Harry Styles’ Old Bandmates To Give One Direction A Run For Their Money

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Harry Styles was once a ‘White Eskimo’ before he became one of the hottest stars on the planet. Now his former bandmates want to make it BIG without him.


Harry was the lead singer of the band before he went off to an X Factor audition which changed his life forever, accompanied by White Eskimo’s frontman Will Sweeney, 18.

He the Manchester Evening News: “We skived off school and stood in the queue for four or five hours.

“He auditioned because his mum applied for him and I said ‘Of course I’ll come with you.’

“I just thought it would be an experience. I never thought he would leave. In fact Harry is still a member of White Eskimo because he never told us he was leaving.”

Apparently, Harry never wanted to be a singer, he actually had his heart set on playing bass. But it was his good friend Will who convinced him to show off his vocals.

He said: “It was a week before our school Battle of the Bands contest and we needed a bassist and a singer. Me, Harry and Haydn were best friends and we knew Nick Clough who was starting to play bass.

“Harry said ‘I don’t want to sing’ but I didn’t give him a choice, I pushed him to sing.

The only time he sang before was when we were all together in the car. We played Summer of ‘69 and Are You Gonna Be My Girl at the Battle of the Bands and we won.”


When One Direciton came third in the X Factor, Harry and Will lost touch after knowing each other since they were 11 years old. We suspect Harry doesn’t have much time to keep in touch, what with his kinda busy schedule and all.

Will added: “I know that if just three or four times he said ‘listen to my old band’ it would give us exposure to millions of people. We have asked him. I last spoke to him a year ago. He doesn’t see me anymore.”

The band took a year off beforeWill re-started it with bassist Sam Greenwood, 19, aguitarist Josh Clarke, 18, and Alex Lewis, also 18, who took over Will’s role as the drummer.

And you Directioners all over the globe are loving ’em!

We have got worldwide attention because they know Harry was in the band. We get confidence from his fans.

“People from Australia want us to go over and play gigs and people in America post things on Facebook.

White Eskimo are hoping to land a record deal, and already have their own album ready.

They are performing a free gig at Manchester’s Hard Rock Café on Friday, January 18.

Get yourselves down there, they’re pretty good!

Although they’re keen to make it big, they are certain that they won’t be following in Harry’s footsteps and auditioning for the X Factor

Will said: “We want to go down the route of making music ourselves and making it big because we are good.

“It is ruining music where everything you hear on the radio is a pay cheque.”

So, could White Eskimo be the next BIG thing?

  • EmmiH

    I have nothing against anyone, but did it sound a bit… unfriendly?… what Will said about not keeping in touch? Oh well, I don’t know. It might be just me and my “hearing problems” or simply taking things out of context and not rude at all. :)

    • http://twitter.com/FabulousNails FabulousNails

      As you can read, I was thinking the same thing.

    • julia

      Thats whai i thought to

    • Sally

      That’s what I was thinking. Will’s comments sounded a bit resentful. And the whole X Factor thing, they were almost insulting One Direction’s music and rise to fame. Which is stupid, because the “traditional way” doesn’t seem to be working very well. Of course, they were Harry’s friends, so I guess we should support them:)

      • http://twitter.com/FabulousNails FabulousNails

        Well, people can check out the music and see if they like it, but anymore than that should not be expected IMHO, unless the music is really amazing, especially considering this guy seems to be dissing his former friend while asking for his help.

        If you sometimes read gossip, you’ll see that Will seemed to have taken to speaking to the press about Harry (happened several times). I thought that they might still be friends and that those articles might be fabricated, but his sour attitude and the fact that they are not friends anymore makes me think he could indeed have talked to the press. It was no big deal (Harry was already a ladie’s man in 10th class… stuff like that), but it kind of puts me off.
        But I realize things get twisted, and lots of things turn out not to be as they seem, so I’ll try to keep an open mind!

        • Sally

          Definitely! And Harry obviously has spoken about them, because I actually know who they are and how they relate to One Direction.

      • 1d_sister

        yea, actually, even i thought his comments were a little unpolite!
        i wonder why…
        Harry said he never will forget his old friends… then why did Will say stuff like that?

