Harry Styles And Justin Bieber Plan A Lads Holiday

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So, two of the hottest stars around are planning a lads get away to Sin City, otherwise known as Las Vegas!


The pair have both publicly split up with their girlfriends, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, so what better way to get over it than jetting off together!

This bromance could be exactly what the boys need to get over their heartbreak.

We reckon the two are well suited too, both known for their wild partying and reputation with the ladies

A friend reportedr: “The lads talked about a boys’ trip when they were going out with the girls, but it was never on the cards.”

Now they’re footloose and fancy-free, they want to make it happen. They might not be old enough to legally drink but that won’t stop them.

We’re sure they’ll still have plenty of fun!

In fact, we’re feeling a bit jealous…a holiday with Harry Styles and Justin Bieber? What could be better?!

Invite please!

Wonder if we’ll find out about their wild antics? After all, What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas..right? 😉

  • Aminah Bieber

    I Better Have An Invite

  • 1d_sister

    Wait! I thought Justin and Sel were back together! That pic of them kissing at the airport?! Remember???
    Harry, u totally deserve a break! A break from that crazy serial dater, Taylor Swift!!!!
    Taylor dates someone sooooo hard and seems to be thinking of a happy future and stuff but EVERY time , she breaks the chords so easily and for crrrrrazy reasons!!! Whateva! I’m glad that Harry is finally free from her!
    Justin and Harry………..Jarry????
    Seems cute but somehow absurd! 😛
    But cute!!! Have fun boys!!! Vegas, get ready for Xtreeeeeeem party rocking from the worlds best band’s boybander, Harold Edward Styles!!! And of course, Justin Bieber!!!
    How many of u Directioners are Beliebers??? Tell me by commenting !!!

    • directionerfromnarnia

      Jarry? I’d ship that! :)

      • http://twitter.com/1DRAWKKS FollowMeLZLNH

        I don’t Justin can influence Harry by smoking but who knows??? And I’m not a belieber

        • directionerfromnarnia

          I’m not a belieber either. It was my friend that wrote it, so… yeah :)

        • aiesha styles

          Thats what i meant in my other comment hes beeb caught a few times now smoking pot and some beliebers took it so hard they started harming themselves

      • 1d_sister

        Yeah me too! :)

    • Angelis Direction

      Birectionleiber in da house!!! However i respectfully disagree with your Taylor Swift theory

      • Sally

        I respectfully disagree as well:)

      • 1d_sister

        Oh! But that’s how I feel about TS! Sorry Swifties out there!

      • http://twitter.com/1DRAWKKS FollowMeLZLNH

        Uh no Bieblers allowed

    • http://twitter.com/1DRAWKKS FollowMeLZLNH

      I will never be a belieber. Directioner forevaaaaa. But Harry need a break from tht PHYCO maniac dating machine also known as the Taylor dating machine 2000

      • 1d_sister

        Hahaha lol

      • #1directioner<3

        Me too :) YOLO

      • http://www.facebook.com/cookkiee.monnsterr Cookkiee Monnsterr

        I will never be a belieber either… 1d forever

        • http://twitter.com/1DRAWKKS FollowMeLZLNH

          1d forevaaaaa

    • Brynn_Nevins1D

      Haha totally agree!! Hopefully Harry doesn’ t party TOO hard..if ya know what I mean lol 😉

      • 1d_sister

        Hahaha! Nah! He’s sensible!!!

    • minnie juarez

      iam a belieber

      • 1d_sister

        Oh! Great! Gud for u! :)

        • minnie juarez

          & a huge Directioner…i love 1D more than Justin Bieber

          • 1d_sister

            yeah cuz 1D’s soooooo much better than JB*no hate*

          • http://twitter.com/1DRAWKKS FollowMeLZLNH

            Just sucks and no hate either I just hate him sooo much e got no talent

          • 1d_sister

            um actually, I’m no belieber or anything like that.
            But I respectfully disagree with your comment.
            Justin is really aggressive and not at all cool with his fans.=(
            He’s nowhere near our boys! No comparison needed!
            Our boys will always remain the BEST! =)
            But…………….. Justin has sooooo much of talent!
            His voice is charming… it’s beautiful! yea
            Talent is definitely there!
            But if you compare him with our boys, …. you’ll notice that our boys are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better! 😀

