Harry Styles Escapes An EGGING In Glasgow

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Hazza was on his way to visit a friend at the University halls in Glasgow when a bunch of students heard about his impending visit.

A certain student planned to attack our Harry, but give his plan away on Twitter. Read the following to get the lowdown on the whole story.

Harry Styles in Holmes Chapel

Tom Marsh, a student said:

“Harry Styles is apparently visiting a mate at our halls, we’re going to try and egg him the massive queer”

To which a friend of his replied:

“no way, seriously? Get a hit on the f**ker’s nose from me,”

Tom replied:

“Yeah, some girl he went to school with is 2 blocks up from us. Full police escort and everything, bumder.”

After hearing about their plans, Twitter account Directioner Updates tweeted back at the lads:

“Y’all need to stop hating on him, cause he got far more in life than you did,”

And then the nasty pasty Tom Marsh retweeted a post, saying:

“apparently Harry jumped out of the kitchen window to escape being egged as there are people outside the block trying to see him.”

More of you then jumped on the hate bandwagon, levelling the following tweets towards Tom and his cronies:

This guy @tommarsh10 was involved with the egging stunt trying to egg Harry. Yea so mature of you….. Get a life sometime

@tommarsh10 jealously won’t get you far in life. Grow up. #pathetic

@tommarsh10 @joshrooney his toilet paper probably costs more than ur house do urself a favour and excuse urself

@joshrooney @tommarsh10 you’re lucky Police were there, because not only would have you been charged, but Directioners would go vile on you.

Oh how we love the Directioner family!

But can you imagine if Harry actaully got an egging for real? :)

  • i_luv_1D_14

    Yay first comment …

    Anyway people Ned life’s these Wats I swear y would u want to egg harry for like what one tweet said ur lucky the police were their I swear the directioners would of ate him alive that stupid low life jealous much .

  • harrygirl1Dadele

    That bloke must be very,very jealous of our Harry…message from me: DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH OUR BOYS AND GET A LIFE!!

  • 1d_sister

    Our Directioner Family is So Strong!!!!
    Lucky Harry that he escaped!!
    But Tom, your idiotic plan went flop!!! Don’t ever try such a thing on our boys!!!
    Or you’ll soon receive death threats from our SevereDirectioners!!!!
    Yeah! they’ll do anything!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/RealCorenaScott corena scott

      It is true like there must be like what, over millions and millions of directioners. So back the hell off them.

      • 1d_sister

        My school is flooded with Directioners!!! Some are true and dedicated like me but the others hardly know their middle names!!!
        But still, fans are fans!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/FabulousNails FabulousNails

    Those are just a couple of jealous overgrown teenagers, let’s not go overboard either. I don’t really understand the guy’s reactions. I would never egg anyone just because I don’t like them, but guys can be quite immature. They probably thought it would be so cool and rebellious… At the very least, while it was certainly not nice, it was not truly dangerous.
    I don’t know if the police was dispatched for this reason, but I would be a little concerned if I were this guy on twitter because the police might come knock on his door later if that’s the case.

    Mainly I feel bad for Harry. People can be quite malicious when he has not done anything to anyone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sarah.charringtion Sarah Charringtion

    Some people in this world really need to grow up

  • Nia malik

    Stupid boys

  • Mrs.Horan

    They made cause he got more girls then him

    • Sydney_holand

      eggzacly lol

  • Anonymous

    Get a life guy

  • Anonymous


  • Emily Marie

    Where are his flippy curls! D-: Anyway… Glad that he got away safe and the guys who tried to egg him failed…. they are so immature. They’re just jealousness that Harry has thousands of girls that want to be his girl friend and they don’t have any… hehe 😀

  • http://www.facebook.com/Linda.Phen Linda Sasaki Nusomi

    Poor harry ;(
    I really wanna screw that guy up!!!!

  • Sharri montgomery

    Call me crazy, but i think directioners should go back and egg him just because he threated Harry. 00 Ditectioner, the One Direction hitgirl team!

  • http://twitter.com/JoJoMoussallem JoJo J. Moussallem

    They just want to do some noise and publish their names around they’re rly pathetic

  • Sydney_holand

    I thought this was 4 real I would of said just get a life and grow up

  • http://twitter.com/IGoOneWay1D Christine Says Hi :]

    This is what jealousy can do. Luckily Harry escaped, and we have a big supportive fandom!

