Harry Styles Rumoured To Be Dating British Model Kara Rose Marshall

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Kara Rose Marshall romantically linked with Harry styles

Harry Styles was last week pictured at the Apple store in New York with stylist Louise Teasdale and a mystery silver-haired girl.

The girl can now be revealed as Kara Rose Marshall and she is being linked as Harry Styles’ latest love interest.

Close-up of Kara Rose Marshall

Kara is a 22-year-old model and was introduced to Harry by Louise. Reports from British newspaper The Sun are suggesting that Harry and Kara have become very close to each other.

Here at One Direction News we’ll need to wait until we hear something a little more concrete before we make our minds up.

Do you think Kara and Harry are dating?

Harry Styles in NYC

Meanwhile, at the bands’s gig in Hershey, Pennsylvania, a Directioner tried bravely to jump on the stage right next to where Harry Styles was standing.

Harry’s reaction is really funny to watch, and all credit to the girl for almost managing her impromptu stage-invasion.



  • Lolo Awad

    I really hope so , she is cute and harry deserves all the happiness and love <3

    • A’alyciaP._1D

      Someone finally gets it, I don’t like when so-called directioners call their girlfriends name , they are people with feelings too.

  • A’alyciaP._1D

    I want him to be happy at all times so Harry if you’re dating Kara,I couldn’t be ANY happier for both of you guys. If he is no-one has a right to call a human being with feelings names, Eleanor gets treated bad as it is and I don’t like it. So have a heart and don’t pick on her.

    • valentina

      I adore Eleanor and Perri and I can’t stand those stupid feelingless people calling them names.I always get super protective over their girlfriends,though i’m sorry that Danielle is no longer Liam’s girlfriend:/ So,if Kara and Harry are dating I wish them well,but I won’t believe a word untill Harry confirms it

      • A’alyciaP._1D

        Yeah but if he does I’ll stand by him 100% I don’t really believe either

        • Sarah Payne

          Yes definetly

    • suki

      yes , totally agree with you :))

  • Hate the wanted

    No come on there’s been like 100,000,000,000 other girls he talked to and every1 automatically think hes dating them were gonna forget about her with in the next month

    • Kayla


    • Ania Lynn Prather

      You aint lying….!:))

  • Ania Lynn Prather

    I honestly dont believe they are dating….! until he says or tweets it himself to comfirm it…..!:))

    • Ania Lynn Prather

      But i have to agree they do make a good coue….!:))

  • A_Dedicated_Directioner

    Jus do wat is ri8….if she is gud for harry…den v directioners doesnt hv prob…
    v jus need d ri8 princess whos doesnt break his heart…
    btw they do make a good couple.. =)

  • Ailynnn

    That’s really funny tho. And the girl oh my god.

  • Lucy stephens


  • Sammy Marsh

    That Directioner has some serious balls to try that and I envy her for it

    • RIHAM ♥

      Yeah and whats that thing that flew onto the stage? For some reason I think its a phone lol.

  • tanisha battles⚓

    Harry and Kara aren’t dating she has a boyfriend

  • Where we are tour :)

    If he is happy I am fine it was a slight annoying when the slut Taylor dated because everyone knew she would wright a album on it ! But she looks like a nice girl :) so ya :) I hope the do they could be cute …
    Btw sorry If any Taylor’s fans are offended 😉

  • Casz

    I dont think we, directioners, should hate on her.. I mean, Harru hasnt confirmed it yet.. So lets just wait on them if they confirm it or not.. :)

    And with the girl on the vid, DAMN! That girl had alot of guts to do that!!! I mean, cmon! Who would do that?! 😀 Thats is just an epic scene for themm… And Harry just laughed at her after her “scene”.. LLN! 😀 YOU GO GIRL!

  • Brynn_Nevins1D

    I guess that being best friends is the new “dating” :/ It sounds stupid, but it’s hard to accept the fact that they’re dating because HARRY GIRL! xD And I’m not believing anything until Harry confirms it.

