Harry Splits With Emily Atack, Louis Reveals!

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Hazza walking through Boston airport

Read this Directioners, it just might make your day…

Speaking with The Mirror, 1D joker Louis was asked which member of 1D pulled the most during their recent US and Australia tour, and he answered:

“Do I even need to say who? I think it would be completely and utterly unfair to single out girls in that way, or put it like that.”

“But… if you were to put it like that, I think it would – possibly – be… Harry. Do we keep a tally? No, we do not! That’s hideous.”

Louis was then grilled about the topic of Harry and Emily Atack, and whether they were still together.

He said: “No, no…”

Directioners, Harry is BACK ON THE MARKET!

With One Direction now back on US shores, perhaps it was a mutual decision from both parties, with Harry realising he wouldn’t have much time to for Emily.

Many fans were left broken-hearted yesterday when photos of Zayn snogging Perrie emerged, so the news that curly haired lothario Harry Styles is now single again will be music to Directioners’ ears.

Zerrie are now a confirmed celeb couple, and fans are currently split on whether to accept Perrie into the fold in the same way that Danielle and Eleanor are.

Who do you reckon Hazza’s got his eyes set on next?

  • http://twitter.com/Charmiender charmie de groupie


  • Juliela

    He got his eyes on me next! 😀

  • Olivia


  • http://twitter.com/jessiesmileynow Jessica


  • http://twitter.com/BoybandNews Boyband News

    She wasn’t pretty enough for you anyway Harry!

    • Shay2013

      thats mean! what wrong w/ u?!
      I feel bad 4 u harry..hope u find someone u can b happy w/
      (Like Niall? Lol)

  • Directioner5ever

    Lol its funny because directioners accepted her back before the pictures of them kissing. Directioners accept whoever the boys are with because we’re here to support them not their fucking relationships. Now shut the fuck up you stupid 11 year old ‘fans’ you’ll never date them+ the girls that they see or whatever are probably 929849490490x better looking than you.

    • tommytomlinson

      Damn true!

      • tada

        she wasn’t singling you out it is mostly new, very young girls who are the ones sending a lot of hate out there, not saying girls like me who are like 15, 16, 17, its just that we kinda know were not gonna get them so acccpet it whereas younger girls dream and fantasize about it

    • Caitlin Payne

      You know it not nice calling 11 year olds stupid because I am 12 and I care for whomever they go out with I would never say any death threats!!!! I love Liam and I care for him so much I don’t put death threats on his girlfriends page cause I’m not that kind of girl…..so leave these 11 yr olds alone and care about urself. F.y.I. I am very pretty so don’t be saying that these girls that they date are way prettier than these 11 ur olds because my sister is 9 and she cares a lot about them and doesn’t say death threats and she is pretty too!!!!!!
      So u shut up!!!!

    • Amandai317

      Oohh yeah u say stupid 11 year olds that will never date them… but u think u have a beter chance of dating them… And by the way everyone is beautiful in their own way! Apply it!

    • Stella

      Lol it so funny how u are calling 11 year holds stupid. You act like one of the guys will date you..with that personality of yours, I’d rather date an 11 year old than a dirty scrub like yourself. Not to be rude, but one direction has had some screwed up faced girlfriends,but did they care about their appearances? No. Its their personality: beautiful, sweet, and smart..some traits you may lack. You are not a true fan. Gtfo.

      • Mrs. Stypayhorlikson<3

        That is SOME 11 year olds. Most 11-12 year olds are VERY supportive of the boys. Even though they can’t date them, they have a big of a heart to love them as much as any directioner <3

