Harry Styles Congratulates His “Annoyingly Clever Sister” Gemma

Harry Styles in the Trekstock video

Harry is on the opposite side of the world, but that doesn’t mean he has forgotten his family.

So to show that he still a down to Earth lad, he dedicated one of his hugely publicized tweets to his sister, Gemma.

Apparently she has done really well with her studies and has finally graduated.

Harry described her as “annoyingly clever” in a very cute tweet:

He said:

“Well done to my annoyingly clever sister @GemmaAnneStyles on completing her education! I’m so proud of you .xx”

Fans went into overdrive when the tweet went live and here are some of what people said:

“@Harry_Styles @GemmaAnneStyles awww harold, you’re so cute! Congratulations Gemma!!!”

“@Harry_Styles @GemmaAnneStyles you two are adorable”

“@Harry_Styles you’re the most amazing younger brother ever :’) x”

Harry has always been close with his big sister and actually got her name tattooed on his arm in Hebrew. So a tweet is really the least he could have done for someone so special in his life!

Harry Styles posing with fans in New York City


Poor Harry himself recently found himself feeling unwell on-stage, and in carbon-copy of what happened to Justin Bieber last year, our Hazza found himself forced to vomit backstage in Pittsburgh.


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