    • 1D_Is_My_Life

      He did sound kinda unfriendly. Like he wasn’t happy for Harry’s success. If he and Harry were friends, Will would at least be happy for Harry. That’s just my opinion, no hate intended

    • Karen Rodriguez

      I noticed that he sounds resentful like hes not that happy for harry he basically made it seem like the whole xfactor thing was was the easy way in and basically their music is the typical stuff u hear on the radio if you ask me hes hating a bit he just tried to sugarcoat it a bit but it was pretty obvious he’s definitely resentful towards harry making it.

  • http://twitter.com/FabulousNails FabulousNails

    Harry has tweeted about them… Hopefully it makes them happy and gives them a little push.

    Though since he so addamantly doesn’t want to rely on something like the X factor, maybe they should try to make it happen on their own.
    Am I the only one feeling a little bit of bitterness in some of the stuff that Will said?
    [EDIT: It’s too bad that Will fellt the need to be a little bitter because Harry did tweet about them, but it won’t do them any good with such an attitude IMHO]

    It’s kind of sad that Harry lost touch with his friends back home, but with the little free time he has, I am not surprised that it happened.
    Plus I remember an interview (loose woman) in which he said that it was hard because the people from home always wanted to hear about his adventures (that were much more interesting than theirs according to them), while he would have liked to hear about the “boring” stuff happening in their lives too…

    • Vanity-Marie

      I was just about to post a comment similar to yours haha(:, and it wasn’t too long ago that Harry tweeted about them it’s a bit odd that Will didn’t mention that

    • Mell

      Yea i agree with you

    • EmmiH

      Yeah, I saw that tweet as well… An old article this one? But still, like you said, if they want to do it on their own………..

  • Aastha Ginodia

    Ummmm i think Will was a bit rude in those comments! Just my opinion! 😀

  • amazing#1d

    NOOOOOO! One Direction rule on forever!!!!

  • niall’s girl

    They cant become famous because of harry they have to work hard like 1D i think they arent showing any efforts and just counting on HARRY not fair at alllllll :( :'(

  • Georgia Woolley

    White Eskimo= ugly rubbish bad 1D= amazing fit amazing perfect good

  • http://twitter.com/IraLovesOreos Ira Ris

    This might just be me, but I have a feeling that they want to use Harry to get big… Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but they don’t sound pretty friendly…

    • http://twitter.com/Real_Megley Meghan

      i agree! it sounds like it

  • one directioner12

    ha they wouldn’t be bigger than one direction they ain’t as good looking bet they can’t sing and play instruments as well as one D can

  • Jazmine

    Ok whatever

  • Emilyrose555

    Will was super rude abs sounded liks and ass in those comments


    Not trying to be rude But I personally think they won’t make it big like One Direction idk but something about them seems rude(Will imparticularly)


    Not to be rude but I personally think they won’t make it big like One Direction something about them just seems rude(Will imparticularly)

  • http://twitter.com/Real_Megley Meghan

    ya white eskimo wont be as big as one direction!

  • http://twitter.com/cheekymonkey16 cheekymonkey

    Ikr he did sound a little harsh I was like,”I’m not sure if he just insulted one of my boys or I’m blind,”

  • 1Diswaybetterthanjb

    I think they’re just trying to get fame from knowing Harry

  • JSRRamsaran

    ok bac then if white eskimo was like the best wit harry in it i will say harry was the only goodlooking 1 in the group thank god he met four more hott guys and formed the hottest boyband eva!!!1 i love one direction !!! <4

  • lea rodriguez

    Good luck with that…

  • directioner 4eva

    No comment man! they, well I never heard them ing, but it is good that they are not stopping, either than that, don’t know much bout them and I do not think I would look too much into them…I think I will stick to my side band District 3 or I like the name better GMD3. Anyway, not the point, but whatever, they do whatever flows there boat, I am just not going to get swept up in the current

  • http://twitter.com/madisonkerr2 Maddie Horan(aholic)

    They seem like they’re jealous kinda of Harry’s fame and they also seem hurt that Harry left them for four brand new boys

  • Directioner_Life

    He made it seem like Harry didn’t keep in touch on purpose but, they’re pretty good and they’ll make it big probs

  • 1D lover

    they talk like Harry is the bad one…i don’t think i’m gonna like them…forever

  • http://twitter.com/Directi07908410 This Is Us

    Fetus Harry! Good old times -without tats.

