Harry Styles Stays Over At Caroline Flacks!

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In news that will come as a shock to 1D fans, and maybe a confirmation of their romance, Harry Styles was captured leaving the home of Caroline Flack yesterday morning at 9:30am.

Caroline apparently left the house a couple of hours later with a smile on her face, hiding behind her sunglasses (in the middle of winter!)

Harry is 15 years younger than Ms Flack, and not even old enough to drink yet. The pair supposedly met a few weeks back and shared a kiss, with Harry later denying this whilst saying she was “hot”.

What do you make of this revelation? Are they definitely an item or is there another reason for Harry & Carolines late night antics? Is the world ready for Carry?

  • Emma

    I relly love 1D …. and thats just PERVERTED harry and caroline !!!! :(

  • Bibi :)


  • http://www.twitter.com Ella-Capri

    love liam payne omg sooo hot <3 <3 <3 u guys xxxx

  • http://www.twitter.com Ella-Capri

    your music video is amazing!! !! ily what makes you beautiful

  • courtney

    That is so wrong caroline and harry :@ out of everyone caroline should know better then to be going out with a 17 year old boy seriously

    • Iris

      Think that too

  • keziah

    i know like i <3 them so much! but harry and caroline. harrys only 17!

  • Belle

    i can’t stand seeing them together. it’s not right!! why?