Harry Styles Pictured With Another Woman – This Time It’s An Old Friend

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He’s the guy that’s been linked with more girls than Hugh Hefners had wives, and his latest date Emma Ostilly might not be so happy when she sees the latest photos of Harry back at his home in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire.

Enjoying a break from the last few months touring in the USA, Australia and New Zealand, Harry is making the most being back at home, and aided by his brand new Audi R8 supercar, he accompanied a young blonde girl – apparently rumoured to be an old friend, Ellis Calcutt.

Harry and Ellis attempted to play it cool, but the paparazzi and the hordes of fans waiting outside his family home didn’t make things easy for the pair.

Hazza was pictured in a navy blue jacket, denim jeans, pristine white trainers and a white t-shirt, whilst Miss Calcutt wore a red jumper, light denim hot pants and black tights.

Ellis yesterday put paid to any rumours about the pair by saying:

“Wow, you people are sooo quick to make up rumours! Me & Harry went for coffee together as we haven’t seen each other since last year! We’re only good friends and have been since high school. I have a lovely boyfriend called Phil so you can stop spreading rumours about me and Harry dating each other because we absolutely are not!”

We can’t show you all the photos here, but you can view them in full at the Daily Mail website.

Just friends or is there more to it? Let us know below…

  • Amalie

    It’s Ellis Calcutt, a friend… 😛

  • VannandVann

    This is his best friend Ellis . (:

  • evelyn

    Ellis Calcutt

  • selecalopez

    I love u Harry styles so so so much! :)