  • kathryn

    im so glad he escaped if he didn’t I would have went over to those ppl who thried to egg hazz and I mould have killed them

  • http://twitter.com/IraLovesOreos Ira Ris


  • Jackie

    Tom is plain dumb I swear if he did any thing to the boys or harry that day I would go all donkey Kong on his sorry butt!!!!!!!!!!
    He needs to get a life nd everyone else who hates on he boys

  • http://www.facebook.com/kassandra.salina.3 Kassandra Salina

    There just jealous because they got no where in life!

  • Shayla styles

    Relly? Trying to that to harry they done lost they mind

  • Chassity LaRaye Varnold-Styles

    Omg! Poor harry! As Least He Escaped. Lol <3

    • Olivia Jones

      Yea that’s true, that was really stupid of those people they are so immature

  • Diiiiiiiirectioner4everX


  • Emily Tomlinson

    Thats just really mean what the students were going to do. Poor Harry ;(

  • Emily Tomlinson

    Thats just not fair. Those mean students trying to egg harry. Poor Harry ;(

  • 1direction#amazing!

    At least he espcaped!

  • http://twitter.com/Allycandy81 Ally Jessica Mayers

    Omg, wht is wrong wit pple??Fist CJ trying to ruin zayn’s life now this Tom guy!! WTH SOCIETY?!?!

  • Aylin Morelos

    omg we are so crazy i love this famly

  • http://twitter.com/I_needHoran_hug Valentina

    Can not believe in his jelaousy! He really needs kick in head.With chair.Which is metal.No even better! Lets egg on him! Forhead-10 points,balls-50points

  • http://twitter.com/1DNiallsBabe1D ✖Kɪʀѕty Jaɴє✖

    dum ass…lets egg him and see how he likes it

  • Ashley Reyes

    Those stupid guys. they are just jealous that harry is famous and HOTTTTTTT. at least harry got farther in life. stupid guys

  • Sally

    Somebody shut them up. Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean you can EGG them!!!!

  • gest

    Those people r just jelous losers with no life!!!! And harry ever sees this I just want him to know that directioners will always have ur back!!! <3 <3 :)

  • Directioner_Life

    Get what you get don’t have a fit >:)

  • karen styles

    Thats so mean just leave him alone

  • 1Dlover8



    If Harry GOT egged for real it would have been on like Donkey Kong 2 between that Tom mofo and Directioners(Niall’s mofo)!!!!! Srry for language those who no wht that means

  • Sarah+1D

    There just jealous cause there u no
    O e direction

  • Darcy Styles

    Those people sicken me!!

  • http://twitter.com/1DRAWKKS FollowMeLZLNH

    Haha is directioners are so nice

  • McKenzie Stylinson

    Oh, we wouldn’t have just been vile, we would’ve pounded you into the ground if you really did that to Harry styles! Plus, if you had succeeded, I hope you would’ve gotten charged for a whole bunch of money.

  • Utterly Confused

    Why can’t we just back off? Not only Directioners, but haters, too. The celebrities are people, too, they just are well known

  • Guest

    Hey Harry I love you !!! When you come to Polish? One direction I Love

  • Kaitlin

    that’s so stupid
    i love Harry it would be sad for him to get egged

  • zarry_stylik

    ohhhhhh god:s

  • Aime

    I wanna egg Harry…… Lol jk xD no really

  • http://www.facebook.com/gabrysia.sucheska Gabrysia Sucheska

    Love Harry and all the best :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/crystal.mcenny Crystal Mcenny

    awww i feel so sorry 4 harry!!!!!!……the dudes tht hate him r just so jelouse just bcz hes so much famous than u n can get more girls than u…..i bet u guys do so dont hate him n u dont have 2 like him……if u dont like him then dont say it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Riel Whittle

    This might sound mean but i think it would be very funny if he got egged 😛 though next time DO NOT REVEAL YOUR PLANS ON TWITTER!!! how smart is that???? I would like to have a water gun fight as well hehehehehe more plans to come 😀

  • Riel Whittle

    Not that I hate them! I just like causing mischief!

  • Kerri

    If you lay one of your dirty disgusting fingers on Harry’s pretty little head you are going to die a very VERY slow and painful death -directioner style punishment!!

  • http://twitter.com/RealCorenaScott corena scott

    There are nothing but f*cking ugly b****es. Poor Harry

  • I Luv LIAM!!!!

    That would be terrible and everybody who were in on the plan stop because one direction are still humans

  • http://www.facebook.com/tanisha.battles Tanisha Battles

    Those two guys are just jealous of harry all because he got somewhere i his life. At least he’s mature and acts his his ad not no 5 year old egging people for no reason.