    • molly <3

       HAHAHA you know what i think is funny you think your so much better than them WDF???? your never going to date them either so like why hate on 11 year olds  for loving and supporting them? and at that age i remember being very insecure about myself so that could really hurt a girls feelings if you basically say they are “ugly” no one is ugly we all have beautiful personalities we may not be as pretty as the girls 1D dates but do you have to tell us we are ugly and will never have a chance with them ? in interviews they say that AGE DOESN’T MATTER !!!! in 6 years or so an 11 year old might meet one of the members and they might fall in love who knows??for all we know you could be an ugly 11 year old behind the screen trying to be more fake than you already sound stop being rude to people over the internet id like to see you tell that to our faces  buh bye ps use harry’s quote but change it around a bit …its easy to call a girl ugly but its gonna be hard to make her stop feeling bad about herself think before you type ok -3-

    • Anxiousauthor1981

      I agree with this; we are both directioners and what this person is trying to say is that we should support 1D and not care about the ppl theyre with. If theyre with someone then let it be–theres no need to hate. And i also agree with the fact that some of the immature fans send death threats to or hate the gfs 1D has. Thats completely unnecessary and its usually the stupid 11 yr old fans that do that. Come on guys this just gives haters more to feast on

  • Toni DiSandro

    Wow. That was fast.

    Is it just me or would he look cute with TSwift?

    • Shanilak

       i think the samee :) they would look cute

      • Coolblue908

        in my opinion i don’t think they would make a good couple. I like Taylor Swift and if they get together I hope you realize she’s gonna get a lot of hate outside of the U.S. if you don’t remember they are huge in other places than the U.S.

    • Janelle

      hell nah! he could do better than taylor swift!

    • Brianalopez52

      Its just you!!!!! Harry is to good <3

    • Briiiana Stylez <3

      You tripen he could do so much better than Taylor swift!! So that wen they break up she and writes a song bout him!?? Hell NO XD

    • Catherine

      Harry and Taylor Swift wouldn’t be good together because she is so innocent and pure and well Harry is basically our little pervert.

    • Caroline

      I think they would be adorable. I mean if not me… I would want Taylor<3

  • Supertomlinson

    Thank you Harry! You make my day…Hahaha

  • Marrissavanguilder

    Ok so i heard that Liam and Danielle broke up is this true?!

  • Alison malik

    I hope zayn and perrie’s relationship would be like Harry and Emily’s relationship ,didn’t last..haha..no hate

    • Got_vball

      How the Hell is that no hate? Fucking bitch.

  • adorable_girl1994

    Well..tht was short bt I accepted it and now they’re broken up.But its ok cuz now Harry can be with me or another fan.. :)

  • Trina_ramnani

    Zayn and perrie i dont think i can accept this but i will be happy if zayn s happy even thought it really breaks my heart but i will be happy if zayn is:))

  • MRock

    taylor swift -_-.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003795382739 Nalina Styles

    Louis <3

  • Rubiha2009


    he finally listened to me!

  • CarmenNicol1D

    Aww, thanks Harry :) I didn’t think she was the one for you and I was right :)
    I LOVE YOU, HARRY!! xxxxxxxx

  • iloveswac

    Yaayyyy!!!!!!!………. I don’t care. I’m 12 so why wld I want to date an 18year old?!?!?!?!?

    • Anxiousauthor1981


  • iloveswac

    Did u c the look of disgust on loans face in tht pic/??? Lolz

  • Melisa x

    oh Hazza :$

  • Teardrop1616

    Well I wish he could at least give his fans a chance!!!!! :0

  • http://twitter.com/LetMeMalikYew ← Le’ Husbaand♡

    Wow. Idiots. Really? Harry was never dating her. Hes 100% single.

  • Semra Styles

    YAY!!! 😀 my boo is single i love you soooo much harry edward styles

  • Foreveryounghs

    that was REALLY fast… wow

    i mean like they just started and now its an end…i dont have a problem that their split… if ya know what i mean 😉 llol but im not applauding that they r split.. of course i got some sympathy for him and her but on the other hand… im kinda happy

  • 1ds_carrot

    I think Louis is just jelous(; Dont worry Louis, Larry Stylinson forever<3

    • WingedCatnip2354


  • RaeRaestyles

    OMG YAAAAAAAY like i supported it but now im so fricking happy :DDD

  • Valerie

    YAY! I never thought he made a cute couple with her anyways. He could do better !
     Harry Styles,  Marry Me <3 ?

