Harry Styles Latest Tattoo – A Rose On His Left Arm

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Harry of course is no stranger to a tattoo or two, or 44.

Mr Styles has now taken his number of tattoos up to an astonishing 45 after getting another one on his lower left arm.

He now has a rose, stretching around his elbow. It actually looks to be quite detailed, unlike some of his other doodles that he has had done, which he has since said he regrets.

A source told The Mirror newspaper: “The hopeless romantic got the ink while on vacation in Los Angeles as One Direction are being given the pleasures of a two week break from a mammoth 117-date world tour.”

The source also said: “His other tattoos include the WRONG lyrics for Temper Trap’s iconic song Sweet Disposition.”

Harry of course has ‘won’t stop till we surrender’ on his upper left arm, but the right lyrics to the song are ‘won’t stop to surrender’.

Well maybe Mr Source, maybe Harry wasn’t getting the lyrics to the song and just wanted the tattoo ‘won’t stop till we surrender’, which is quite a popular tattoo anyway!

Anyway what do you think of Harry’s latest tattoo of a rose?

Love it? Hate It? Wish he’d stop getting tattoos or do you want to see Harry get even more?

  • ash_cuesta

    even if you have many tattoos we still love you haz :*

  • Stini2526

    it nice

  • A_Dedicated_Directioner

    o.O Harry! -_-
    Hope it has some meaning! *-*

  • Grace

    a rose symbolizes love and romance…this is perfect for haz :)

  • Adriyenni Garrotee

    “Harry of course is no stranger to a tattoo or two, or 44.” Made me LOL! XDD Oh Hazza… -__- I hope that’s the last one.. :(( He’s too addicted to it! But we will still love you :-*** Love yah Haz! <33

  • i_luv_1D_14

    I like it that’s a nice one I actually love it

  • yasmeen

    i likeit

  • 0BEY T0 1D

    I’ll still love him. The rose tattoo is really cute though.

  • swifting

    Ill love him unconditionally but im not a fan of tattoos

  • Cat G.

    I thought they said his next was gonna b a cancer ribbon? Well, they are very unpredictable so one may never know…

    • Anamiletartis


  • Kaylee

    Oh hazza your so fn cute and the rose is so you! You look hot with it on OMG I’m dyin

  • Kassandra Salina

    I love the rose ❤

  • Jacqueline Ramos

    I saw that on istagram but harry has a lot if tattoos for his age but I still love harry no matter what

  • 1DL❤ver

    Harry I love ur tattoos but I think they r inaf!!!:)xxx

  • Leeyum’s Gurl <3

    It’s so perf :) haha ‘Mr.Source’ :’D

  • Natalie x

    I love it:)

  • Tildisen <3

    I love it! <333 But I hope he stops now.. It's a little bit to much.. :/

  • Peaches

    i wonder wat its for or if he got it just because………either way i like it

  • T۰۪a۫۰۪y۫¸.•*¨*•♫♪

    why is everyone always like “oh it doesnt have a meaning” and “stop with the tattoos harry!” cuz i personally think tattooed harry is twice as sexy… tehehe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Maddison Strubhar

    I thought we were done with these pages…hahah 😀

    Love you harry!

  • Samantha Sancen

    We say his tatts don’t have meaning but look…. Ed made him a tatt if my friend drawer a tatt on me I’d love it won’t stop till we surrender it means he doesn’t care about haters and the rose means he is a romantic

  • Rose

    my name is Rose! omg :) <3

  • Directioner301

    I love Harry to death, but I really think he needs so stop getting so many tattoos. He has more than enough. I still love him no matter what though:) <3

    • julia Rodriguez

      SHUT THE F*** UP HE CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS have a nice day

      • Directioner301

        Really? Ok that was rude. I said I still l still love him anyway!! Calm down!!!! I know he can do whatever he wants it’s not MY desision! I’m happy if he is. So please don’t cuss at me! @julia Rodriguez

  • Mrs. Horlinson

    Harry is literally one of the cutest things to ever live <333 and Mr. Source , shut the f*ck up .

  • Ana Chirardello

    I LOVEE IT I love when he gets bigger and detailed tattoos other than his cute little doodles but I swear I bet you he’s going to get a full sleeve OMFG PUNK HARRY

  • Directioner

    Wow it’s looks soo gud on his hand Love it!!

  • julia Rodriguez

    Or it symbolizes his luv for me! Lol a girl can dream


    I like it but I also liked him when he had no tattoos

  • Marina

    I think it’s so romantic. <3 I love it! 😀