Harry Styles Sings Happy Birthday To Olivia McKee, Hugs & Kisses Her

Harry Styles and Oliva McKee

Olivia McKee celebrated her 18th birthday party on Friday night at Manchester’s Great John Street hotel. Just a normal birthday celebration for a girl, right?

Yep, until HARRY STYLES turns up and serenades Olivia by singing Happy Birthday to her, surprising her and all her friends!

Oliva, the daughter of a millionaire (how else do you think Harry turned), took to Twitter to boast about her unexpected guest:

‘Harry styles came to my 18th bitchez’

‘Oh my god he kissed me.’

‘@Harry_Styles thank you so much to coming to my 18th xxxxx’

Harry and Olivia at her 18th Birthday party

Olivia’s Dad Noel said to the Sunday Mirror after the bash, ‘What can I say? It was wonderful.’

Noel and his bro Darren made their wealth from succesful company ‘We Buy Any Car’.

Seems a few Directioners aren’t too happy about Olivia and the video though, judging from these YouTube comments:

This girl is a real bitch. I mean HAVE U SEEN WHAT SHE POSTED ON TWITTER!!
Shes like:
Harry Styles came to my birthday bitchez
Oh my god he kissed me!
Bragging this sh*t is not right. thats jacked up.. Just cuz he kissed u doesnt mean he belongs to you Olivia. Now.. she should stay the f*ck away from him before I kick the shit outta Olivia.

Olivia’s friend Amelia Cocker replied to the above message in person however, saying:

“Sorry, who the hell are you. Do you know Olivia? Grow up and stop being so jealous. Its pathetic.”

Oh how we love YT comments :). Not all Directioners are angry though:

Jessica A
For all of you saying she’s a bitch can you please stop? She seems like a nice person so stop saying stuff about her while you don’t even know her! You’re just being immature!

Harry Styles… bringing joy to 18-year-old girls all over the world :)

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