  • Jmguites_25

    Good News: Harry is single 
    Bad News: Perrie and zayn are together.


  • Britanya78

    reading somones comment before something was broought to my attention. zayn has dated her before but they broke up…and then they started going out again when he became and international star. it raised some red flags when i read it but who knows…

  • ChristinaJEngel


  • k!!

    Um that was fast..oh well harry there are.moregirls out there…So aboit “zerrie” Sorry I CAN’T accept perrie she isnt the same as danielle or eleanor n stop comparing!!

  • Ruki-cutie


  • Stars_direction

    Any real “directioner” wouldn’t be happy that one of the boys relationships ended. As a fan you are here to support them and be happy with whatever makes them happy. So, any “fan” that sends hate to their girlfriends or whatever is definitely a directionator! I love the boys and will support them no matter what. And, I was just saying how adorable that picture of Zayn and Perrie kissing was. I think they’re really cute together! And I know Harry will find someone special someday. But, until then, he has Louis 😉

  • StephanieStyles

    Well tuff….I guess the obvious answer is….YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Now tha Harry is single he can finally start looking for the girl of his dreams….I’m 16 & well on my way….

  • Mrs. Stypayhorlikson <3

    This is not true. Harry admitted he never had a girlfriend in the first place. Source: Instagram. The interviewer must have asked if they were dating or not, and Louis responded with No, No. Even if Harry were dating her, I’d be sooo happy for him! I bet she is very nice anyway :) Inbetweener’s Dance,……GO!

  • Rachel

    i hate daniellee oh god liamm liam break up with her plls

  • http://twitter.com/NathalyOfficial XxɴαтнαlyxX

    Awww </3 Poor Harry. I Bet He Just Doesn't Like Girls His Age… I'm Available ! Lol. (;x I Honestly Think He Won't Be Single For Long, He's Too Sweet Hahah. <3 @harry_styles:twitter

  • Emily

    She was to old for anyway Harry

  • http://www.pinterest.com/ShhImBatman/ Natalie Horan-Styles :)

    I think Harry should date a fan. It’s just my opinion, but there are obviously plenty of girls head-over-heels for him! And EVERYBODY says that they would date a fan, but I don’t know of anybody who actually has 😮 I think fans would be happy that Harry was performing with the other guys in One Direction, and would accept his busy schedule better :3 

  • Fiona Claire

     – I mean sad that they didnt work out, and maybe its for that best. *Dancing crazy around*. Well, i have always been supporting the boys relationship, but Emily Atack, is the only women i wasnt much for. I think it was because the pictures of her, half naked. 

  • http://twitter.com/Misscooljb7 One Direction Europe

    Sorry Hazza! But Someday You Will Find The Truth Love.:-)

  • http://twitter.com/Misscooljb7 One Direction Europe

    Just True Directioner Will Love Them Who the Are.

  • Payton

    Oh Louie <3 Hes so sweet
    And Harry- Im sorry You Guys Broke UP Youll find true love soon enough, but to be honest im glad coz she was to old for you Hazz

  • Onedirection10101

    well that was short…

  • Princess Anniezka

    That made my day completely… ^.^

  • Yannet 12

    i think we should give zerrie a chace

  • I_Love_Styles

    Harry, give your smile to everyone but give your heart to only one. :)

  • Tegan Horan


  • Shaniah

    i love you harry and niall,zayn,liam,louie

  • AlexaKoprek123

    lol he should date me jk

  • Erikaphillips

    harry ur flirt anyway u will find a great girl for you :) hey one direction love u guys heaps u guys are good or should i say brilliant and singing bye

  • marieka

    i like harry styles

  • Paulinannn

    Hmm…. Let him be with person, with who he really wants to be. If he’s happy, you should be happy too, if you are really his fans :))

  • harry’s wife

    Emily Atack was a slut. y would he date her?! plus it was a short relationship. thank the lord they broke up!