Harry Styles: “I told a girl I was gay!”

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The 1D boys certainly don’t have any problems with the girls, but when it comes to letting somebody down gently, it seems Harry has got it sussed.

Speaking with Teen Now Magazine, the cheeky Holmes Chapel lad said “I told someone I was gay once.” “And I also gave Peaches Geldof” a fake number. She must hate me!”

He went on to say “If she’s reading this, say hello next time you see me. I might give you the right number!”

When asked the same question, Zayn answered with “If you’re not interested in a girl you have to be careful so you don’t come across as arrogant”. “Say you don’t want to ruin the friendship or whatever. If you’re not interested there’s no point leading someone on.”

Blimey, One Direction must be sick and tired of letting down girls gently, going off the number of fans who would give anything to get close to them!

Elsewhere, Kerry Katona has given her verdict on the ongoing relationship between the Stylester and the Flackster. Speaking with Star magazine, Kerry said: “Stop. That is so wrong. I just could’nt be s***ing someone who was going through puberty!” “If it’s a Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher sitatuion that’s different because they’re older. But Harry Styles is just a 17 year old boy, so in my eyes it’s just wrong. He’s not even allowed to drink yet!”

These comments from Kerry seem to contrast with her antics in the Big Brother house this year – going off her constant flirting with Lucien Laviscount!

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  • Claire

    Its ok Harry! Love you!! <3

  • Seren

    Harry love the hair and 1d

  • Kylie Loves Harry

    Harry isn’t gay , he just said that to avoid an awful relationship. Anyone would love to be with anyone of them . Especially me !! I love them all , I can’t just single them out like that. I love Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall,and Louis!! I love them all!!!

    • proud directioner

      but look at your username it says Kylie loves Harry so you obviously are singling them out your such a directionator! maybe u should listen to some of your own advice

  • Brady_boe

    i always wondered who are gay???????? Is it 1,2,3,4,or 5?

  • Sharol_gonzales

    Kylie Loves Harry is wrong because you can look it up . He is gay smart one.

  • HArry’s lover

    HARRY <3

  • imogen

    I thought this was a site to find out peoples number, but obviously not!? i only clicked on it coz i thought i would be able to get harrys number!? does anyone no how to get it? or even better, what it is?! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • ShaNaiNai

    Hey all you people who think Harry Styles is gay your obviously gay! Leave him alone; rumors are the last thing he wants to deal with!

    • Gretchen

      You are right people need to stop making rumors.He is hot no matter who says he not

  • eli lara

    i love zayn malik im dating him im taken hi is taken

  • Gretchen

    I love Niall

  • Gretchen

    I love niall