Harry Styles Wants a FACE TATTOO!

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Hazza’s already got a plethora of tattoos, but afer performing with singer Angel at the iTunes festival this week, the Holmes Chapel lad apparently fancies another one, ON HIS FACE.

Angel, pictured below, has some cool ink art across his face, and Harry Styles has seemingly caught the bug.

According to the Daily Star, Hazza was proper interested with Angel’s facial art:

“Harry Styles was fascinated by Angel’s face tattoos. So he [Angel] offered to take Harry down to see his friend who did the tattoo and runs a tattoo parlour in Fulham. They swapped numbers.”

Angel, speaking with The Sun, said:

“He was asking about them and I offered to take him down to my boy’s parlour. He laughed and said he’d think about it.”

What do you think Harry looks like with the 1D logo on his cheek?

  • Directiooner

    Omg he’s crazy!!

  • Directiooner

    I’m not agree! You are not a coloring book!!!!! :(