Harry Styles’ Mum Abused On Twitter

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Caroline Flack received death threats last year, and only last month Danielle Peazer was the subject of vicious Twitter taunts.

Now it seems it’s the turn of Harry Styles’ mum, Anne Cox to take the role of victim.

A user with the Twitter name of “1D are a sh*t” told Anne: “I hope you’ll die because you are a bitch’ and also wrote ‘Harry’s mum has big boobs and a big bottom she looks like a bitch.”

Anne held her calm however, and casually replied back: “I hope you find inner peace someday.”

A further text was sent afterwards from the bully, saying: “Harry’s mum has big boobs and a big bottom she looks like a b*tch.”

Not the sort of language we like to hear, particularly.

Elsewhere, Niall Horan’s dad has admitted he’s worried about how his son will cope if One Direction were ever to fall off their current perch (as world dominating superheroes!).

Speaking with The Mirror, he said: “The only thing I’m worried about is hopefully it’ll be a long period being at the top.”

Adding further:

“The comedown from that I’m a little bit worried about. It’s always at the back of my mind. You’re up there on a high but it’s a big drop after that. But he seems to be coping with everything brilliantly – a lot better than I would.”

Nothing to worry about Mr Horan, at least not for a while! (And then they’ll reform again ala Take That and become even massiver!) 😉

On a more positive note, lets watch the brilliant WMYB Behind-The-Scenes video again shall we 😉