-(

      • Paris457

        Poor harry he saw a death and threw up! The poor thing :(

  • Anna McCallum

    Aww, I hope Harry is ok <3

  • Melanie

    I feel like Harry Style would be the type of boyfriend that wouldn’t kill spiders for me. He would probably try and capture them because he wants to set them free outside but then, he’d end up standing next to me on top of the table screaming whenever it moved and get upset if I killed the spider because he’d already named it and found the perfect tree outside for it to make a web in. Eleanor is lucky to have Louis :-)

    • 1DgirlfromParis

      I feel sorry for you… :/

      You perfectly described the type of person caring about animals, insects….
      I thought you’d like a boy like Harry who wouldnt kill them than one with no mercy like louis…

      What a pity!

  • Gabi

    I liked how Niall and Zayn just sat there during the spider thing<3 and Louis' mouth dropped open when he saw it xD

  • Jenna

    So cute! Louis was just so cool about it, but it made Harry happy!

  • 1DgirlfromParis

    I f*cking hate the way louis came and killed that little poor creature. He stood up and walked like he had no soul, no mercy, no conscience… then crashed it. I’ll always remember that video from a concert of Michael Jackson, there was a big insect on stage and he made the music stop, to call the security to capture and free the insect.

    all that fuss for what ? cos he didnt want to kill it.

    When you’ll grow the fcking up and realise how life is beautiful, you’ll think every life is precious, and do whatever to protect them. If you hurt one of them, you hurt me. Louis hurt me.

    Those diva’s things makes me love less and less louis. I thought of unfollowing him, but i wont cos i want things to get better.
    Im not hating on Louis, i just feel better now that i expressed my feelings.