            Our 5 best boys are friendlier, sweeter, kinder, nicer, naughtier :P, lovable and AMAZAYN!
            Justin’s sooooo NOT down to earth!
            Friendly is just not the way to describe him!!!
            *no hate*
            (besides, i’m starting to think that justin’s gaaaay!)
            *no hate*

          • minnie juarez

            lol sometimes i think that 2

          • 1d_sister

            yeah! :)

    • HanaStyles


    • http://www.facebook.com/silvia98 Silvi Georgieva

      I’m a Directioner and a Belieber 😉

      • 1d_sister

        I’m a fan of JB but nope! not a belieber. :)

  • mimi deria

    Harry Styles and Justin beiber …. I don’t believe that .. Amazing!!! 😀 … Have fun Boys! <3

  • LUV 1D

    Dats so kwl I hop dey get over dose girls who r heart brackers <3 bt watever Der movin on n a DIRECTIONER would wat dem 2 hve fun BOYS!!!!!

  • LOLA

    Justin plz dont give weed to our lovely harry 😉

    • http://twitter.com/1DRAWKKS FollowMeLZLNH

      Ha I know right

    • erisvey casas

      Yea girls have been cutting them selfs because of justin bieber smoking weed im like that is the kind of fan base that is just mest up

  • Maryuum

    Okay that’s like the best thing I read for weeks about One Direction!!! ;D

  • Darcy Styles

    Mom we’re going to Vegas!

  • Fernanda Burgoa

    Come on Sel and JB should be together and halor no no no

  • Jazmine


  • Jazmine


  • http://twitter.com/cheekymonkey16 cheekymonkey

    Yeah partay!! *fist pumps air* it’s just what you need haz you needed a break from that crazy girl that doesn’t deserve you anyways so go ahead enjoy yourself and have fun you don’t need her to make you happy because you’re extrordinHARRY have fun lads but not “too” much fun if you know what I mean;)

  • Georgia Woolley

    Guys parts vaykay I’m just like one of the guys invite meeeeee

  • Georgia Woolley

    Seriously I hang around wiv guys not girls lol

  • 1D_Is_My_Life

    I hope they have fun getting over their girls. Harry needs a break. Just please Justin, i’m begging you don’t give weed to our previous Harry.

    • 1D_Is_My_Life


  • Georgia Woolley

    Justin doesn’t smoke weed r u stupid it. Was just sum scandal

    • erisvey casas

      Hello everybody knows he smokes weed because of the news

  • Nialler4ever

    I don’t think Justin is a very good influence…
    Justin was caught doing drugs, so I hope he doesnt try to make Hazza do it.. :/

  • directioner

    I think niall should go with them too considering he loves Justin and is really close with harry

    • fridastylinsonmaloranpay

      I totally agree!

    • ❤Tootsieroll1D ❤

      Right! Especially since all three are single, so there wouldn’t be much talk about old girlfriends..

  • Bree Horanson

    Me: Mom pack up !!! Mom: Why?? Me: We are going to Vegas !!!!!

  • Mariana

    Why justin bieber?

  • Sally

    Awesome pic of Harry;)

  • Guest

    I hope the boys have fun! I think they are both reasonable Enid to not get into trouble. I luv u Harry!


    WOW!!!!! JB and HS!!!!! Two extremely hot guys in one state!!!!! OW!!!!! I might just have a “Heart Attack!” Surprize that Niall isn’t going!!!!!

  • Nicole Styles

    Um no offense to those beliebers but no just no

  • iwiish

    aww they didn’t invite niall? :( I bet he felt a little sad

  • Eileen Stypayhorlikson

    I go for one direction more than Justin bieber!!

  • kayla

    I’m sorry but I really believe in Sarry or Helena

  • http://twitter.com/TiernanLegendre Tiernan Legendre

    Hey to tell the truth I used to have bieber fever and then I turned 12 then I started likening British guys I so except the harry have no prob with it love u both parta hard for me

  • http://www.facebook.com/belieber312 Kristen Hunt

    i hope the two dont get too drunk and make-out with eachother….i mean just look at them….two of the hottest guys in the US on a vegas trip….lol……just kiddin…..maybe a jarry bromance

  • Trisha Wilson

    They need a ship name! Quick!

