Harry Styles Has A Hot New Blonde (N’ It’s NOT Taylor Swift!)

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“One Direction’s Harry Styles is awash in blondes!”

That’s the way the headlines from the Examiner to Zimbio painted the life n’ high times of Harry Styles yesterday.

Seems a story published Saturday revealed Harry’d been seen “several times” with beautiful British model Cara Delevingne.

The blonde bombshell recently strutted the swanky catwalk at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show….and guess who sent Cara a big bouquet of flowers, right before she modeled some very sexxxy lingerie?

Harry Styles! That’s who!

British tabloids then reported that “it’s model Cara Delevingne that has Harry’s heart, not Taylor.”

According to Heat Magazine, the 1D hunk even told his Dad that “Cara could be the one.”

N’ so now the buzz about a “love triangle,” with handsome Harry in the middle between Cara n’ Taylor Swift, has hit the Web.

Is the budding romance between Harry n’ Taylor ALREADY OFF?

Is “Haylor” history, totally DUNZO?

Sources also say Cara “made a play” for Justin Bieber at the Victoria’s Secret after-party, which some think was meant to make poor Harry jealous.

Taylor just jetted out of Tokyo today, en route to Australia where she’s continuing her “Red” promo tour.

What happened to the matching necklaces both she n’ Harry wore, just this week?

How many smoking-hot blondes can Harry Styles be linked to?

N’ how can even that fabulous flirt Harry Styles hope to keep up, with his own love-life?

  • Cora

    This is obviously fake. The background of the blondie is wayyyy too ‘dark’.