Harry Styles & Caroline Flack – What Are Your Views?

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Harry-Styles.com has posted a new article about Harry & Caroline, asking you for views on the relationship. Head on over to the site and have a read for yourself.

  • Sarah

    i think that harry can do whatever he wants to do as long as he is happy!
    i just hope they deserve the best, and caroline does not deserve all this hate!
    they are a cute couple and i wish them the best :)
    obviously i wish harry liked me ;D but whatever <3

  • Ellen

    I think that the age difference is too much, i mean caroline should be looking to settle down and start a family whereas Harry should be out there enjoying being 17. I don’t know what harry is like as a person but he needs to have a lot of willpower to not cheat on Caroline because girls are basically throwing themselves at him !

  • Sarah

    Well personally I think that it is quite a bit of an age gap but then again who am I to question what they want to do if they want to be together then why do people mock her niether of them are doing anything wrong and no one can help who they fall in love with personally I think people are abit to hard on Caroline like she’s not acctuallt done anything wrong all she’s done is she is in a relationship with somone she loves and let’s face it anyone would <3 xo

  • Paula

    I think its great that these young people have found each other, age is but a number, if it was the other way around and she was 17 then people would be praising him.. I say go for it, if it works out and you are both happy then thats all that matters.. good luck to the both of you xxx

  • Kaylee

    I personally think that Harry should be with who ever he loves. If he loves Caroline, let him be. However, I do agree that the age gap is just a little to wide. I also find it sets a bad example for his younger fans who look up to all these boys.
    NO HATE! <3

  • N

    noo :( Good for him bad for me :((