  • suki

    well , i think it was good to harry , and kara look not bad :PP

  • Kayla

    I’m not that kind of a directioner that will scream if they get a girlfriend. this is all going to happen to everyone and there just normal teenage/adult boysz happy for whatever the boys choose to do with there life <3

  • One Direction Fan

    I laughed about 5,00 times because that video was hilarious ! But still even if them two are dating, I don’t care, as long as he is happy! (And Niall is still single 😉

  • 0BEY T0 1D

    If he is in a relationship then good for him. I want to see him happy and proud. And it’s good that a real tight friend actually set him up. And with the fan jumping on stage, Harry’s reaction was funny as hell! He looked confused and at the same time he was laughing. I would too if I see a girl jumping on stage out of no where. I hope nobody else decides to do that.

  • 5secondsof1d

    omfg harry in a beanie and a henley sexy overload

  • 5secondsof1d

    i think they are dating i mean why would she just be following harry styles around? unless shes like a ginormous directioner

  • hollie

    I won’t believe this until she or Harry confirmes it but if they do then i’m really happy for them and they make a really cute couple!!!!!! 😀

  • 5secondsof1d

    and aslso to the fan who had the guts to jump on harry i salute you! you are like completeley awsome! i wouldve done the exact same thing!

  • emma

    the girl whos filming tht made me crack up

  • ShainalovestheUK

    I love harry and the other boys. I would never do anything to hurt them or their girlfriends. The video is hilarious especially harry’s reaction. Kara is very beautiful so let’s not hate on her or Eleanor or perrie.

  • Bella

    I’ll support them if it’s true but I won’t believe anything until Harry himself confirms it.

  • Nialler4ever

    As long as Harry is happy, then good for him. They could just be friends as well, it doesn’t mean that they’re dating. I’m sure they’re not going to advertise their relationship to avoid getting harrassed and targetted by tabloids. It’s Harry’s personal life, so he may not confirm it. He may not say anything about Kara to avoid getting hate. It’s his choice; it’s his personal life and we have no part in it.

  • Mrs. Horlinson

    I love them to death and I want them to be happy , but im not gonna lie , I HATE models. well , no. im jealous of models. they’re all pretty and skinny , and then theres me.

  • harrygirl1Dadele

    The main word in the title is “RUMORED”!

  • kel

    Really,… They JUST met, they can’t be cool friends without being accused of dating….
    Kara seems like a nice lady… Compared to taylor swift I’d rather have him date Kara than the heartbreaker (sorry swifties)

  • Howis1D

    Lets just wait and not pair him up with anyone 😉

  • Ashley Oliver

    One Direction come to north america!!Harry Please<3

  • Emily

    Wait…@A’alyciaP._1D what do you mean, Eleanor gets treated bad?!?!

  • σиє ∂ιяє¢тισи fσя ∞

    Ok. Look I must say I do prefer this girl over all the other girls harry had been linked to. As long as she doesn’t break his heart I’m fine. I wish him all the best of luck x

  • ev

    oh my gosh! the minute anyone hears that harry is seen with some girl they suspect that they are dating! is it hard to picture a guy having a friend that just so happens to be a girl?

  • MADDY!!!

    It’s really his decision who he decides to be with, even if it’s something we don’t like. Either way I’ll love him and support him, just like I always have. :):)

  • MADDY!!!

    that girls’ cackle in the video…

  • Remi Urameshi


  • Kylie Sam

    Tbh I think they kinda look good together. It might just be me that find it sorta hard to make a ship name for them if they ever dated
    Idk lol

  • Harry’s Cupcake

    I don’t know maybe yes or not

  • xanthipi tsakmaki

    If they are dating that’s okay and i’m gonna respect them. If they are not dating and they are just friends that’s okay again.But we can’t be sure because he talk to a million girls that are famous and they always say that they are dating while they are just friends. Who knows?! Maybe this is like that. Maybe they are just friends. But if they are more i hope that the so-called directioners won’t send hate to her. I think she’s a lovely girl and if ahe makes Harry happy then let them be.

    • LKells

      Well said, I completely agree!

  • Miss_sassy_girl

    Kara is beautiful. If she is dating Harry, then good, I’m happy Harry found someone he liked. If he isn’t, then good for him. Either way, I’m happy for him and for her.

  • Riiaa Horan

    as long as harry is happy i’m also happy for him that’s it.. i’m not going to send her hate because she doesn’t deserve it at all

  • T۰۪a۫۰۪y۫¸.•*¨*•♫♪

    Lol whats with the trend of grey hair?? This girl, Perrie edwards, and Lou teasdale all have it. no offense but i think it just makes people look like grandmas… x) Haha but to each their own. (i still love perrie though hah)