  • 1D~Lover

    Still a directioner forever, not Belieber! But sure they can be friends!

  • http://twitter.com/chandniamin ツ Moon Malik ツ

    No what needs to happen is that our boys need to go to a vacation altogether it has been so long and I miss it

  • http://www.facebook.com/taylor.bradford.98 Taylor Bradford

    i would Love To Hang out with Them! They are Bothe my FAVORITE! :) and I love them both! :) <3

  • Nikki

    I ❤ u Harry your r so

  • alexa<3s1D

    Ooooo wat fun I hope they have the time of thier guy trip but not to much if you knowbi mean they can find another girlfriend and then another bream up but wat girl would wanna do that ! BUT SERIOUSLY WHO IM REALY WONDERING!?!?!?!? ? ?!?!?!♡♥♡x)

  • erika santos

    Ahhh!! I live in Vegas let’s see if I spot them!

  • 1DirectionLuvr

    What would make it better is hazza going out with our lover boys, otherwise known as… One Direction

  • Lily

    No offense to anyone but just cuz Justin does weed doesn’t exactly mean he’ll force Harry to do it. You can’t actually force someone to do some thing against their will. If Harry accepts the weed it’s by his own choice.

    • aiesha styles

      Ummm not trying to be mean no hate but yes u can but its cool were all worried because that just means we really care about him

    • #1directioner<3

      Ya we all know that werw just hoping that and besides thats all you learn on D.A.R.E.

  • heishly

    Have fun on your vacation boys!Though I’d wish you’d invite me!…

  • http://www.facebook.com/kira.martinezreleford Kira Martinez-Releford


  • amazing#1d

    I wanna go!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Mikosim_1D Miko Sim

    C’mon, i AM a belieber and a directioner.. I don’t see why, they can’t be together.. Don’t tell me that harry is still a teen.. He is already an adult… He knows what is right and what is wrong..

  • Niall@Nandos

    I Think It AmaZAYN Idear

  • aiesha styles

    Im really worried now! Harold Edward Styles dont do anything stupid i trust that you’ll make the right decisions and dont let justin make you do things hes been doing lately (you know what a mean) but have fun

  • mariam tsiskarishvili


  • http://twitter.com/bibyana_1D Rated R

    What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas hahaha

  • http://twitter.com/Directi07908410 This Is Us

    Why does EVERYTHING happen in America? THERE’S A PLACE ON THIS PLANET CALLED ‘CANADA’!!!!!!!

    • GraciousDirectioner

      What’s Canada? XD

  • http://www.facebook.com/silvia98 Silvi Georgieva

    Lol they deserve a little vacation ! :)

  • http://twitter.com/love1dlovepink sarah

    Wait, Harry don’t you have rehearsals for the TMH world tour????

  • Emma

    Is Jarry gonna become a trend now or something?

  • #1directioner<3

    No directioner should be a belieber

    • Nicole Styles

      I TOTALLY agree there’s like 2 girls at my school who “like” One Direction and they’re also bielebers and I’m like u guys aren’t Directioners and they’re like why and I said cuz you’re also beliebers and its either one or the other and they’re like so we’re Directioners and bielebers and I just said to myself walk away now and looked at them like •_• and then -_ –

  • samantha

    harry is so dam hot and sexy marry me plz harry

  • Nicole Styles

    So not a good idea I mean think about it single Harry in Vegas SO NOT a good idea I don’t want the next headline for an article on this web page to be: Harry Styles leaves club with a girl and heads to his hotel with her. Or: Harry Styles seen with a bunch of girls in 1 night. You know what I mean?

  • Corena Scott<3 :)

    Whos cuter? 4-nipple Harry Styles or Bieber-ific Justin Bieber? This is really good for Harry because he pulls off the 4-nipple look, and JB has that cool look in his eye!

  • Camilla

    Oh no … What is Justin tries to make Harry smoke … ):

  • sareeesah

    harry is so hot !!! and justin too !! i love both of them …….. harry is my idol ♥ i love you harry ♥ marry me ?!!!

  • sareeesah

    harry is so hot !!! and justin too !! i love both of them …….. harry is my idol ♥ i love you harry ♥ marry me ?!!!

  • emdog wolf200

    i would not even be a beliber i hate justin bieber
    i am a diretioner fan i love one diretion and by the way i like harry and zayn also niall