  • Ash

    I think they shouldn’t have any expectations from Harry. I mean sure he left, but people have personal dreams… and it’s also really unfriendly… Like: “Kay, Harry isn’t gonna do us any good well he should go to hell we can get popular on ourselves.” Okay, they might if they really have the talents (which they probably do) but they shouldn’t expect Harry to do anything that big for them.

  • Liv

    Well if you ask me, it’s not Will who was rude, it was more Harry. No offence I’m a Harry girl and all, but just ‘losing’ touch after knowing each other for so long? Imagine how horrible Will felt. The least Hazza could do is give them a shoutout, plus that could just be a new adorable bromance 😉

    • EmmiH

      Actually Harry has tweeted about them a little while ago (might be after Will talked to this paper, so…) so I don’t think that’s not an issue any more. :)
      And in a way, five years isn’t that long of a friendship. Don’t get me wrong, I just mean that it’s quite easy to lose contact with people you have known longer than that as well, so with Harry getting famous all of a sudden and moving to London and travelling a lot… It’s hard and sometimes you just can’t keep up with everybody any more and if they don’t understand it..
      Sorry, this was long talk of nothing, but still wanted to say it. :)

  • sareeesah

    it is unfriendly but what can we say ??! i love harry because of his voice, his look, his curls, his eyes,…. etc but not because he was in the x-factory and all that !! i didn’t even watch the X-factory….. i love harry so much and i hope that he is ok …. he deserves the best !! <3

  • Loving1Dx

    Don’t get me wrong I love Harry, but I think something happen between Will and Harry….I feel like there is something hiding behind all this. Will sounded resentful :( But I do hope everything gets better:) hopefully White Eskimo will have good luck and get famous too:)

  • Nyxiia

    Harry is the only one of the band that doesn’t talk much about his old friends. He is the only one who doesn’t tweet :”had an amazing day with Ben, Paul, Jim (or whatever their names are)” The thing is, he has new friends. Friends that match with his style (no pun intended) of life. I do understand that Will guy to be a little resentful about the fact that Harry and him aren’t that close again, but did he really expect Harry to stay the same? If yes, he is really delusionnal. Harry is travelling everywhere, he barely has the time to see his mum and sister. And the last comment, the ”it is ruining music where everything you hear on the radio is a pay cheque” is he insulting 1D’s music? And OF COURSE everything you hear on music is paycheque, I would like to see them be like ”oh yeah, our music ain’t paycheque-y we’re doing it for the love of music y’all can come for free” please, nothing other than the first gigs of a band is free! I mean c’mon I hate when people say something but as soon as they get the oportunity to do the opposite, they do it.

  • Nandookhrowjejxbakwk

    Sweeney hahaha yeah I always think of that mean teacher Sweeney 😀

  • http://twitter.com/ELounor_Calder_ El (Whoreo)

    Everything happenes for a reason, Harry auditioned for the X Factor because singing is his passion and thats what he wanted to do. But I think that they are jealous because Harry has come so far in his carrer. If they want to become famous along with him and the boys, go ahead but in the end, I predict someones feelings are going to get hurt and it wouldn’t be a friendly competition either. Thats just how I feel about this whole thing… :)

  • Karyna Miguel

    No, White Eskimo will NOT be the next big thing! Theres only one extremely huge big thing, and thats the biggest band in the world, our idols One Direction!

  • stylesisperfection

    But Harry did tweet a shout out just recently….

  • http://twitter.com/harrystyle4evr Mrs.LarryStylinson

    Sorry white eskimo but Harryss moved on and so should u harry is AMAZING

  • saghar

    OMG look at the others, they’re so creepy, but harry just shines! he’s so cute…!

  • veronica

    I dont really like these guys because they seemed very mean to harry and the others just because they did it the traditional way…. I love 1D so I don’t think White Eskimo will be on any girls walls soon this year

  • Lelani

    to me it kinda sounds like hes rlying on Harry in some way.? To tell us directioners “to listen to their music” and maybe that would help them, but it doesnt sound like hes happy for Harry and the success hes made.. but i dont know its just my opinion .