Harry Styles Papped Kissing American Model Emma Ostilly!

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Weeks of rumours linking Harry with what seems like every single female under the sun have now come full circle, and The Mirror have published exclusive photos showing our Hazza full-on-snogging American model Emma Ostilly!


In the photos, Harry is wrapping his lips around blonde Emma after a night out in Auckland, New Zealand.

Emma sneaked into the hotel where 1D were staying, and according to an onlooker who saw the pair:

“They really seemed to have a ­connection and only had eyes for each other.”

“Hemma” first met each other on the video shoot for the single “Gotta Be You” last Autumn in New York, but she is currently living in New Zealand where the band are on tour.

They met up at the fashionable Gypsy Tea Rooms bar, and afterwards Harry gave Emma a lift in his chauffer-driven car, then walked her up to her door where they shared a romantic clinch – with Emma holding Harry’s neck.

Miss Ostilly is the same age as Hazza, and also with the same agency as Beyonce.

On Friday night she visited him again at the hotel where One Direction were staying, and the same source said:

“They went out again to a ­couple of bars in the city and then came back a few hours later. She ended up getting a lift home with Harry’s driver in the early hours of the morning.”

One Direction played two gigs in Auckland on Saturday night and will be playing at the St James Theatre in Wellington tonight.

After the pictures were published, Emma has received a torrent of abuse on Twitter, forcing her to delete her account.

Directioners, What do you make of the revelations?

  • Natalia

    This is just.. not good.

  • Chynna Styles

    this is bad its in twitter facebook this is just un expectable and harry said on twitter that nothing is going on with them he was just drunk ok so we all gotta CHILL!! harry would not hurt he’s fans!! :))

    • avril

      ur right he would not hurt he fan cause he cares

  • eunice

    ouch. =(

  • emily

    even though this hurts, i support harry through everything.
    but ouch.

  • Emma J.

    Though I am sad that this means Harry is off the market, we got to give him some support. We love you Harry!!!

  • kelly

    She shouldn’t have to go through stuff like that…I’m sorry Emma. </3

  • Amy

    Celebrities these days..lol. I seriously do not care. (: