Harry Styles Denies Gay Kiss With Niall (Boo Hoo)

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Ok, so Harry has come out and said most definitely that it wasn’t a kiss he shared with Niall in THAT concert video.

We posted the hot video 2 days ago, and since then thousands of you have been saying “yes it was” or “no it wasn’t”.

Harry tweeted:

“no, I was talking to him and it looked like we got freaky..”

So it was just the camera angle that made it look like they kissed.

Damn. We quite wanted a bit of freaky 1D man-love. Ahem.

Harry responded to a few questions from fans on Twitter at the same time, even answering the following strange one:

“How do you feel about having a penis nose?”

H answered with:

“I’m ok with it..”

Boring answer that harry!

Here’s a couple more questions he answered:

Fan: “harold! young man. uh. do you like the color pink?”

Harry: “sometimes… It depends what it is haha”

Fan: “wait Are the snowballs real snow?!”

Harry: “yes. They are real snow…”

Fan: “can u pls follow me ? And what is ur fav superhero ?”

Harry: “has to be superman…”

We think the rest of the band should now start answering questions more often. Come on lads 😉